Hit wall.


I smell something.

Land hard.



It doesn't smell cold, like a rival. It smells warm. I quiet-call, and my quiet-call comes back. Nothing is moving. I call before I jump over the smell. My call comes back. Two warm ones. With loud-sticks. I smell the fire-smell from their loud sticks. They must be killing Small-Stupid cold ones..

I'm hungry. Warm ones taste good. Better than cold ones, at least. But these warm ones have loud-sticks. I can't just pounce on one. If there was only one, maybe, but two, no. I've seen rivals pounce two with loud-sticks. They got killed. Always happens same way. Call, jump, loud-stick-noise, fall to ground cold. Not just regular cold, dead cold.

I'll wait. I'm in no hurry. Wait for help from other cold ones. Not a rival, though. Not that a rival would even dare be in my hunting grounds. Maybe a Can't-breathe-near, or a smells-good. Hopefully not a Big-Angry, but it would help. No shame in eating Big-Angry kills, because Big-Angries never eat.

Stop, stop, stop. Need to focus. No focus gets you killed. Must have focus. No focus when thinking about not-now. I think about not-now sometimes. Not often. Only just-was-not-now, though. Thinking about before-I-was-not-now hurts my head.

I did it again. Lost focus. I lost track of the warm ones. I smell for them. Too much fire-smell. Hurts my nose. I could call for them, but then they would know I was there. I never get kills when they know I'm there. Never.

That smell! Smells like a… Smells-Good! A Smells-Good must have come to help me hunt. What a helpful Smells-Good! Now I can smell the warm ones perfectly. They sure smell tasty, but I need to wait for lots of Small-Stupids to show up. They can't resist the smell of a warm-one after a Smells-Good has marked it. They will come for many long-jumps away just to get a chance to kill a warm one now.

A warm one is down. The Small-Stupids overwhelmed it. Now is my chance. Deep breath, call, jump. I high-jump instead of long-jump. High-jumps sometimes kill warm-ones on the spot. I start falling toward the warm one. This is the highest jump that I've made in a while. The jump-air pulls back my hood. I call again. The warm one sees me. It points its loud-stick at me. Too late. I hit the warm one. When it hits the ground, it makes a noise like a breaking stick. Still smells warm though. Slash, rip, tear, bite, I thrash at it until it smells cold.

Now I can eat. If it smells like a warm one, I eat it. Gag. I almost swallowed something made of smooth-rock. I am full quickly. I leave most of it to the Small-Stupids. I can smell the dead Smells-Good scattered around about a half-long-jump away. Poor Smells-Good. Only wanted to help me hunt.

I feel the warmth of the sun. Was I really out that long? I need to get back to my den quickly. Staying out of your den during sun-up is sure to get you killed. Many warm-ones come out at sun-up. I jump from high-not-ground to high-not- ground. My smell is getting stronger as I go. I finally reach the middle of my hunting grounds, where my smell is strongest. The sun is very warm now, I can hear the warm-one out and about. I found my den. It is well out of the way of where any warm one s may go.

It may be just a pile of food-scraps and warm-one-not-fur, but it is home. My mate is home from her hunting. She smells full and sleepy. She-rivals sometimes show up in my hunting grounds. If they bring me a good kill, I let them stay in my den. Good dens are hard to come by. She is my only mate right now. I have had others.

I would think more, but my mate is calling me to bed. I curl up next to her. Hunting was good, I am full, and she is lonely. Sleep comes quickly to me.

Author's Note

Hello ladies and germs. I was your host this evening, and I was happy to accommodate you. Let me get this across now, so that my ANs don't have to be as long ever again. This is my first story. Although it may seem poorly written, bad word choice, ect, consider the point of view. Is a hunter going to be verbose? I don't think so.

As far as reviews go, please review. Well-written reviews are love for an author's soul. However, I will never respond to a review in an AN. I may respond, if you write something particularly good, or if you fifty-Hitler-post me. Either way, I will commend your efforts… in a PM. I don't think I'm forgetting anything, so see you next time.