Brennan was packing up some books and miscellaneous bric a brac from the shelf behind his desk into a box when she came across a small book of photographs. Sitting back on her heels, she wiped her brow with her forearm and blew her bangs out of her eyes. She opened the small book and looked at the first picture; it was a shot of her so many years ago, standing with Angela in front of the Jeffersonian. They had their arms around each other and she was holding her badge out to the camera. There was another picture of that same day, later on, the 'squints' as he called them, in the lab, all of them gathered around and laughing. Turning the page, she saw them again laughing and toasting each other at what quickly became their favorite bar, the Founding Fathers.

The next couple of photos were random shots of them in the lab, some posed, some just candid shots. They were all so young it seemed. There were a couple of photos of just her and Zack Addy together. Pausing to look more closely at them her chest tightened up and she felt so sad looking at his face.

Pulling out the next photo, it was another picture of their 'lab family' this time with their own families as well and hers at this same apartment for Christmas one year. They'd all aged somewhat, and although the same group they were all so different.

Sifting through the photos' she silently reminisced with them, her eyes clouded up slightly seeing them toasting and laughing. She felt a roller coaster of emotions all at once, she was kinda happy, kinda sad, every emotion rolled into one.

There were about 25 photos in the book and she leaned up against the half full box she'd been packing and laughed at some of them until she cried.

There was one that made her pause toward the end, it was a photo she'd never seen, and it was him. Him holding her. She'd been so young, only 6 or 7 months old it looked like. He was so proud of her, the love in his eyes shone through the photograph. She started at the picture as a stray band of sunshine streamed through the open window and touched the corner of the photo.

She thought of a night shortly after she'd been born, she'd started to cry early in the morning, eager to let Brennan sleep, he had quietly gotten up to go to her side, he'd picked her up and held her close. Brennan found him asleep in her room, up against the wall, cradling her tiny body in his strong arms, his face tucked close to hers. She'd stood there in the doorway and thought about how hard they'd tried for her. They'd waited so long to be together themselves and the wait for her felt even longer.

She remembered the day she'd told him, he'd been painting the kitchen in this apartment and she'd come in laughing and crying holding out the pregnancy test to show him the positive result. He'd picked her up and spun her around the kitchen, knocking the paint can over in the process. They'd sunk to the floor and made love right then and there on the floor, afterward seeing the mess, he'd held her close and they'd laughed until they cried.

She smiled at the memories and put the book into the box, the movers would be coming the next morning, and his office was the last room to do. She sealed the box up and was just getting ready to start on the next one when her daughter came in and said, "Mom, it's time to stop-the gang is all here and it's time to go to the church." She slowly stood and dusted off her hand briefly, she smoothed her black slacks and checked for dust smears.

"Okay Seelah, I'm coming, I just wanted to work on the office before we left."

Seelah Booth came into the office, unused now since he was gone and held her mother's arm, "He's watching us, I feel it mom, let's go say goodbye."

The two of them left the office and headed to the church for his services. Brennan felt a roller coaster of emotions all at once, she was kinda happy, kinda sad, every emotion rolled into one.