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3rd Person pov

Things were really tense at the Kurosaki family dinner table that evening. No one was saying a word other than the whispers that Ichigo and Orihime exchanged with each other, causing a giggle or a sigh from either one every now and then. Although content with her two friends going out Rukia was still finding it repulsive for them to being showing such behavior at the dinner table, something her nii-sama would never approve of. Yuzu constantly made shifts in her brother and his girlfriend's direction, the emotion behind her innocent gaze concealed. Karin kept her eyes closed for the most part. Just eating silently and thankful for the silence, at least her brother and father weren't at each other's throats like usual. Speaking of Isshin he was wolfing down his food while keeping a close watch on Ichigo and Orihime.

It was Rukia who broke the silence, "Ohhhhhh! That's it, I'm tired of all the silence! Somebody say something!"

"Jeez calm down Rukia," Ichigo said, unusually serene in temper.

"Onii-chan are you okay do you have a fever?" Yuzu suddenly stood on her chair and leaned over, pressing her forehead to her older brother's.

"What the hell are you doing?" Ichigo asked in an irritated whisper.

"I loved this food you cooked Yuzu it's really good," Orihime said.

It's nice to see her eating something normal for a change. Ichigo thought.

"Maybe you could add some chocolate sauce next time or some hot sauce, that would go really good with this." Orihime suggested.

But we're eating cooked Salmon, Ichigo thought to himself.

"Hmm, I've never thought about that, maybe I should try it next time?" Yuzu actually seemed to be giving the idea some decent thought.

"I'm full," Karin said suddenly and handed her plate to her twin before leaving the table.

"Hey, come here and spend time with your family little lady!" Isshin said chasing his daughter up the stairs.

"Otou-san are you finished eating?" Yuzu called to her father, but he couldn't hear her, "Otou-san!" Yuzu chased after her father into the living room.

"Well since it's just the three of us now," Orihime began to say, "How come you're still living with Ichigo, Kuchiki-san?"

"Soul Society wants to relocate me, but…"


"No Rukia! Don't go!" Yuzu sobbed hanging onto Rukia's ankle, "Don't go nee-san!"

"Please Rukia my third daughter, stay with us!" Isshin cried doing the same.

End Flashback

"…It's complicated," Rukia finally answered.

"I see," Orihime gave up.

"Anyway, I should walk you home before it gets late," Ichigo said.

"No, I'll walk her home," Rukia said standing up, "A certain somebody needs to spend time with his family no matter how dysfunctional they may be."

"Hey!" Ichigo protested

"No, it's fine," Orihime smiled, "It's like Kuchiki-san says you should spend some more time with your family, I'll see you tomorrow."

"But tomorrow's Saturday," Ichigo said.

"Oh that's right you've been training for that big martial arts tournament with Sado-kun all week."

"Oh yeah, speaking of that I saw Urahara today, apparently the competition isn't going to be as easy as you two think it's going to be," Rukia smirked.

"And just what is that supposed to mean?" Ichigo scowled.

"You'll find out," Rukia chimed. Ichigo just grumbled.

"Where is the competition taking place anyway?" Orihime asked.

"Apparently they knocked down that old abandoned hospital and put up an outdoor stadium," Rukia explained.

"Is your family going to come support you?" Orihime asked Ichigo.

"Heck I don't know," Ichigo said scratching his head, "I told them I was competing, but they didn't seem to care much. I'll be surprised if they show up."

"I'll be there to support you and Tatsuki-chan." Orihime said.

"Oh, she's competing she didn't tell me last I spoke to her."

"Maybe she told you and you just forgot," Rukia said.

"You shut up!" Ichigo grumbled.

"Anyway," Rukia said, "I should take Orihime home, no reason for her innocence to be destroyed as well."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Ichigo asked.

Rukia ignored him, "Let's go Orihime,"

"Hai," Orihime, "See you tomorrow Ichigo," Orihime waved before she and Rukia left.

"Yeah see you tomorrow," Ichigo said. After he heard the front door open and close he went upstairs to his room and lay down on his back on his bed only for something to poke him. He sat up quickly to see what he had just laid down on. It was a small sapphire ring. Must belong to Orihime, Ichigo thought putting it on his desk next to his wallet and cell phone, I'll give it back to her tomorrow. He yawned, got underneath the covers and went to sleep.

The Next Day

Martial Arts Tournament

Ichigo's pov

A mob of people was gathered at the stadium. It would be the first time Karakura town ever held a competition of such caliber. Urahara, the competitions host and co-sponsor, had gone through the trouble of setting up a pre-set 16-tier elimination tournament. Competitors weren't allowed to speak to each other before the fight, to provide secrecy, but we were all allowed to watch the tournament via the monitors via our rooms, and be given visits from friends and family. I was sitting in my room mentally preparing when there was a knock on the door.

"Yeah?" I asked not bothering to open the door. The door opened and I suddenly had a sandal thrown at me.

"Dumbass we come all the way out here to see ya and you can't even be bothered to open the door for us," I knew that voice.

I turned around to see Shinji and the others, "Top of the morning Ichigo," Shinji said.

"What are you guys doing here?" I asked.

"We came to see you compete," Mashiro said.

"Even though this is just a martial arts only tournament we wanted ta see ya in action," Shinji said. Something struck me as odd when I noticed that they were short one member.

"If you're wondering about Kensei, he's in room number 5," Lisa said.

"Huh why?" I asked.

"Cause he's competing dumbass, you think we came all the way to town only to see you?" Hiyori shouted.

"Why you little…"

"Hey save the adrenaline for the tournament kid, you're up first don't forget."

"Yeah I know," I said.

Suddenly the intercom went off, "Competitors 1 and 2 please report to the stadium floor at this time. Numbers one and two," Urahara instructed.

"That's me," I said jumping to my feet.

"Go kick some ass will ya?" Shinji asked.

When I got to the battleground I couldn't believe who my first round opponent was.

"Tatsuki?" I was surprised to see my childhood friend standing before me, ready to go on the first round. She was dressed in her martial arts uniform with a fierce look on her face. She didn't even say anything to me.

"Remember the rules folks, you lose if you give up, start to cry, fall out of bounds or stay down for more than ten seconds. No eye poking or kicking below the belt is allowed and let's try to keep the taunting to a minimum shall we? Now then," Hat and Cloggs jumped back a safe distance, "Let the first match of the Karakura Martial Arts tournament begin."

Tatsuki came charging at me at a speed at which I had never even seen her move, I had to dodge as oppose to block in order to avoid being injured. Although it was Tatsuki I was up against an opponent was an opponent and five million yen was still five million yen. Taking my right fist I underhanded punched Tatsuki in the gut, or rather tried to, but she bent over backwards and avoided my strike altogether and then propelled herself into a back flip and stood a distance away from me with a stance indicating herself to be ready for my counter attack. Planning my strategy I rushed towards Tatsuki and made to attack the right side of her body. As anticipated she high kicked with her right leg, but I blocked with my left arm, pushed her leg down with my right and then moved past her and smacked her across the back with my open palm with my arm facing down. Tatsuki, again as anticipated threw a punch which I turned to block with my right hand, ducked under the second punch and then tripped her with a sweeping kick before getting around on the other side of her. As she stumbled to the ground I put my hands on her shoulders and, with force shoved her off the stadium platform for an out of bounds. Urahara declared the match over. It was my victory. I gave my hand to Tatsuki to help her back onto the platform. She took it, her gaze much softer now that the fight was over.

"Sorry I had to be a little rough with you there," I said.

"Baka, you don't apologize to your enemy after you win," she teased.

Since Tatsuki was eliminated from the tournament she decided she'd go look for Orihime in the stands. She gave my cell phone a buzz to let me know she had found her. Orihime got on the phone to tell me I had done great. It was nice to hear her voice. I was so concentrated on the fight I didn't bother to look for her in the stands, but she said she had seen every moment of it, she would've been rooting for me, but she said that she couldn't decide who to root for in a bout between her two best friends.

As I returned to my room the next bout began.

3rd Person pov

The second match of the tournament was incredibly one-sided. It was between Tessai of the Urahara shop and a martial arts teacher named Liger Osenta. The moment the fight began. Tessai rushed towards Liger at frightening speeds and slammed the side of his shoulder, head and elbow into the man's chest knocking him several feet across the side of the statement floor. Liger lay motionless momentarily on the ground, but got up eventually only for Tessai to come charging at him again and smash him in the solar plexus with an open palmed thrust, the force of the blow was shattering and sent Mr. Osenta out of bounds and into the stands.

The 3rd match of the tournament was between Kensei of the Vizards and a green haired martial arts prodigy at a nearby town academy named Oscar Goodfellow. Oscar tempted Kensei to make the first charge, which Kensei was thought to have stupidly fallen for, but the silver haired Vizard stopped his charge inches before Oscar thought he would, the teen through a punch bringing his face level with Kensei's fist, but instead of punching him the silver haired Vizard smashed his open palm into the kid's face and slammed the punk into the ground. Oscar struggled momentarily before Kensei grabbed the kid by his shirt and threw him out of the arena.

For the 4th match, Rukia, who hadn't mentioned that she was competing, went up against another wannabe by the name of Hayner Gibbs. Rukia's opponent took the initial charge. He punched towards Rukia's face only to find out that she was already behind him, having moved slow enough for her movements not to be considered Shunpo, but would've still been considered fast by human standards. She elbowed Hayner in the back, punched him in the back of the head, forward kicked upwards before bringing her heel down on Hayner's shoulders and then attacked using the technique Sokotsu, crippling Hayner and ending the fight.

Much to Ichigo's surprise, his old rival, Grimmjow Jaegerjacques had been living out in Karakura Town ever since the war. Grimmjow again was up against some newbie and had no reservation about using his full strength. When his opponent came at him Grimmjow let fly a ferocious left hook that sent his opponent popping into the air before crashing onto the side of the platform, before bouncing out of the arena.

The 6th match was met with some interesting reaction to the audience. It was a little girl, no taller than your average middle schooler against a hugely buff martial arts black belt, by the name of Leon Sabre. However, the little girl in question was no ordinary girl. She was Ururu Tsumugiya, a member of Urahara's shop, not that anyone in the audience would know that. Leon, a finely ripped, and slightly sun tanned, man, took one look at his opponent and began laughing. However, he wasn't laughing seconds later, after Urahara bade the match to begin, when Ururu got inside his totally open defenses and slammed into his stomach with a flying kick. Even with rock hard abs, Leon felt his stomach cave in under the force of the blow. Not only did his body instinctively keel over, but the force of Ururu's flying kick had sent him flying past the gathering crowds of people and straight into the parking lot. An alarm could be heard going off. The audience was in shock at the strength of such a small harmless looking girl. Several in the front row standing, backed away.

"I hope I didn't hurt him too bad," Ururu said aloud to herself.

That's my girl, Urahara thought to himself proudly

Chad finally saw entrance into the competition with the beginning of the 7th match. His opponent was a kid around his age with Black hair that seemed to take the shape of a bird's nest. Chad was wearing his fabled medallion as well as a regular white tank top and cargo pants. His opponent, Ray Shepard was wearing a white T-shirt and had green striped gray sweat pants. At the start of the fight both fighters just stood there, waiting for one fighter to make the first move. A tumbleweed bounced by after several moments. Suddenly Ray charged only for Chad to grab his straight arm with both of his hands before pulling Ray askew and kneeing the kid in the gut. Ray dropped to his knees and spewed saliva.

"You should give up, you'll be in less pain that way." Chad said

Ray looked up at Chad with hate because the gentle giant was pitying him. He threw a punch from the ground, but Chad casually grabbed Ray's arm and lightly threw him out of the arena.

In the final match of the 1st Round Yoruichi was fighting yet another "martial arts expert". The fight was over in seconds. At the start of the match Yoruichi ran forward and did a high kick to her opponent's chin sending him into the air a bit before slamming him in the chest with an open palm thrust, the force of which sent him straight out of the arena.

With the first round over several people began placing bets over who would possibly win the tournament. The losers of the first round, save Tatsuki, were all well respected, well known Martial arts fighters of Karakura town. To see them all taken down in seconds by these newcomers drove the fans stir crazy. Urahara was having checks waved in his face left and right.

Ryuuken wanted no part of the shop owner's gambling exploit and so while Urahara counted the bets the hospital owner took center stage to introduce the combatants of the 2nd round.

For the 1st Round match it was Ichigo Kurosaki against Tessai Tsukabishi

Ichigo's pov

Of all people to face so soon, why Tessai? Leave it to hat and clogs to force me to fight people out of my league in the early rounds, good for nothing former captain.

"Begin!" Uryu's dad shouted and the gong rang. Tessai came charging after me at the sound. I dodged right and stuck my leg out to trip him, hopefully to get him to go stumbling out of the arena, but instead Tessai just face planted and stood back up quickly. His glasses were cracked, but he was gazing right at me

"YOU WILL PAY! THESE GLASSES ARE EXPENSIVE!" Tessai shouted and came charging at me again and punched right at me. I bent over backwards to dodge and headbutted him in the stomach, but I felt like I just headbutted the side of a building. I worked through the pain and slid under Tessai's massive frame as he tried to hammer me from above. I got up off my knees and turned to face Tessai who was less than a second from me. I didn't have time to react and hardly realized it when Tessai sent me flying into the audience with a punch to my stomach. Thankfully my fall was broken by someone in the audience broke my fall.

"Are you okay onii-chan?"

That voice. I suddenly heard a mumbling voice from beneath me. I looked around my dad and my sisters had come to cheer me on after all.

"I thought you guys weren't going to show," I said getting to my feet and helping my dad to his feet. Only to have to block a punch to the face.

"Ah ha so you haven't lost your touch boy," my dad said. I punched him in the stomach.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" I asked him, "I just got out of a crazy fight and you're attacking me some dad you are."

"I should be asking what the hell is wrong with you, you've been training for months for this tournament. How could you lose?"

"Hey shut up will ya!" I roared. I could tell the two of us would be at this for a while

3rd Person pov

Rukia and Kensei entered the arena ready to face off. Having settled things with his dad Ichigo, not wanting to deal with his family opted to sit next to Tatsuki and Orihime. Orihime clung to Ichigo's arm and rested her head on his shoulder while they watched the fight unfold.

At the sound of the gong Rukia rushed towards Kensei only to get a kick sent at her at waist level, but she leapt into the air and made to come down with a kick to Kensei's face only to have her ankle grab, Kensei twirl her around and throw her out of the ring.

The next fight was between Ururu and Grimmjow. The former Sexta Espada of Aizen's army knew that his opponent was not to be underestimated, but at the same time Grimmjow wasn't about to let that scare him, or acting like he could rip anybody in the known district to pieces with his fists alone. He was a bit disappointed that Ichigo had been taken out of the tournament, but he knew that Ichigo's limits weren't in fist fighting alone. If this tournament was to test the full limits of everyone entering it Grimmjow knew it would be him and Ichigo in the finals hands down. Still now was not the time to ponder on his and Ichigo's rivalry, now was his time to be focusing on the small pig-tailed target in front of him. At the sound of the gong Ururu, as though a child possessed leapt at Grimmjow, at amazing speed to punch him in the face. Grimmjow blocked with his open fist and then punched Ururu with his fist in the face knocking her to the ground. Audience members gasped, but Ururu got up leapt high in the air and made to drop kick onto Grimmjow, but Grimmjow dodged, got behind Ururu and drove his elbow into her back, plowing the poor girl into the ground. Ururu got back up and stood in front of Grimmjow ready to face him again.

Man what the hell drives this kid? He wondered, only to be met with a kick to his left side. He blocked with his arm grabbed Ururu's leg and sent her slamming along the marble of the platform, tearing it up until the momentum carried Ururu out of the arena.

"Tch this is a waste of my time," Grimmjow cursed under his breath. Urahara rushed to Ururu's side to see if she was okay. Other than some gravel stuck in her back Ururu was, for the most part, unharmed. The audience clapped at her bravery and her resilience, since she wasn't crying, of course they didn't know Ururu all too well, and Urahara piggybacked her to the care ward and got her something to drink.

As the final match of the tournament settled in Ichigo didn't know whether to root for Chad or Yoruichi. Chad was his best friend, but Yoruichi was his mentor. He was sure this was going to be a fight his mind wouldn't soon let him forget. At the sound of the gong Chad rushed towards Yoruichi with a straight arm punch. Quicker than the blink of an eye, Yoruichi stopped the incoming strike and ducked beneath Chad's incoming left hook before sweeping low with a kick to knock him off his feet. Yoruichi waited until Chad was in the middle of getting up before crouching low and delivering a powered up open palm thrust to his chest. Chad went tumbling across the platform, but managed to stay in the ring, though he took a pretty nasty tumble. Chad got up only to have to brace for impact as Yoruichi came in with a kick from above. Chad stood his ground, but the platform crumbled a bit due to the force of the blow. In order to get momentum Yoruichi pushed off of Chad by kicking him in the face with her free leg. Chad's head was the only thing that turned and he stood his ground ready for Yoruichi's incoming assault, but the ethnic beauty's speed was overwhelming and as she came in, she crouched low, got into Chad's defenses drove her left arm straight up into Chad's chin, and then, his defenses neutralized, Yoruichi kicked Chad straight in the chest with her back leg right into his Solar plexus. To her surprise though Chad grabbed her foot mid kick and threw her out of the arena, but Yoruichi did not land. Instead she, not touching anything but the air itself, somersaulted right back onto the stage. The audience was in awe at her maneuver. Chad came rushing towards her, but Yoruichi dodged by putting all her weight on one and kicked Chad in the side of the neck with her heel as he made to pass by her. Chad was discombobulated momentarily and was prepared when Yoruichi came at him to wham him over the head and punched at her stomach, but the quick and nimble former 2nd Squad captain was not one to open her defenses so obviously. Having previously anticipated Chad's movements she swung early, with momentum polevaulted herself over Chad, locked her legs around his neck and through him as she was finishing her forward tumble. Chad went flying upside down, back first, out of the arena, and landed against the backboard of one of the advertisements. Yoruichi let out a deep breath and went to go lie down in her bunk until her semifinal match.

Ichigo's pov

After getting patched up by Urahara Chad came to sit with me Tatsuki, Rukia and Orihime.

"Man I can't believe we lost on the quarterfinals," I said.

"Mr. Tsukabishi and Miss Shihoin are really good," Chad responded.

"I guess so, still it would've been nice to have at least gotten to the semifinals, what with Grimmjow competing and all," I said.

"Huh you know all those guys?" Tatsuki asked.

"We'll explain at another time," Chad said.

Tatsuki didn't seem happy with the answer, but she accepted it just the same.

"It doesn't matter to me if you won or not Ichigo, you're still a winner to me," Orihime said hugging me. Rukia made a gagging noise.

"Quiet you!" I snapped at Rukia. "Anyway now I'm curious to see who's going to win this."

3rd Person pov

The first semifinal match was between Tessai of the Urahara Shop and Kensei of the Vizards. Both men were jacked with muscle. Both men were as tough as bricks and both men were as long trained as the other. It was Juggernaut Vs Juggernaut, Tank Vs Tank. In the time it took between his and Ichigo's match and now, Tessai had managed to get a new pair of glasses…somehow.

"Ladies and gentleman the first match of the semifinals is about to begin," Ryuuken announced, "First matchup is between Tessai Tsukabishi and Kensei Muguruma. At the sound of the gong the semi-finals will officially begin." Moments later the gong sounded and Tessai charged straight at Kensei only for a punch to be thrown at him from the hulky Vizard, but Tessai bent over backwards and headbutted Kensei in the chest, but before he could make contact Kensei used his free hand to shove Tessai back along the platform. Kensei rushed at Tessai and made to crack the shop owner assistant along the side of the face, but Tessai blocked with his hand and then punched underhanded towards Kensei's stomach, but the Vizard blocked Tessai's punch with his free hand. Kensei took his back leg and made to kick the former Kido Captain in the stomach, but Tessai retracted his hands from the fist lock, grabbed Kensei's leg and swung the Vizard around and around before throwing him out of the ring.

In the 2nd semifinal match it was Cat Vs Cat, brawler Vs brawler, speed Vs speed: Grimmjow Vs Yoruichi. It would be the first time that they would face off since Grimmjow's coming to the Urahara shop. At the sound of the gong Grimmjow rushed forward ready to strike with an uppercut, but Yoruichi had already slunk down and to the side of him and put pressure on her hands before sticking her legs forward and slamming them towards its other into Grimmjow's ankles causing him to trip and fall over. Yoruichi back flipped and Grimmjow got up and charged and swung at her with a left hook. Yoruichi dodged and kicked him in the side with a roundhouse kick. Grimmjow went spiraling sideways toward the other end of the arena, and regained his balance quickly only to have to stop an incoming flying kick. He sidestepped, grabbed Yoruichi's leg to change her trajectory and then punched her in the face sending her straight into the ground. Yoruichi leapt up back off the ground and leapt through the air in a somersault formation and made to punch Grimmjow in the face. He brushed her hand aside and cracked her right in the jaw before punching her in the stomach and knocking her away. Yoruichi got up, now feeling the pain from where she'd been hit and had fallen.

Damn, guess I'm still a little rusty, too bad there are people here else I'd use Shunko and clobber this clown, but then again he'd be a hell of a lot harder to beat if he wasn't in Gigai.

"Excellent even know you're still putting up a fight, I thought this would be boring ever since Ichigo got kicked out, guess I was wrong," Grimmjow smirked. Yoruichi charged at the blue haired Arrancar and let fly a punch, but he grabbed her arm and underhanded punched her just underneath her breasts. "While I admire your resilience to keep going Miss Shihoin I suggest you give it up, you're slowing down. You've taken too much damage. You're just about done." With a defiant stare Yoruichi moved behind Grimmjow faster than he could blink and made to kick him from behind without even turning to face her. Yoruichi seemed surprised, "Did I forget to mention I also took note of your fighting style?" he asked. However, his block had been anticipated by the dark skinned warrior and using Grimmjow's arm as a fulcrum she catapulted herself around his body and drove the heel of her other leg into his face. Grimmjow stumbled back and blinked, his recovery never came as Yoruichi's foot made contact with his stomach, the momentum of which sent him the few feet needed out of the ring. People cheered at Yoruichi's victory. Grimmjow grumbled, knowing that Yoruichi had the tendency to gloat or wave to her fans, but instead she extended her hand to him.

"Good fight Grim," she said and helped him to his feet. Grimmjow noticed that she was smiling like the smile of a friend, not a look of, 'I just beat you and am going to gloat in your face kind of look either.'

"Thanks," he said putting his arm around her back as both battered and bruised contestants walked back to the medical ward so Yoruichi could get healed up for the finals.

Ichigo's pov

"Yeah-ha go Yoruichi!" I cheered.

"She really did do well," Chad said.

"She's amazing!" Tatsuki was in awe. "Hey," she said to me, partly excited, "Is she taking any students? Does she accept apprentices? I would do anything to study under her."

"I could ask her," I said, "Yoruichi and I are friends. Orihime knows her too."

"I think Yoruichi-san would love to teach you all she knows Tatsuki you'd be an excellent student."

"After the tournament you guys have to introduce me," Tatsuki pleaded.

"Sure not a problem," I said.

Suddenly Ryuuken came on the loudspeaker with, "Ladies and gentleman, may I have your attention please. Unfortunately Martial Arts tournament contestant Yoruichi Shihoin's injuries are too intense for her to send her out against her opponent therefore, while it is exceedingly anti-climactic, the winner of the Karakura Martial Arts Tournament is Tessai Tsukabishi."

Many people were disappointed, I wasn't though. I just wanted to go home ever since I got beaten; I was only sticking around out of courtesy to the others. After all the raving and the award ceremony I took Tatsuki backstage to meet Yoruichi and the two instantly bonded. Chad and I parted ways and I lost sight of my family ever since I went to sit with my friends. Orihime invited me to her place and Rukia promised to cover hollow watch for me and to tell my family that I wouldn't be home tonight.

Orihime and I proceeded towards her home and upon arrival I just collapsed on the couch in front of her TV, winded after today.

"You must be really exhausted Ichigo," Orihime said with a giggle.

"I'm winded, Martial Arts is a tough competition," I said.

"Are you mad that you lost?" Orihime asked me.

"Naah," I said, "It's not like I needed the five million Yen, or the fame."

"Then why did you compete?" Orihime asked me.

"Mainly for self-betterment, just because I took down Aizen doesn't necessarily mean I'm automatically the toughest guy in Karakura town without my Shinigami powers," I explained.

"I'm glad you weren't terribly hurt Ichigo," Orihime said sitting down next to me resting her head on my shoulder, "I don't know what I'd do if you weren't around."

I put an arm around her back and stroked my hand up and down her right arm, "I'll always be here Orihime. I'll never leave you so long as you want me around."

She smiled.

"Oh yeah," I said pulling out the ring I had found on my bed yesterday, "Here."

"Oh Ichigo it's beautiful," she said, "Is this for me?"

Huh, it didn't belong to her already then who…dammit dad! "Yeah it's yours do you like it?"

"Of course, it's beautiful thank you," she was practically glowing with praise. She pursed her lips, "Allow me to express my gratitude," she said softly before planting a kiss to my lips. I wrapped my arms tightly around her turning her soft kiss into a full blown make-out session, "Mmm, I think I'm starting to get hot," Orihime moaned.

"I'm game if you are," I smirked. The next thing I knew Orihime and I were making out while standing up fumbling along the walls towards her bedroom until we landed on top of her bed with me on top. I helped Orihime remove her clothes and she helped me with mine. She decided to get on top for a bit and I let her. She moaned as she moved up and down my hard on. I just let her go. It felt incredible, as usual.

3rd Person pov

As Orihime rode Ichigo she enjoyed every minute of it. She even fondled herself as she did so massaging both her clit and her breast. Eventually staying on top of Ichigo became to taxing on the teen and Ichigo took dominance thrusting in and out of Orihime in rapid succession. Orihime continued to moan as she continued to have sex with the orange haired teen she believed she would always love. Ichigo leaned down closer to her and invaded her mouth with his tongue. Orihime wrapped her arms around his neck to bring her lover down closer to her. Their tongues fought each other and Ichigo's won out.

When he pulled back to catch his breath he said, "I guess I still won something today,"

"I told you," Orihime smiled, face red with pleasure, "You're always a winner in my book Ichigo."

Ichigo and Orihime continued their excursion until they climaxed in unison. Afterwards they snuggled down into Orihime's bed together.

"Will you always be by my side Ichigo?" Orihime asked him, looking at the orange haired teen with pleading eyes.

"Of course Orihime," Ichigo told her.

"Promise?" she asked as she lay her head on his chest, eyes closed.

"I promise I will never leave your side, now, forever and always."

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