Lexa's POV

I felt like I had been run over by a semi multiple times. Nothing could be compared to how I felt. Everything hurt. But oddly I felt nothing. My brain was telling me there was no pain yet I could feel it. I looked up at Dean. His green eyes were looking back at me. I just told him I loved him. It was true in a sense. Sam used to tell me about him a lot. Dean was almost a fairytale prince for me. He was everything I ever wanted in a guy. I don't know if I love him as in I'm in love with you, but I did love him. Plus I know I am dying so why the hell not say something like that?

Dean's POV

"I love you too." I said it. I mine as well, if she died in the next couple of minutes I wanted her to die knowing I loved her in one way shape or form. That she wasn't the one night stand. Lexa smiled at me and grabbed my hand. She started sending pictures, emotions, memories to me with her telepathic senses. She also took my memories, pictures and emotions. Everything from the first time we met, everything that had happened in the last couple of days. Even personal stuff, everything she could remember. Her parents, her grandma, her first hunt, high school, college, hell literally, and everything she could possibly remember. I could sense her taking as much information as she was giving me. With that she looked right at me and gazed into my eyes. She stayed that way for a while, smiling at me. Then her eyes slowly shut, her hand went limp in mine, and the monitor went to the constant beep and then died.

Lexa died that day, she told me she loved me she showed me things she had never mentioned to anyone else. I'll never fully understood why Alastair needed her blood, let alone needed her. Ya, I know she was unique but it doesn't make any sense.

As I sit here on my bed in the motel room alone I cant help but feel that she is still here with me. Its been 2 months since she died. I have thought of ways to bring her back, but Castiel said it would be a bad idea because it would turn into the mess that happened about a year ago. I haven't moved on. I keep getting hit on by people but I just don't want to. They aren't Lexa, they are nothing like her. No one can compare to her. Now I just hunt, drink and sleep. I can see Sammy in pain with Lexa's passing but I know it also pained him to see me in pain. I don't know whats going to happen, or if Alastair did open seals with her blood. All I know is shes gone and I have to live with it.

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