Booth checked his phone again for the time and then looked at her, sitting upstairs in the lab in the arms of another man, Sully. His heart wrenched at the sight. He'd been watching her and this man for years, and he'd always been there every time Sully left her to pick her back up and stayed by her side while she rationalized why she kept going back.

He saw Sully stand up and then they hugged, Sully walked down the stairs and headed towards the exit. Watching her, she seemed almost okay with it, wasn't reaching for a tissue, her arms were wrapped around her middle, her back straight and she seemed to be determined. He wondered if she finally told him goodbye. Seeing Angela come out of her office, he asked her, "How're Brennan and Sully?"

Angela looked up at her best friend who was still standing on the catwalk, holding a cup of something in her hand and staring into space. "She finally told him goodbye, this time for good" Angela gave Booth a knowing look and patted his arm, "Maybe it's time?"

Booth nodded, it was. She'd finally made her move and now he was going to make his. He wanted to be the one that woke up by her side, the one that made her laugh and held her when she cried. He was tired of being just her friend, or partner, he wanted to be more, he wanted to be the love she was in.

He took the stairs two at a time and went to where she was now sitting in the lounge again. He could tell that she had been crying, but he was going to make that all go away. He walked over to her and knelt in front of her. Her bright blue eyes stared into his, he could see the hurt in them and it steeled his resolve to be the one to pick her up for the last time. Taking her hands in his he took the plunge, "Bones, I have to tell you something and I don't want you to speak until I'm done, okay?" When she nodded he crept a little closer and tipping up her chin he leaned in and kissed her softly, "I've kept me feelings for you hidden under lock and key for the past few years, I couldn't let you see them even though it was killing me. You'll never know how much time I've spent wishing you were mine. I'm not wishing anymore. Bones, I want to be more than just your friend, I want to be there when you wake up and when you go to sleep and when you're happy or sad or scared. I need to be there for you, and I know that this scares you, but just now, that kiss, that made me crazy and I want to be that way for the rest of my life"

When he stopped speaking he looked at her silently willing her to understand and not run. Her eyes had widened slightly when he spoke and although she hadn't said anything, the kiss was still ricocheting around in her mind. Suddenly she spoke, "Booth, I've been afraid to trust my feelings for so long and that's why I kept going back to him, but I won't be afraid anymore. I want to be there when you wake up and when you go to sleep as well, I want to be more than just your friend, I love you too."

Smiling at each other the two of them leaned in for another kiss and then held each other tight, ignoring where they were in the room, happy in their knowledge of where they were in the world.