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3rd Person pov

It had been several weeks since Aizen's defeat at Ichigo's hands. It had been several days again since Ichigo returned from Soul Society after being at a ceremony in honor of his achievements. Ichigo had hoped that all the Shinigami that had visited his town would stay in Soul Society. He couldn't have been more wrong. He was currently sitting at the dinner table with his sisters. His dad was passed out on the floor after trying to assault Ichigo for the 3rd time that evening. Also sitting at the table was Rukia. She refused to leave the house. Every single day Ichigo wondered why the short Shinigami wanted to mooch off of him and his family, though according to Rukia his house was much more comfortable than hers.

The air at the dinner table was so silent, that one could the sound of food being chewed, plus the heat that was on. It was February after all. Ichigo finished eating, cleaned his dishware and went to grab his coat. Yuzu followed him. Ichigo had been quiet all day except for when said individual had yelled at his dad and decked him. Ichigo grabbed a coat and some boots from the front closet and turned towards his sister. He looked at her, silent as a board as he got dressed and put on a coat.

"You going somewhere," she asked.

"Oh you know out," he stated as he zipped up the jacket.

"Just be careful okay," she said.

"Oh, yeah okay." He said and opened the door and closed it.

"I think something's bothering Onii-chan," Yuzu stated as she sat back down.

"Ichigo will be fine he just needs to work a few things out, that's all." Rukia said, knowing full well that Ichigo was just being Ichigo, "More please,"

Ichigo's pov

I walked the cold night air, aimlessly kicking an empty soda can down the street. I couldn't understand why my left felt so empty. It was almost as if defeating Aizen made it pointless to go back as if everything were normal. If Rukia had gone back to Soul Society I'm sure I would've forgotten all about it by now. Why can't I just go back to being a normal high school student? It's ridiculous. I kicked the can extremely hard. It slammed into the telephone pole bounced off and rolled outside my range of visibility. I sighed and leaned against the fencepost. I pulled out my cell phone and turned it on. I had 3 incoming text messages. One was from Rukia from after I had left the house to tell me that Yuzu wanted to know if I could pick up a small list of groceries while I was out, the second was from Chad reminding me that we had practice for next weekend's martial arts tournament and the third was from Inoue. I clicked it open.

Dear Kurosaki-kun

Tatsuki says you rarely have your phone on, but if you get this message could you drop by my place. I have something I want to talk to you about,



She ended the message with a heart which was typical of Inoue. I stuck my hands in my pocket and walked back in the other direction. Her house was in the opposite direction of my house that I had been walking. The grocery store, however, was not so I brought the groceries to the house, put them on the front door rang the door bell and walked down the front door path. I heard the door open and someone rush after me.

"Ichi-nii," I turned around to look at Karin, "Everything ok, don't you want to come inside?" she asked.

"I still need to clear my head," I said, "But everything's fine, don't worry about it."

"You can tell me anything you know, I'm a good listener." She told me.

"I know, but don't worry I'm fine," I grinned.

"Thanks for getting the groceries. I knew you'd turn on your cell phone. You always do it during your personal walks," Karin folded her arms in a smirk.

"Anyway," I said rubbing the back of my neck, "I need to get going." I walked away from my house in the direction of Inoue's which was the same as going to my school. When I finally got to her house I walked up the stairs and knocked.

"Coming," I could hear the startled voice from inside. I heard the latch turn and then the door opened. Orihime was wearing a pink sweater and long white sweat pants she seemed slightly surprised to see me, "K-Kurosaki-kun," she stuttered, "D-did you," she swallowed, "did you get my message?"

I nodded, "Mind if I come in?" I asked, not wanting to seem like my arrival ensured my stay.

"Oh yes, please come in and sit down." She stepped aside and opened the door wider. "Should I get you something to drink?" she asked.

"Water's fine, but don't trouble yourself on my account," I told her. She seemed to mutter something under her breath. "Did you say something?"

"Nothing," she smiled, "Right, one glass of water, coming right up."

Orihime's pov

Okay Orihime, no pressure. Just relax. He's here, you were able to accomplish that much, feel proud of yourself. I go over to the refrigerator, grab a glass from the cabinet and dispense the water. I sat down at the table with Kurosaki-kun. I just watched him drink his beverage.

"Something wrong, Inoue?" he asked, putting the glass down.

"Er, no not at all," I laughed nervously.

"What did you want to talk to me about?" he asked.

"I, Kurosaki-kun, that is, I…I wanted to tell you about what happened when I was abducted." I told him. He rearranged his position so that he sat with legs folded.

"Go ahead, I've been wanting to hear what happened," he said softly.

"Well, that is, when I was headed back for Karakura town Ulquiorra attacked Ukitake-san's friends and then he threatened me he said if I didn't go with him. He would kill everybody, Tatsuki-chan, Sado-kun, Hitsugaya-kun, Matsumoto-san, Kuchiki-san, Ishida-kun, but most of all he said he would kill you. I was scared," Argh, no why are there tears, I practiced this, why…my mouth's on autopilot, "I…I didn't want to lose you." I felt a warm presence grab my hand and hold it up. Kurosaki-kun's hands were holding mine. My face began to turn red.

"It's alright Inoue, just tell me what happened." He said.

I sniffed, "A-and so, I, I thought if I went with him I could protect everyone. He…he gave me a bangle and said I had 24 hours to say my goodbyes. He said that the bangle would make me invisible and allow me to walk through solid objects. He told me to return to a chosen meeting spot in 24 hours." A scowl suddenly ran across Kurosaki-kun's face, was he mad at me?

"Why didn't you disobey him?" I looked at Kurosaki-kun whose head was down. "For twenty-four hours, you were free for twenty-four hours. You should've known that I would've given all I had to protect you why didn't you tell me."

"He warned me that if I took off the bangle…"

"The hell with that," Kurosaki-kun's voice wasn't loud or frightened it seemed confused, but very serious and also very hurt, but it made me shudder and gasp in sorrow anyway, "You were free, why didn't you trust me Inoue, or someone else, you could've left signs, we would've helped you, no one would've let you do what you did, we're your friends."

"B-but," I started to protest

"I guess it doesn't matter since you're okay now, but know for next time that if you're having trouble you can always come to me, I'm your friend aren't I?"

"H-hai," the tears had stopped temporarily, I sniffed.

"Anyway was there any other part to this story." He lifted his head so I could see his face.

I nodded, "Ulquiorra told me that I could say good bye to one person and one person only so…s-so I…" w-why is this so difficult I moaned.

"You came to visit me didn't you?" he asked. I gasped, how did he know?

"I was heavily wounded that day and I woke up feeling completely fine. That was you, wasn't it?" I nodded.

"I…your special to me and I…Kurosaki-kun, I just didn't want to see you get hurt, but…but you did anyway and it's my fault." Suddenly, I don't know how quick it was, but suddenly I was being held into Ichigo's embrace quite snuggly. My face, it's so hot.

"Baka," Ichigo said softly I looked up, "I would do anything to protect you Inoue."

"You shouldn't," I said looking into his shirt, gripping it, I'm not worth it, I'm just a burden."

"You're not a burden, if it wasn't for you, do you think I would've beaten Grimmjow. If you weren't calling my name, do you think I would've defeated Ulquiorra? Just because you don't fight Inoue doesn't mean you're a burden, you've been a help to me just by being close." He said softly.

This is too much…he cares about me…I'm not a burden to him…I…I

"Kurosaki-kun, I love you," Please tell me I didn't just say that out loud.

Ichigo's pov

"S-say that again?" I asked swallowing. Did she honestly say what I think she just said?

"K-kurosaki-kun I…" She didn't say it, instead her mouth connected to mine, kissing me. Was this really happening, I mean I know that I've had dreams like this one, but this couldn't be happening for real. I pinched the back of my hand, this was real. This was unbelievable, how could I…why did…out of everyone…

You putz, My hollow chortled.

What do you want? I snapped.

Isn't it obvious, I'm telling you how worthless you are that you couldn't tell sooner that she's in love with you? He snickered.

When was it ever obvious?

I'll say it again, you're a putz, it was always obvious, it's just that a certain someone can't take subtle hints.He stated plainly.

Well what am I supposed to do?

You really are an idiot, don't you feel the same?

Well I…Do I feel the same? She's just a friend…I…

They why risk your neck to save her, why die twice, against the same opponent for crying out loud? She's not just a friend, that Rukia girl's a friend you helped her like you were paying off a debt, this one you saved to protect her because she's too fragile to walk on her own. Do you feel the same, he laughed to himself, It seems I understand your feelings better than you do. I'll say this though, if you can't figure out the answer now you'll know by the end of the night.

3rd person pov

By the time Ichigo's hollow left him alone Orihime had already finished kissing him, feeling said that he hadn't responded, but within the next instant Ichigo grabbed her arms and kissed her forcefully Orihime opened her mouth and closed her eyes deepening the kiss. She lay back resting her head against the floor as Ichigo kissed her so passionately.

"K-kurosaki-kun," she softly moaned when they broke away. Her arms were pinned to the ground underneath him. He was smiling slightly. She pushed up and kissed him again wrapping her arms around Ichigo. Each of them had an arm wrapped around the other's back and the other arm was gripping the other's hair. The second kiss they had together brought Ichigo to the truth, he knew it: he loved her. After the second kiss Orihime stood up and helped Ichigo do the same, "Come with me Kurosaki-kun," she told him as she led him to her bedroom and closed the door and locked it. She turned around to look at Ichigo who was standing like a deer caught in headlights a few inches diagonally southwest from her bed. She walked over to him and whispered into his ear, "I want to gift myself to you Kurosaki-kun," she told him. She backed away and began to remove her shirt.

"I-inoue w-wait…" Ichigo stuck his hand out in protest, but unfortunately she wasn't that far away from him and his hand landed right on her boob. His face flushed. Shit, I'm stuck, what do I do, I know I love her, but should I really…

"Kurosaki-kun, please you can do whatever you'd like to me, I want to do this, if you want to." Orihime said, her top now completely off. Ichigo slowly stepped closer to her, his hand not moving. He was so nervous, he never expected that he'd be doing this for his first time so soon, least of all Orihime. He knew what to do it was just the fact that he didn't know if this was all real or just a dream he couldn't wake up from. Orihime shuffled closer to him and unbuttoned his shirt. When it was off she threw it to the side, "I want you Kurosaki-kun," she said seductively, licking her lips and rubbing his chest. She was torturing his mind, which was enjoying every minute of the experience. His hands were moving like they were 50lbs because of his nerves. Orihime decided to take advantage of his inaction. She reached behind her back and removed her bra and then slid off her pants, then, while she was on her knees did the same to Ichigo's. She then noticed a small bulge in his pants.

Crap, I knew this was a bad idea, Ichigo shouted to himself, but Orihime, as though in a trance brought upon her by love, slid his boxers down to see his member.

"It's so big," she said stroking it and then took it in her mouth.

Ichigo's pov

How did this happen? One minute I'm walking to Inoue's to talk to her and the next thing I know we're on third base. How did things jump so quick, more importantly how is she so confident in all this? Inoue removed my hard on from her mouth and then pushed me onto the bed with force, causing me to cough. I looked at her, my face completely red. She had a strong grip for someone so innocent and sweet. She loomed over me, the light of the moon being the only light I could see by.

"Touch me Kurosaki-kun," she said. I reached up and grasped her right breast in my left hand.

"Like this," I asked, she gasped from pleasure.

"Y-yes just like that, ohhh," I fondled her breast soon doing the same to the other one with my free hand all the while Inoue was making small moans and gasps. My dick was suddenly becoming aroused along with her and suddenly I could feel it resting against her panties. Inoue backed up so that her back was straight. She swung her legs over the side of the bed and slid her panties off onto the floor. She returned to the bed and slid her body over me, pressing her breasts to my chest. "Ready Kurosaki-kun," she asked, one hand pressed against the bedpost and the other stroking my cock. I nodded, I wanted to do this with her as well. I knew it now more than ever that I would do anything for her no matter what it was or the reason. I would go into Hueco Mundo and slay every last hollow in it if it meant being with Inoue like this. She sat over my member ready to enter it. She entered and then cried out in pain, as my cock slid all the way in.

"Inoue what's wrong?"

"I-it's my first time," she coughed, "It's supposed to h-hurt." She tensed. She was a virgin? "I-I," she regained her composure and leaned forward, running a hand up my chest, "I always wanted to give my virginity to Kurosaki-kun." She said.

"Inoue," Our lips met as she began bouncing up and me. I slid in and out of her passage as our tongues danced together like a waltz underneath the moonlight. Inoue suddenly got up and lay on her back, arching herself towards me. I got entered her from on top.

"This feels so magical Kurosaki-kun," she told me, our faces so close together. She was right it was magical only magic could make a moment like this real. This couldn't be a dream, and if it wasn't a dream then it meant that the most gorgeous girl was in love with me and we were having sex. My life, after 16 years of sorrow and despair, my life was finally turning around and becoming better.

"K-kurosaki-kun?" Inoue gasped as I was thrusting.


"C-can I speak to you informally?" she asked.

Why she was asking that in the middle of intercourse I have no idea, nevertheless I was willing to oblige, "So long as I can do the same for you Orihime," I said. We changed positions again so that Orihime we were on our side, her back to my front. I could feel the pressure building, I knew I was going to cum soon.

"O-orihime, I-I'm…"

"S-so am I…I…I'm on…the pill…s-so if…"

"o-ok-kay," it was becoming hard to breathe and then all of a sudden, "ORIHIME!"

"ICHIGO!" Her juice flowed out as mine flowed in. We began panting, our breathing almost synchronized. I slid out of her. Orihime turned around to look at me. "That was the best," she said.

"Yeah, it was," I smiled.

"K-kurosaki-kun can you, can you spend the night?"

"If that's what my Hime wishes, I'll gladly do it for her," I said pushing at her nose and kissing it, she giggled. "Let me go call my folks,"

"What are you going to tell them…I mean…" I knew what she was getting at she didn't want anyone to know about us…least not yet.

"I understand, I'll come up with something." I said. I put on my pants and went to get my cell phone. It was close to 10:00, when did it get so late. I called my house.

"Kurosaki residence, Ishin speaking how can I help you?" my dad answered.

"Hey you it's me,"

"Ichigo where you been its long past curfew," he said.

"I'm at a friend's place, I'm pulling an all-nighter for tomorrow's test, so I probably won't be home until early tomorrow to get my school things."

"Which friend are you staying with?" he asked.

Dammit dad why do you have to be so nosy, "I…Chad's," he was the first person to come to mind.

"Well alright, glad to know my boy's taking an active interest in his school work."

"Whatever, listen, Chad's phone isn't working so if you want to reach me call my cell."

"Probably won't need to, but thanks for the tip off."

"Thanks," I closed the phone and walked back to Orihime's room. When I got there she opened up the covers for me to get into bed with her, I smiled warmly and held her as I snuggled down next to her.

"Good night Ichigo,"

"Good night Orihime," I said and fell into a deep sleep

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