Davy Jones was dead, struck down by Calypso in the last moments of the fight.

The pirates were now free, since Cutler Beckett had been killed as well, leaving the seas open to any and all.

Will grabbed Elizabeth in a hug, thankful that she was still safe with only a few bruises and cuts.

"I need ask a long overdue question" Will said as he pulled back from the couple's embrace, staring into her hazel eyes.

Elizabeth smiled, knowing what he was going to ask.

"Yes" she said, almost knocking him over with the power of the kiss she planted on his lips.

He grinned at her, making the red on her cheeks more prominent.

"Let's do it now" He said, Elizabeth nodding her approval.

"Barbossa" He said, tightly gripping Elizabeth's hand.

"Ye be wantin' me to marry yeh, i'm assuming?"

The happy couple nodded.

"All right, assemble over there"

The pirates cleared an isle, then watched as Elizabeth started down it.

"Hold up, the lady needs to be handed away" Jack said, shoving his way through the crowd.

Barbossa and Will raised their eyebrows at each other as they walked to where Jack was.

"What makes you capable of leadin' the lady down the isle?" barbossa asked.

"And what makes you think that she'd want to be handed away by you? You stink" will added.

jack sniffed his armpits, nearly gagging at the smell.

"I do not" He said, earning skeptical looks from some of his crew mates.

"And I am perfectly at right to escort the lady" he said, gesturing at Elizabeth.

"What makes you think that the lady would want to be escorted at all?" Elizabeth intervened.

"Because in your heart you want me to do it, you need someone, and it would add color to the abnormally dreary wedding, savvy?"

Elizabeth and Will exchanged glances.

"Alright" she said.

"Shoo" He said to Will and Barbossa, making flapping motions with his arms.

"I promise I won't kidnap her, even though it sound like fun"

When they got up to the altar, Jack jokingly held Elizabeth back from Will.

"My peanut"

"We'll make this short and fast" Barbossa said, yanking Elizabeth away from Jack

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today and...yadda yadda, the point being: Elizabeth do you accept this pirate for ye husband?"

Elizabeth tried to stifle a giggle.

"I do"

Barbossa then turned to will.

"William, do ye be accepting this wench of a pirate for ye wife?"

"I do"

"then I be pronouncing ye husband and wi-"

The couple didn't even wait for him to finish, they just kissed anyways.

"Eh, just kiss then." Barbossa finished.

And so they did.

The wedding was celebrated with much drinking, with cotton pulling out a badly tuned violin and playing a couple tunes.

The couple snuck off after a while to spend their much awaited wedding night together.

they lay in bed, wrapped in each other's embrace, when will though to ask elizabeth a question that had been weighing heavily on his mind.

"Elizabeth, you know how you knew what I was going to ask?"

she nodded.

"Well, what if I was going to ask if you wanted some some sea prunes?"

elizabeth stared at her husband in horror.

"S-sea prunes? You. Wouldn't. Dare."

"I might, if you don't behave"

she smacked him playfully.

"Then I won't be doing ANYTHING naughty, now will I?"

It was Will's turn to wear the mock-horror expression.

"Y-You wouldn't"

Elizabeth snuggled closer to his chest.

"You're right, I wouldn't"

And so ended another odd day full of dying, reincarnation, sea prunes, cuttlefish, and weddings.

Not just ANY wedding.

A pirate's wedding.