Chapter One

It was late. Zexion was tired, so he headed back to his room. When he got there, he noticed a letter on his bed.

Dear Sexy Zexy,

We were meant to be together, I know it. I love you very much and soon, you will be mine.


Your Secret Admirer. 3

This was the 5th letter he had gotten like this in the past week. They were all short, like the one he got today. He had been trying to figure out who had been sending these letters since he got the first one.

Zexion had narrowed it down to three people; Demyx, Xigbar and Marluxia. He decided Demyx was possible because of the length. Xigbar was considered because, well, he likes to try to get into everyone's pants. He thought about Marluxia because the letter was written on very girly stationary,

A few days later, Zexion got yet another letter. This one really intrigued Zexy. It read:


You are my life. Your face reminds me of love.

I decided that It was about time I revealed myself to you.

Meet me at the entrance to Castle Oblivion at noon tomorrow. I will be waiting.


Your Still Secret Admirer. 3

Finally, Zexion would be able to know who had been sending these weird love letters!