A Must in a Sleepover – forThin-K

Pairing: Tezuka/Fuji (friendshippy)

Prompt: fluffy pillows

Rating: G

Note: This was fun to write, really. Hope you enjoy the pillows :p

When Tezuka agreed to spend the night in Fuji's place, he certainly didn't expect this. 'This' being a pillow hitting him right at the back of his head. He turned around very, very slowly with his glasses askew, in deadpanned, "What?"

"It's a pillow," Fuji answered lightly, the smile bright and mischievous on his face.

Tezuka sighed, trying to keep his cool and fixed his glasses, before asking again, "Why did you throw a pillow at me?"

"Didn't you know?" the shorter teen asked, tilting his head to the side for a cute effect and continued, "When we have sleepover at a friend's house, we must have a pillow fight."

"A pillow fight," the captain repeated slowly, disbelievingly, while narrowing his eyes at the fluffy pillow he was holding. He might not be the most sociable person, but even he knew such rule didn't exist...or did it?

"Yes. Or a pajamas party," Fuji replied, and then as if just realizing something, he blinked his eyes open and asked, "Or is it that you prefer having a pajamas party with me instead?"

"No." Tezuka looked at his friend in what Fuji would later label as 'utter horror'.

Then Fuji's smile got suspiciously wider, as he stepped backwards toward were his bed was, with his hands behind his back. "Alright then," Fuji said, and Tezuka saw the hands behind his friend's back moved, before the tensai continued, "A pillow fight it is."

And something soft and fluffy hit him square on his face.

Before he could even react, a soft giggle was heard and Tezuka found Fuji clutching at his stomach, face red with held-back laughter as he tried not to laugh out loud.

"I'm sorry," Fuji choked out with shaky voice while pressing a knuckle to his lips, "But your face right now... is priceless."

Tezuka's brows twitched, and they his glare shifted from his friend's laughing form to the offending pillow now lying on the floor, and then to the one still in his hand.

"If that's what you want," he finally said in a low, deadpan tone.

And when Fuji raised his head to look questioningly at him, traces of laughter still adorning his pretty face, Tezuka raised his pillow and threw.

The pillow hit Fuji square on his face, and immediately, the laughter stopped. At Fuji's still-out-of-it look, Tezuka's lips quirked up in a microscopic smile, and said:

"Yuudan sezu ni ikou."

* * *

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