E/O Challenge and a celebration of Supernoodle getting one year better! :D Happy Birthday hon!

Word- Twist

Word Count-100

Disclaimer- I own nothing! Its fun to beat the tar out of them anyway!

Thank you to my beta Tribblemaster - you're efficiency astonished me!

Anger Management

Dean plucked the last slivers of glass from his chin.

Sam glared from behind, kneading his stiff shoulder.

Dean turned, twisted ankle creaking in protest.

He smirked "That was actually kind of awesome."

Sam raised his eyebrows. "What?"

"The bouncer slid me down the bar. Who does that?"

Sam snorted. "Bar keeps in the old west."

Dean limped to bed, favoring right side. Definitely bruised ribs.

"Nothing like a bar brawl to get the blood pumping Sammy."

"Yeah glass in your face is a kick."

"You didn't seem to mind improving a few faces."

"Self defense, dude."

"Whatever, Hulk."

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