Title is the song Broken by Lifehouse. It will make a lot of sense later on.

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Mark Sloan sat in his apartment drinking a beer. He still hated that it was no longer THEIR apartment.

Earlier that evening he had walked away from Lexie. It hurt him so much. At first, the look of relief and then she looked like a puppy dog that had just been kicked. He hadn't really been that mad at her, just the thought of Alex touching HIS Lexie made him blow up inside. He also didn't want to think about the fact that she might not love him anymore the way he loved her.

He sat for a second. It was completely quiet. Sloan had decided to give her baby up for adoption without even telling him and when she told her mom this, she wanted her to move back. Sloan had called him from the airport. His daughter, who he had broken up with the love of his life for had just left without even telling him. Now he was completely alone.

He sighed and took another beer out of the fridge. The worst decision he had ever made in his life was letting Lexie walk out of the apartment and then walk away from her.


Lexie Grey sat in her car in front of a red light. She had her IPod hooked up to her radio and had it was playing all of her music super loud. Every song seemed to remind her of Mark. She had been in the car since he walked away from her.

She didn't want to go home. She just wished things could go back to the way they used to be. She had broken up with Mark. She was still in love with him though.

She didn't know when she had started to sob, but the tears were covering her face and salty drops slid in between her lips.

Through her tears she saw the light turn green. She started to drive forward. She didn't see the car beside her barreling through the red light. She saw the flash of head lights, heard the crunching of metal, then everything stopped. People say that if you are about to die your life flashes before your eyes, but for some reason all she saw was her and Mark. She saw him saying, "I can't even look at you right now." And then walking away. Then her world went black.


Mark lay awake on his bed flipping through TV channels. There was nothing good on at one on a Friday morning. He looked at the empty side of the bed beside him. He felt so alone. He missed feeling her in his arms. He missed her being the first thing he saw when he woke up. He missed being with the one woman he had ever really loved.

His phone started to ring.

"Sloan." He answered as he picked it up off the bed beside him.

"I don't know how to tell you this…" Owen stammered. He had forgotten something so he had come back with Cristina, but what had arrived after he got there had shocked everyone.

"Spit it out Hunt." Mark said impatiently.

"Lexie came in here about ten minutes ago." As he spoke Mark was getting up and heading out the door.

Hunt continued to tell him what had happened to the love of his life, "Came in unconscious. Paramedics couldn't find her wallet, so she was Jane Doe, but Cristina and I had been exited as she entered and identified her. She has a broken left arm and leg. She also has severe head trauma. Dr. Shepherd is on his way to operate."

"Okay, I'm on my way." He said getting into his car. "If she goes into surgery before I get there, tell her I love her, even if she's still unconscious."

As he drove to the hospital he remembered the last conversation they had and thought about how much it was all such a mistake. He had refused to talk to her and now he might lose her.