The Twilight Twenty-Five
Pen name: BecauseSheCan
Pairing: Bella with mentions of Edward
Rating: T

January 28, 2009


Justin came in today, and I didn't even take a second to tell Mitch I was taking my break. Instead as soon as he walked inside I didn't let him sit down, I pushed him back outside, that stupid little notebook in my apron pocket and dragged him to the side of the restaurant. Thankfully only old Mr. Withers and Mr. and Mrs. Bresslin were in the restaurant and none of them had their hearing aids turned on. The snow was falling particularly hard and most of the Forks residents decided it was easier to beat two eggs on their own than taking their chances in these conditions. One would think that it would be easier for the ancients to stay home as well, but they are set in their routine and I firmly believe that their routine might be the only thing going for them. I can't imagine what they have to live for; even their grandkids are grown and moved far away. To think that Edward wanted to stay with me while I decomposed like that, I swear once I got my first gray hair I would have banished him from my life. But once again Daria, I find myself off course, you really shouldn't let me ramble like that.

So I attacked Justin, dragged him outside and shoved that damn little black notebook in his face. I know you're wondering why all the rage but honestly after I finished writing in you last night the rage and anger and frustration began circling in my stomach, eating away at me. I kept asking questions, I kept hating everything about this situation, not even the situation just the way Justin is handling it. I mean I get it, he is younger than me, not by much but apparently enough to make a difference. I get that, at least based on his drunk ramblings, that this isn't the path he has chosen for himself. But why can't he just sit me down like a grown-up? Why can't he just say listen: A, B and C happened so now the vamps are taking over the world. I mean it sounds crazy but I would have believed that. I really would of, especially if he kept handing me the newspaper clippings.

So I shoved the damn book in his hands and I told him I needed answers. I don't need clues. I don't need him to guide me on a fucking path. I need to know what he knows. I need to know it now, because if I am in then I am all the way in. His blue eyes glistened and for a second I thought I made the poor boy cry, because he really is only a little boy. Have I mentioned that? He looks like he is fresh out of college, like super fresh sushi, not kind of moldy bread out of college for eternity like I do. He says okay, and tells me to meet him at his house later, that it is a long complicated story, but he warned me that he doesn't know much more than I do; which might have pissed me off a little.

The rest of that day all I could do was stare at the clock. Each second felt like an hour, every minute felt like a lifetime. The diner, incredibly slow thanks to the continuous poor weather, and I was incredibly grateful for the call from Leah to break up my day a little. It was nothing significant just bullshit, her talking about the recent changes the boys are going through, Billy and Sam were worried, she asked if I wanted to go down there again this weekend and I immediately accepted, after all we are trying to figure out the same thing. I contemplated asking to see if I could bring someone but I figured if I wanted to bring Justin I could call later and make sure, but they were generally a more the merrier crowd so I wasn't too worried.

When my shift was finally over I practically ran to my car, and shoved off all the snow with a herculean effort (in reality Daria, this means that I warmed my car up and used the brush for about fifteen minutes until my car could navigate safely on the road) and drove to the only motel in town where Justin was staying. When I got to the door I paused for a second, a little awkward, but only for a second then you can bet that my fist was slamming against the door and would have continued if he didn't rush to the door after about five seconds of my banging. I walked in to the motel room and it was adorable. Justin has all these big boards, like the ones you use when you're in middle school for science projects, to do a presentation. There were pictures and diagrams and maps, and I looked at him and he kind of reminded me of the Mike I knew when I first moved here. Sweet, unassuming a total puppy dog, it is amazing the difference the expression makes. For the past month he has been hunched over a table, probably scared out of his mind and trying to figure out this big puzzle that was unceremoniously thrust onto his shoulders and now I finally came forward and am ready to help share the load. He just looks so eager to please me that I kind of wanted to pat him on the head but instead I stood awkwardly while I waited for him to invite me in and tell me to sit. Once I did he went into full school report mode he showed me all the maps and pictures but all that I saw was little details that weren't bound together. I didn't understand the connections and I still don't but by the time he was done it was too late for anything else, and I needed to get home before Charlie worried anymore. We left with plans to meet again tomorrow.



January 29, 2009.


Do I really need to share what happened at the diner? I mean you should know by now nothing occurs, or maybe nothing it just seems like that after Justin came to town with all his intrigue. So my day until I went to Justin's went like this: woke up at five, opened the diner, served the same customers, waited for Justin to come in, cleaned up Emily's mess, waited for Justin to come in, received a text from Renee, waited for Justin to come in, Justin came in (!) sometime in between the morning and the time Justin came in I handled the morning and lunch rush, Jessica called me but unfortunately she has no plans to come down, Justin left the newspaper clippings, Bertha came in to relieve me, and I left. There got it? Okay so now the interesting part begins.

I pulled in to the motel again, and I might have hesitated for a split second but apparently Justin was as eager as I was and the door opened before my fist could knock a second time. I walked in and he sat me down, he offered me tea (how adorable) and he just kind of waited there for me to speak. So I did, I asked as many questions as I could think of and here is what I discovered. There is a prophecy, but his father was never able to get to the actual source of it, the general gist is a human and vampire fall in love and somehow it allows for a vampire to be killed. I cannot tell you how frustrated I am with this lack of information, the little black book he gave me was just theories and the constant repetition of "When the final barrier is broken, they both can perish." Is the only direct source they have, which explains why it is the focus.

Of course I had to ask how they found me, and it is a little too easy. His father who is quite nosy caught whisperings of it while he was in Italy looking for clues. And Daria, I am not going to go crazy right now assuming anything but based on what he was saying it sounds as if Edward is with the Volturi, either a member of them or their prisoner, maybe a little of both. I don't know how I was able to hold a conversation after I found that piece of news but I am losing it now. I know I am safe now but I can't help but be scared, what if Edward has been there as a prisoner for all these years? What if that is the reason he has stayed away? Have I really had that little faith in our relationship while he has been so steadfast? I know he left, but I also know he loved me and he lied that day. I mean he left once before and he came back, he said he could never stay away from me. What if he was to come back?

I have never felt a stronger need to do anything in my life, but I will find Edward, and I will help him and save him. I will figure out a way around this prophecy. I will, I WILL.

Fierce for once,


Thank you all for reading perhaps the slowest introduction in the world. The mystery is almost solved, the action is about to begin, and it will happen fast, remember this is only 25 chapters! Hope you are enjoying it, and btw I love hearing all your crazy theories so through them at me :)