I was running. Running away from him. There had to be an escape to this forest. But the tree's seemed to move. Just to stop me from leaving. No escape could be found. Then I realised. Where did Chloe go? No, I thought to myself. She can't have been taken. All of a sudden as if to answer my call of ' voice echoed around me. With no source. How did I get here anyway? All I remember was tom leading me here. Tom telling me it was …"Stop it"I told myself. No time to stop and think. I just gotta get out of here. But how. There is was again chloes voice. "Help me, please help me"

I ran. I didn't know where I just ran. Leafs crunching beneath my feet and to darkness closing in. As I ran faster the tree's caught me. Made me stumble. My foot caught under an over grown tree root. Then foot steps. Silence.

Foot steps came closer and closer. Now was the time to struggle. But the trees insisted on holding on. Then he caught me. I looked up. Deaths' stood out upon the deep endless sky. A grin spread out upon his skeletal scream pierced the air.