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The entirety of Mr. Moore's fourth grade class was in silence. As the teacher walked between the desks checking for honesty among the students. In the fourth row sat a boy with sandy brown hair who had been flying through the test up until this point. Now he clenched his fist around the pencil and grimaced. He had almost finished the vocabulary test without any problem, but now he was stuck on the next-to-last word. His icy blue eyes scoured the four choices and he snarled a little.

In his head, he said the word, hoping that it would trigger his memory, but nothing seemed to happen. His stomach clenched. How could this have happened? He had studied for an hour and a half last night!

He looked over the choices again. A,B,C, or D?


His stomach tightened.


He thought he was going to be sick.


If he failed this test, his father would be so disappointed.


His stomach unclenched a bit.

He reread D's answer. He said it in his head. He said the word. He said them together. The more he thought about D, the more his stomach unclenched. He circled the letter and instantly felt his abdominal muscles relax.

Quickly, he turned over the test and waited patiently for Mr. Moore to collect it.

The next day, the students sat anxiously awaiting their test grades. As the teacher handed out the papers, he paused at the boy's desk and said, "I'm proud of you, son."

The boy picked up the paper and looked it over then heaved a sigh of relief. A perfect score. He hadn't missed a single question.

Then and there, Leroy Jethro Gibbs knew how he would solve all his problems from then on.

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