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Chapter 1
Something new

The only sound heard throughout The Castle That Never Was, was the sound of Dusks screeching and fighting over one another. It was a rare occurrence for them to fight one another unless there is a heart that escaped from Kingdom Hearts. It's happened a couple of times before, but the hearts were quickly retrieved by a spiky blonde haired boy; number 13 of the Organisation who is also known as Roxas.

He specialises in using a weapon known to many as the Keyblade. This particular weapon picks its wielder, rather than the other way. It is a rare case, and for a time, it was only the King, ruler of each and every world, who could wield such an honorary weapon. Once the word of a new Nobody who could wield such a weapon reached Xemnas' ears, he sent for him, and was pleased with Roxas' consistent obedience without question.

Each time the Dusks go crazy, Roxas was on the scene, capturing the heart and returned it to Kingdom hearts. It wasn't long ago that he could wield not one, but two Keyblades. This happened when Roxas tried to escape from the Organisation, but was quickly captured and the thought was banished thanks to Namine. Roxas continues to collect hearts, but all the while he kept feeling like he was missing out on something, something a normal person would have. Yes he may not have a heart, but he acted like he did, though Axel just says he's remembering what it's like to feel. Roxas doesn't believe him.

It had started off as an ordinary day; Roxas was sent on a mission to Hollow Bastion to collect information on the location of the Keyblade Master. What he didn't expect to run into was a bunch of kids running towards a building they called 'school'. This spiked his curiosity. Following them inside, he walked around, finding many different rooms, one which he found interesting; the art room. All the different paintings, sketches, even partly done drawings caught his attention. He felt...happy, in a way he's never felt before. When the bell rang and students started walking around the hallways, it was time to RTC.


"You seem distant" said Axel as he finished off his sea-salt ice-cream, while Roxas had still yet to take a bite.

Roxas was staring off into the distance, watching the half set sun of Twilight Town from the top of the Clock Tower. The town was forever to stay in the Twilight Hour. No one knows why, but it's a magnificent sight to behold.

The ice-cream in his gloved hand dripped and ran down his arm before finally falling onto his coat sleeve. He didn't even hear his friend talking.

"Hey! Mister Zombie!" Axel punched his arm to get the blonde's attention. "When is Roxas going to return from his trip to coo-coo-land?"

"Shut up." Roxas swung his arm across, whacking Axel's hand away. Axel chuckled and Roxas went back to staring at the sun, finally having his ice-cream.

They sat there for seemed like hours. Neither of them talked. Many thoughts ran through Roxas' head. What would it be like to go to school? Would it fill that empty place? What do you even do at a school anyway? The only room he went into was an art room, so he couldn't really answer his last question.

"Hey, Axel?" The redhead hummed in response. "What exactly is a school?" Axel eyed him. Yet another random question. Roxas sure knows how to pick them.

"It's a place where you get taught about things and do lots of other things" he began. "I can't really say what they teach ya; just that there are lots of things to be taught...where did this come from anyway?"

"I was sent to Hollow Bastion today. There were a bunch of kids running into some building. I had a look around and it seemed interesting...I wonder what it would be like to go to school...learning about new things...seeing new people. Maybe even make new friends." Roxas' mind started drifting back when he looked at the artworks. He wondered if he could make such beautiful works.

"Hollow Bastion? Why there? Seems pointless to go there." Axel hopped off the edge and lay down, dangling his legs off the ledge.

"Apparently the Keyblade Master is there. I didn't find him though...heck I don't even know what he looks like." Roxas stood up and stepped back off the ledge. He turned to Axel. "We should get home. Saix will have our heads on a platter to present to the Superior. Remember last time we were late?" Both the Nobodies laughed at the memory.

Axel and Roxas had been sitting on the Clock Tower as usual, but they had stayed there longer than they expected. Neither Saix nor the Superior was too happy about that and they weren't permitted to leave the castle except for mission purposes. That lasted for about a month when Saix trusted them to leave at will, but with a warning that next time it happens, their heads would be put on a platter and presented to the Superior.


The next morning, Xemnas assembled a meeting concerning the Keyblade Master. Roxas found this extremely boring so he pretended to pay attention while he drifted off into his own mind, thinking about school again. 'I wonder what it's like to go to school.'

"School? Ha! That's a waste of time." Everyone eyed Roxas, making him feel uncomfortable.

"What is the meaning of this!?" Xemnas demanded. Roxas sank in his seat as he realised he thought out loud. What was he supposed to say now? He can't just say, 'I want to go to school' now can he?

"Might as well spit it out Kiddo." Xigbar was getting a kick out of this; he always did when something concerned Roxas.

Everyone was silent, waiting for the blonde to speak. How was he supposed to start? He took a deep breath and straightened himself. Best get straight to the point, Xemnas won't be pleased with a great amount of details.

"I...I want..." the words just won't form properly. His throat was dry and he tried to convince himself that there was nothing to be lost if he said anything.

"I don't have all day!" barked Xemnas. "Speak or you shall..."

"Iwanttogotoschool!" it all came out in one big jumble that no one could understand.

Axel took pity on Roxas and decided to explain everything to the Superior about Roxas' dilemma, and surprisingly Xemnas understood. He sent Vexen to retrieve his latest potion he had been working on the past few weeks while Xemnas turned his attention back to Roxas.

"The potion I have sent for is something I plan to use in the future, but seeing the circumstances, this is the perfect opportunity to have a test run. Now return to your room and Vexen will have it ready. When finished report back." Roxas nodded and disappeared into a dark portal, wondering what he meant by 'finished'. "The rest of you are to continue your watch on Sora. He will not escape us again. Dismissed."


"Listen up Roxas. This potion is very powerful." Vexen had a small vile between his fingers. To Roxas, it didn't look like much, but then again this is Vexen; a Nobody with a taste for science and everything related to it.

"And how will this let me go to school?" asked Roxas as he received the potion. It was a sickly green colour that made Roxas want to throw up on the spot. And if the colour was bad, the smell was even worse; jet-fuel mixed with dirty laundry and rotten eggs...or that's what Roxas could get out of it.

"Quite simple; drink it. It's my special de-aging potion. Your body will be set back to 13 years of age. Now drink up. I want to make some entries before Xemnas sends you away." Roxas pinched his nose and in one gulp, swallowed it. Even the taste was nasty. It reminded him of when Axel had tried to cook. He had Roxas all work up, thinking Axel was a great chef. But Axel just ended up burning it. It tasted awful and Xemnas banned him from cooking while in the castle.

At first there was nothing. Vexen was making notes while he watched. After a minute or so, Roxas felt strange. Nothing could describe it. The closest thing would be a tingly sensation or pins and needles over every part of the body. A bright light enveloped the room. Roxas shut his eyes but Vexen just squinted and watched, taking more notes.

When the light subsided and Roxas could see, Vexen pulled him over to his mirror which was 8 feet tall measuring from the ground, and about 2 feet wide. Roxas had a good look at himself as Vexen took measurements.

The first thing he noticed was the coat was ridiculously big on him. His hands couldn't reach the end of the sleeves, the hood was massive and his trousers and boxers fell off. If the coat wasn't so big, he'd be exposed. His facial features weren't that different, but it held a lot of innocence. His eyes looked bigger and bluer if that was even possible and if anything, he was glad his hair didn't change.

"Excellent. This is wonderful. A complete success. Now wait here until I return with a smaller outfit." Vexen summoned a dark portal. "Try walking around. You may be slightly dizzy but that's what I expect. Enjoy the new you." Roxas watched Vexen walk through and disappear.

he zipped up more of the coat. "So this is me?" Surprisingly his voice wasn't too different, just a little higher in pitch. "Whoa that was strange." Roxas jumped. Now his voice was back to normal. "What's going on?" his voice was changing back and forth between a high-pitched, almost squeaky voice and back normal again. 'Great. This must be what it feels like when your voice is breaking.'

Next he tried walking. It was a little more daunting without Vexen's hand on his shoulder. He stumbled, wobbled and tripped over his own feet. Being smaller sucked. He made his way over to his bed and sat down, having to jump slightly to get up.

Silence, nothing but the bitter cold feeling of silence. Roxas shivered. Why did he feel so scared? He's been surrounded by silence many times and felt fine. Why is it now that he feels alone?

Shrieks and screams came from the window. Roxas knew what it was. The Dusks were fighting over another heart again. That's strange. It takes longer for them to notice a heart is loose, unless Kingdom Hearts is becoming unstable. Roxas looked out the window, looked at the giant heart in the distance, watched a gaping hole formed in the centre. That just means more work for Roxas. But why was it falling apart?

He turned away when he heard his door open to reveal his redheaded friend. Axel gave a funny look at Roxas like he'd never seen him before. "You're still Roxas right?" he asked walking over to the bed. Roxas nodded, not wanting Axel to hear his voice. He would make fun of it and use it as blackmail sometime in the future.

The pyro raised an eyebrow. "Some reason you're not talking?" Roxas shrugged. Axel threw a pair of clothes at him. "These are for you. Vexen would have given them to you, but the boss wanted to see him."

"What's with the strange outfit?" Roxas squeaked. Axel put a hand on his mouth, trying not to laugh his head off.

"That's...your school...uniform." He tried hard not to laugh. But he couldn't hold it in any longer. The pyro doubled over in laughter, holding his stomach. Roxas glared at his friend, debating whether or not to throw his Keyblades at him. Pushing the temptation aside he looked at the uniform; a standard white shirt with a black and blue tie. There was also a pair of blue and black chequered shorts and a pair of long white socks. On the ground lay black shoes, although Roxas couldn't see why as he just could have worn his Organisation boots.

"This is all well and good, but I need a pair of underwear." Axel calmed down and dug around in his pockets, pulling out a pair of black boxers.

"There ya go. Stuffed them in my pocket out of the way" said the redhead, handing them to the blonde, who took them gratefully. "I'll wait in the hall while you get changed. Holler if you need me." Axel, being lazy, used a dark portal to go out to the hall.

Roxas had another look at the uniform. He really didn't like the design. He'd rather wear his Organisation coat. Removing his overly big coat, he changed, struggling to tie his tie. "Stuff this!" The blonde threw the piece of fabric onto the bed and had another look at himself in the mirror. He looked ridiculous. The top half wasn't so bad, it was just the shorts, ridiculously long socks and shoes that didn't match the overall look. "You can come back in Axel!" he called, cursing his voice for breaking.

Laughing was heard from the other side and it wasn't coming from Axel. "Shut up Xigbar!" Roxas shouted, but the laughing continued. Roxas sat on his bed and waited for Axel to show up.

"You look ridiculous in that" he commented when he finally decided to show himself. It turned out he was in the wardrobe, or did that just to scare him. "Come one. Xemnas wants to see you remember?"


"So this is where I'm going?" Xemnas and Roxas walked up to the school entrance. Looking at the building reminded the blonde of a castle. It was huge. Other kids stared at them as they walked. Xemnas had agreed to pretend to be Roxas' father while at school. It was a long and painful argument, but they came to a deal; Roxas goes on extra heart collection with Demyx and Xemnas is his temporary father.

They walked through the school until they came to a large wooden door. Xemnas knocked and a muffled 'enter' came from the other side. Roxas followed Xemnas and listened to his conversation with the headmaster, though he didn't find it very interesting; just going over a few school rules and where he can and can't go, and if there was any problem to talk to a group called 'The Guardians'. Xemnas signed a couple of papers and extended his hand towards Roxas.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Roxas Tzarix. I trust you that you'll have a wonderful time." Roxas shook his hand and nodded. The headmaster commented on his shyness when he saw Roxas 'cower' you could say behind Xemnas. But to the blonde it wasn't shyness, he was just embarrassed that if he'd say anything, his voice would betray him again.

"I trust my son will be taken care of. He's been homeschooled so this is a big step for him. I don't want to hear anything that upsets him in the slightest" Xemnas warned. He was playing his part quite well. It amazed Roxas to no end. The Superior could be an actor and win awards from everywhere if he tried.

"You have my word that your son will have a wonderful time Mr. Tzarix." Xemnas nodded and they shook hands one last time. Xemnas left, leaving Roxas scared for life. Why did he have to make an excuse like that? Homeschooled? The only thing he's been thought is magic, fighting and collecting hearts.

"Now lets get you to class. From now on you will be in 6th grade star class. Follow me." Roxas followed close behind. The bell hadn't rang yet and students were piling into the halls like locusts.

'So many people' thought Roxas. 'Why didn't the Superior just send me to a quieter school? Wait, it was Vexen's idea. Stupid Vexen' The blonde didn't watch where he was going as he walked around a corner, and bumped into someone with pink hair. At first he could have sworn it was Marluxia, but then he noticed it was a girl.

"Ah. I'm sorry" she said bowing in apology.

"N-No no. I-It's my fault. I wasn't watching-"

"Ah, Hinamori-san. Glad I found you. I need you to escort our newest student around. He'll be in your class so you're the perfect one for the job." The Headmaster handed a map of the school to Roxas and left.

"So what's your name?" asked the pinkette.

"R-Roxas. Roxas Tzarix." He felt a little nervous. Usually he was forbidden to speak to others outside the castle.

"I'm Hinamori Amu. Come on, I'll show you around the school." Roxas followed Amu outside. The first thing he noticed was a glass building off to the side.

"What's that?" he asked, pointing at the building.

"That? That's the Royal Garden." Amu showed Roxas the garden, who found it amazing, saying it was like nothing he'd ever seen before, except for Marluxia's. Now that was a garden to behold. Marluxia took over a whole floor of the castle and made it into a garden full of every different kind of flowers and plants. There was even a bird to two if you looked hard enough. Amu explained to Roxas about the garden and who the Guardians are. The blonde listened intently, picturing what they would look like.

After an hour or so, they found the art room. Amu watched Roxas admiring the different paintings, simple sketches and anything that caught his eye. There was one sketch in particular he admired. "Who did this one?" He showed the sketch to Amu who shrieked. Of all the ones he had to spot, it had to be the one she drew of Yambuki Saaya.

"T-That one...? I-I-I'm the one...who drew that." Roxas stared at her in shock.

"Are you serious!?" Dumping the picture on the nearest table he grabbed Amu's hands, holding them up. "Teach me!"

"Eh?" was the only thing Amu could say. Why would anyone want her to help them draw? She was only able to draw that one in particular with help. Whenever she draws by herself they look horrible.

"Teach me how to draw like you. I want to know." Roxas looked into Amu's eyes. He learned from Axel that the eyes hold all secrets and can never tell lies. But as he gazed, all he found was confusion and uncertainty. "Is...Is there something wrong?" he questioned.

The girl shook her head side to side at a rate faster than the blonde could imagine. "No no no. I just don't draw very much and that one was drawn ages ago. I haven't since then" she said behind a nervous laugh. When she came back to her senses she asked, "So why do you want me to teach you?"

Roxas released Amu's hand and gazed back at the pictures, a grin on his features. "Whenever I see paintings and sketches, I feel some inside, like there's something there." He turned his attention back to Amu. "It's like I get motivation when I look at them. I want to be able to draw like that."

RING! The two watched as the halls were filled with students running and screaming. "Lunch time." Amu walked out of the room, but Roxas had yet to move. He was still looking at Amu, or rather, the four little people that seemed to be floating around her. "Something wrong?" she asked when she turned back around.

The blonde pointed at one of them; the one with long hair tied in pigtails. "What are they?"


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