Thx for the comments people! Yay people read my lame story! It looks better in my head, the problem is writing it. And I am not a doctor, so this is not going to go into detail, but I know the majority of stuff, and I'm not going to Google it, because I don't want to get the wrong thing, I'm only using what I know, sorry. So here it is, tell me what I'm am doing wrong(and don't say everything, cuz I already know that). Comment! Its makes the world spin!(kinda)

I blinked. No, this isn't possible, I watched you die, I tried to save you but I couldn't, it was my fault, all my fault. My eye's stared to fill with tears. "Hey Reid you ok?" Morgan asks. But I don't answer, I just keep staring in disbelief. "Reid?!" Morgan says louder. 'no" I whisper, barley autobal. "you got so old" she says, with a hint of a laugh and tears in her eyes to. Morgan just stares at us, wondering 'what the hell is going on?!'

"so" she says still close to crying. But than she cracks, she bursts into teats, and runs up and grabs me, kissing me all over my face. This makes me cry too, thinking about how much I missed her, and how I ever forgot her, but I never really did, she was just pushed to the back of my head, along with other secrets. Morgan and Hotch just stare at each other, and then us. "ummm" says Hotch, awkwardly. "you too know each other?" this just makes us cry harder, pulling us closer together, like it was a lifeline.

"So" she manages to choke out through all the tears. "I want to hear the song you wrote for me". By now we have both stopped crying, almost. "I know you did, you always write a song for everything". she says with a shadow of a smile on her face. Morgan gave a little giggle. "Reid write a song, ya right" he laughs. "what is it, like opera in a different language or something"? Rebecca just stares at him, 'how could he be laughing? He was just like everyone else' she thought 'and Spencer works with him, has to spend everyday with him? I wonder what else he says'.

Morgan cot the look she was giving him, and stopped laughing immediately. "I've missed you" I said putting my hands around her waist. "ya, I'm sorry I could not be there for you" she says apologetically. "don't be. I'm just sorry I let you almost die" Morgan and Hotch gasped. "Ummm, Ok I'm glad that you too have had your little reunion, but we really need to work on this case. Reid, maybe you should sit this one out, since your, well, a littleā€¦ emotionally attached." He said, a little, unconformable. "No, No I'm not" I say, removing my hands away from Rebecca's waist immediately. "I'm sorry sir"

'Well ok, if your sure." he says, hesitantly. "I am sure, thank you" I say, putting my head down, I can feel Rebecca's eye's on me, piercing me like a knife. "So" Morgan says. "can we hear the song to. "No" says Rebecca quickly. "this is our thing, so stay out". 'wow' I thought 'she is just like she was when we were kids, I hope she stays that way'.

Oh my gosh, why is everyone so nice? Seriously you are like the nicest people ever in the world! If anyone I knew, red this story they would laugh so hard, and tell me how much of an idiot I am and how bad it is, but everyone here is so awesome! So it was a 2 hour delay today, so I got to wok on it. I don't know why it took me so long to write this (really short) chapter. I just got stuck. Ill probably do another one tonight. I REALLY don't want to do my homework, so I am delaying it as much as I can. Okay, enough, talking about nothing. Sorry.

P.S. I Know this really isn't how Morgan would act, but i got really stuck, and it was the only thing i could think of (i know pathetic). so sorry.