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At the age of 26 you begin to ask yourself is this your lot in life? I began hunting when I was 16 because it's the family job. I don't know much about my family only the business. All I know about my family is that on my mothers side of the family are all witches, but the witch gene is every other generation. So my grandmother taught me everything I know about anything. It also didn't help that she became my legal guardian, my parents died while hunting vampires. After months of tracking the vampires I avenged my parents death. The reason why I say 'didn't' help is because that's all I ever did. Learn the business and learn the witching ways. There where just to many of them and not enough Dead Mans Blood. I ran away eager to find the cold heartless killers. I ran away to avenge my parents. No help, no supervision, no mercy. It was a week after they had been killed when the cops found me in an abandoned house. My Grandmother had sent the cops worried sick, she didn't know where I was. I was and still am fully capable of taking care of myself, but given my age at the time I had to go to back to my Grandma's. She was my life saver. Now that I think about it she really was. Like I said I was only 16. I thought I was invincible, I thought I could kill everything and take care of myself. I really couldn't though I was so uneducated in so many things. She taught me how to hunt better, how to control my revenge, and convinced me to go college.

During my freshman year I met Sam Winchester. Over the first few months Sam and I became good friends. During the 2nd semester at school I received a call from the Richardson's across the street from my Grandmothers house. They told me my Grandmother had past away. Sam comforted me and I explained what I knew about my past and I was leaving in the morning to pursue my hunting career. I had to know if her death was natural or not. He then explained to me about his family and his past. We talked and argued all night, about why I shouldn't go. When the morning came I was gone. I left him a note saying I loved him like the brother he was to me, good luck with his career, and I was sorry but I had to do this. That was four years ago.

It was about four 'o' clock when, I walked up to the penthouse room at the Marriott Hotel in Greeley, Colorado. I had a gut feeling this kill would be different then the others. Like that something would go wrong. I walk into the penthouse. Brushing my auburn hair out of my eyes I realized it was pitch black. Given that it was cloudy outside and the windows were shut made it seem like it was one in the morning. I walked in cautiously looking around. I wasn't sure what I was looking for. My friend Beth who works downstairs said something wasn't right up here, as in supernatural. So she called me. I heard a slight creek and looked up. Low and behold a black mist.

"Hello Sparky." I said under my breath. This thing was in charge of setting fires and causing people to commit suicide. It started to move towards me. Under my breath I started to speak Latin.

"…quid ab summv obisisisisisisisisisis vos animus of diabolus. ego damno vos tergum ut abyssus per vestri frater quod sanctimonialis!" I said with my voice rising. The black mist threw me out the door literally. It slammed the door as it through me out. I flew into the wall behind me. I yelped in pain. My back was going to kill tomorrow. I heard footsteps rapidly increasing towards me. I looked to my right and I saw Sam Winchester out of all people and another guy. The other guy looked a little older than Sammy and he was kind of cute.

"LEXA!?!" Sam said as he looked down at me on the ground. He smirked and held out a hand.

"Hey Sammy boy, How have--" I was interrupted by the sound of people running up the stairs and the sound of the fire alarm going off.

"Great." I said.

"The emergency exit is this way. We have to get out of here now." I said walking towards my left. I started to quicken my pace down the stairs. I could hear Sam and mystery boy, do the same. We finally got at the end of the stairs and ran out the door. We slowed our pace to look casual, I was walking to my blue Jeep Wrangler, and they followed. When we reached it I turned around to Sammy and the mystery guy.

"So Sammy how'd you find me?" I said walking over to him and gave him a big bear hug, god I missed him so much it seemed like years since I had my college stint.

"I tracked you from your phone." He answered as we pulled out of our hug.

"STALKER!" I yelled and smacked him on the shoulder. We both began to laugh. I could see mystery guy out of the corner of my eye. I saw a slight smirk cross his face.

"Ya, no not really. I— we need your help. This is My brother Dean." He said and pointed at his brother. I held out my hand and said with a smile

"Ah the infamous Dean Winchester I've heard a lot about you. I'm Persephone Lexa Crowley, experienced hunter and witch. You can call me Lexa. Everyone else does." Dean took my hand and shook it.

"Very experienced from what I can tell." He said with a sarcastic tone. He didn't look impressed from what happened in the hotel. I rolled my eyes.

"Well you exorcise a black mist demon by yourself with only words and no violence and see how well it works." I said with anger building in my voice. I saw Sam tense up next to me. He knew of my temper and had to drag me out of a couple fights when we were in college together.

"Hey so I saw a bar as we pulled into town. Let's go get a drink." Sam said as Dean and I stood there glaring at each other.

"That sounds great Sammy." I said as I looked over at Sam and gave a small smile.

"I'll follow you guys." I continued.

"OK" Sam said. They walked off to their car and I jumped into mine. I followed the Impala to the bar down the street. On the way there I could only think of Dean. Cute I will admit but a complete asshole. Funny how those always go hand in hand. Hell, I couldn't decide if I liked him or not. We parked and got out and made our way to the bar. We sat down and ordered beers.

"So Lexa, what have you been up to lately?" Sam asked.

"We'll just mainly hunting and still trying to find more about my family and such. I heard that your father died, I'm deeply sorry." I said.

"Ya." Was all that Sam said.

"I also heard that you both took a little trip downstairs too."

"Ya I have no memory of it though. I was only dead for about a day." Sam said. Dean just looked at me he didn't say anything. I swear I thought I saw tears brimming in his eyes. He must remember I thought, and looked away from his face.

"So why did you guys need to find me?" I asked casually changing the subject.

"Well---" Sam started but was interrupted by Dean.

"We need your help." Dean said.

"I think I covered that or else you wouldn't have found me." I replied. Dean just had that look like never mind and he just sat back in his seat and folded his arms

"Well we—it's the apocalypse." Dean said.

"I've gathered that. An angel told me the whole reason why he pulled Dean out of hell. Saying that 'we won't survive without Dean's help. The human race will cease to exist.'" I said in a mocking tone.

"Castiel came to you?" Dean asked

"Yes he did. He wanted me to find you guys. Even thought he doesn't agree with my ways he knows that having me be on your guys side help out a lot in our little war."

"So why didn't you find us?" Sam asked.

"I did, well I tried to. There was a complication on the way to you guys." I said with sorrow. I didn't want to go down that road right now. Sam must have noticed the look on my face.

"Do you want to--" he begun as I interrupted him.

"No, that's information I'd like to keep to myself thank you." I said and continued.

"So what hotel are you guys staying at? I still need to find a place to crash, and since we have found each other we mind as well stay. With it being the end of the world and all."

"We are staying at the Motel 6 down off the highway." Dean said.

"Sweet, shall we depart then?"

"We shall." Sam said.

"Oh wait lets exchange numbers just in case. I still have yours but mine has changed. And it wouldn't hurt if you and Dean exchanged numbers." He said. Dean and I just stood there like 'you've got to be kidding me' but I put my game face on.

"Good idea" I said and all three of us exchanged. We paid for our drinks and walked to our cars, and they were gone before I even got in the car. I got in put the key in the ignition and turned. Nothing happened. I tried the process a couple of times and it wouldn't start.

"UGH great" I said and sighed as I frustratingly opened my door, walked out and lifted the hood. I fiddled around with a couple of things seeing if I could find what's wrong.

"Car troubles miss?" an unfamiliar voice said. I turned around.

"Ya." I replied. It was a middle-aged man with a beard and jeans and a flannel shirt. The guy kind of made me feel uncomfortable.

He just smiled and asked, "I know some things about cars may I help you?" he was obviously was a nice person but I just couldn't. To many bad memories.

"No its OK I'll just call my boyfriend he lives about three minutes away. Thanks though." I lied.

"OK. No problem." He said and walked away and left.

"Great." I said as he was out of hearing distance. I got my phone out of my pocket and called Dean, since I knew that Sam had little to no knowledge of cars. He would always brag about how his brother knew everything about them though.


"Hey Dean it's me my car won't start"

"Your still at the bar?"

"Yes, hence my car wont start."

"I'll be there in three minutes."

"Great." I said as he hung up. I stood there leaning against my car. Waiting. More people started to come out of the bar. I started to get anxious. Another guy came up to me and asked if I needed help I said no my friend is on the way. but he wouldn't drop it. I think he was drunk because his works kept slurring.

"I assure you I'm fine please leave me alone" I said, starting to get defensive.

"But baby you're here all by yourself when is your friend going to get here. Maybe they left you here."

"Leave me alone." I said firmly

"Oh come on baby"

Just then I saw the Impala drive up to my Jeep.

Thank God. I thought