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Booth stormed into the lab dragging his son, Parker, behind him. Parker looked confused as he clutched his backpack and looked around with wide eyes.

Booth marched toward the platform and froze, "Hodgins!" he bellowed.

The addressed bug-man jumped up from his microscope and cheerily said, "Hey, Booth."

Then the scientist took in his friend's savage appearance; Booth's mouth was fixed in a scowl and his eyes appeared ablaze with rage.

"Whoa, dud, something wrong?" Hodgins timidly asked.

"Yeah, something's wrong," Booth replied yanking off Parker's backpack.

"Hey! Parker!" Hodgins smiled.

"Hi, Dr. Hodgins!" Parker waved enthusiastically.

Booth took an agitated breath.

"So what's the problem, man?" Hodgins asked, sitting back.

"This," Booth said as he dumped the contents of Parker's backpack onto Hodgins' desk.

"Dad! Be careful with my ant farm!" Parker called.

Booth sighed, "See!"

Hodgins looked over the items from the bag. There was an ant farm; A Bug's Life, Antz, and Bee Movie DVDs; a bug collection; and a wind-up toy Hercules beetle.

"Whoa! Sweet stuff! Is this Parker's?" Hodgins asked taking in the loot.

Parker grinned proudly.

"Now do you see the problem? I always figured Max or Bones would be the one to squint up my kid, but not you. This is ten times worse than Max or Bones squinting would have been."

"How is mine worse?!"

"At least he could use Max's stuff in a science fair or something! Your's is just creepy!"

"For your information, I won my fifth grade science fair with a roach maze!"

"I bet you had to beat back the girls with a stick after that one, didn't you?"

"Hey, man, at least it's not half-rotted corpses! How could bugs possibly be any worse that what Dr. B does?!"

"It's different!"

"Yeah, different worse!"

"No, it's different because it's- Bones!" Booth perked up as Brennan walked up to the group.

"Hey, Booth, do we have a case?"

"Uh, no, actually, I-" Booth rambled.

"Well, I've got some surprisingly well preserved remains of an ice age hunter on the platform if you'd like to take a look," she offered.

"Cool! Dad, can I?!" Parker chirped excitedly.

"Actually, Parker, weren't we about to go see my new Madagascar hissing cockroaches?" Hodgins covered smoothly.

"Do they really hiss?" Parker inquired.

"Do Amazonian poison dart frogs really secrete poison?"

"Yes. They do," Brennan replied missing the rhetorical quality of the question.

"Come on, mini-Man-in-Black, let's go look at some roaches," Hodgins said, beckoning for Parker to follow him.

As the two left, Brennan addressed Booth, "Does it bother you that Parker looks up to an entomologist so much?"

"Naw, Hodgins is a good guy. Parker'll be fine," Booth shrugged.

Just then Parker's voice reached Booth's ears, "Dr. Hodgins, do you think I would look cool with a beard like yours?"

Booth's eyes flew open and he jogged after his son, shouting, "Hey! Park! Don't you want to come see the ice age skeleton?! It's really neat!"

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