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Recent college graduate Isabella Bella Swan is an up-and-coming singer/songwriter who is following her dreams as she joins her lawyer boyfriend when he makes partner in Dallas, Texas. After making a name for herself in the Austin music scene, she gets swept up by an independent Dallas record label which only sweetens the move for Bella. Her life begins to change dramatically and she becomes acquainted with many new friends and opportunities.



Evanescence – Going Under

Grizzly Bear – Slow Life

Imogen Heap – Hide & Seek

"God help me! Somebody help me!" I screamed out in my inevitable darkness, but it was too late.

I plunged downwards into my fate of what darkness withheld for me. The unknown is no longer a secret as the silence is deadly and I am begging to God. I beg for mercy as I began to let out muffled screams.

I'm drowning.

My life flashing before my eyes in rapid successions in sporadic light.

I am eight years old and walking downstairs on Christmas morning to see Charlie beaming by the front door to only guide me outside to find a brand new bicycle with a gigantic red bow next to his police cruiser. Suddenly, it's my thirteenth birthday and I'm out with my mother for my usual birthday luncheon when she presents me with my late Gran's favorite pearl necklace, telling me that "a lady always owns a set of pearls."

The constriction of my throat is almost too much to take, the shocking temperature chilling my body. I am struggling for everything with no motivation as I am all alone and no can help me in my frightening solitude. I kick my feet and wave my hands, rushing water suffocates me, swirling around as it does not nothing to help my current situation except push me further down.

The pressure of the water surrounded me, encapsulating it as my body was a victim with no savior. I could no longer breathe.

Suddenly, the darkness is my solace. And my day becomes night.

A glow of white fades in and an angel's hand is reaching for me and pulling me in as I'm whisked away from the abyss.

Wrapped in the strength of these unknown arms, they take me to safety, to dry land, all the while I am dead weight.

I hear whispering words of encourage, sorrow and comfort, feeling that this soul was almost as nervous and scared as I was. I fought with all my might to open my eyes. As I did, a bright bolt of light peered down on me….

I bolted up out my sleep, struggling to gasp for air and clutching my chest.

My boyfriend immediately jumped out of his sleep and rushed to my side, pulling his knees up to his chest in the process.

"Drowning again?" He asked, rubbing his eyes with left hand, my back with his right.

"Yes," I cried, wiping my tears away from my eyes.

"Want some water?" He leaned over, grabbing his glass off the nightstand.

Water?! You've got to be kidding me.

I scoffed at the thought of drinking water after the nightmare I just had, but I accepted it anyway. My mouth was dry, my throat was scratchy. And at least he was trying.

Sadly, this is was a normal coincidence for us. I had this dream at least once a month.

I handed the glass back to him nearly half empty and he turned his back to me, placing it back on the nightstand.

"You're OK, Bells." He whispered, trying to sooth my worries, continuing rubbing my back with his hands.

I stared off into space, trying to clear my mind of the dream I continue to relive. He notices this and wraps his arms around me, rocking me in his arms, "You're fine. You're just fine."

"I-I know," I replied through sniffles, "but every time I have that dream, I-I just relive it all over and over again. It's-it's just really hard to just let it go."

"I know, babe. It's OK, though; I've got you, alright?" He soothed, holding me in his arms as we rested against our pillows until we both fell back into sleep.

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