Flying (kidding)

Naruto walked in to his apartment after just being graduated to a genin, he was smiling, finally he was one step closer to being the hokage. He walked into his bedroom he removed his headband and placed it onto the nightstand next to his bed. He walked over to his window and closed the blinds, he had spent the whole night outside, and it was already seven, but he was still going to sleep, he had the next week off. He sighed as he climbed into bed and closed his eyes, the Kyuubi, it was still on his mind. He wasn't afraid of it but what if it got out? What if when he was on a mission it would break free and kill his teammates. He shook his head, he shouldn't be thinking like that, but what if.

He opened his eyes, he was no longer in his bed, or bedroom for that matter. He was lying on hard concrete in ankle deep water in what looked like a sewer.

"Wha-Where am I?" he asked. He stood up and began to look around. It was a long hallway both void of light, and pipes on all sides of him. The only light that seemed anywhere was coming from a dim orange light coming from the end of the hallway,

Seeing how standing in the middle of the dark was not the brightest idea he walked down the hall towards the light. As he walked the pipes got bigger and other pipes were sprouting off and leading into the walls and ceiling.

Finally he turned a corner and he came face to face with a large cage, so big the cage was literally the wall. In the middle of the cage was a small slip of paper that read 'seal'.


His eyes widened, there was someone in there!

He walked up to the cage "Hello? Is someone in there?" he waited for a response. He heard the shuffling of little feet before a figure walked into the light

It was a little girl, about 8 years old. She had long reddish-orangish hair that went down to her waist, red eyes that were slit and tears pouring down her eyes. But the most shocking thing was the fox ears and nine tails on her.

She looked at him, her eyes widened. "Onii-san?" she said. She suddenly smiled "Onii-san!" she yelled. She ran up to the bars "Onii-san, you came back!"

Naruto was confused, was she talking to him? "Um, I'm sorry, who are you?" "huh?"her face became confused, then started to weald up, then- "WAHHHHH! Onii-san doesn't remember me!"

"No, no, stop crying please no" he waved his hands trying to calm her down. 'Aw man this is bad' he managed to get her to stopped her crying down to a sniffle "*sniff* Onii-san, don't you remember me, its me, Kyuubi!" She said, happily. His eyes widened 'this, this is the Kyuubi?! The creature that could destroy a mountains with a single swipe of its mighty tail, that could raise the seas and oceans?! That Kyuubi?!'

"I'm-I'm sorry but I'm not your Onii-san" He said. She started to look sad then- "WAHHHHHHHH! NOOOOOO! ONNNNIIIIIII-SAN!" yeah, that happened.

Naruto started to panic "Hey, Hey don't cry, uh, ill help you find your Onii-san yeah" He said trying to calm her down, but failing. "*sniff* really?" "Yep really" He stated proudly "what kind of hokage would I be if I didn't help find little girls brothers"

She pouted "Hey, I'm not little, I'm a big girl, I'm 800 years old" Naruto thought she looked pretty cute, until she said 800 "Wha-" 'oh, right, Kyuubi' "nevermind, uh come on lets get you out of there and go find your brother" she smiled and giggled "but he's already here" "What! Where is he I don't see him" He said turning his head frantically in random directions. Kyuubi giggled again "silly, come here Ill show you" Naruto looked confused before walking over to the gate.

"OK now give me your hands" she said holding her own out "Uh OK?" he put his hands under hers

Suddenly red chakra poured out from Kyuubi and started to creep up into Naruto hands.

He started to panic "Ah, hey, HEY, LET ME GO!" He tried to pull his hands away but it was like his hands were glued to hers. He looked at her but she just stood there and smiled. Chakra continued to crawl up his body.

Soon his entire body was covered in it, then the pain came, it was unbearable. Everything felt like it was being exploded from the inside. Like someone was literally stabbing a knife into his skull, and twisting it until a neat hole was there. He could feel something happening but didn't know what.

He just couldn't take the pain, he passed out

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