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Chapter 5

What's this?

It was finally Sunday so that meant heart collection all day. Unfortunately Demyx was still in the hospital ward so that meant Axel was Roxas' partner. He would normally be happy that Axel was his partner, but after last night's meeting, they weren't on good terms anymore. Turned out Xemnas had instructed Axel to blend in without telling Roxas. He made himself look like a fool and now he wasn't talking to Axel. He could have at least told him when they were alone, but no. Axel preferred not to blow his cover.

Roxas insisted they split up, but Axel didn't listen and kept close to the blonde. After all, Axel couldn't capture the hearts like Roxas. What scared Axel was that it seemed like Roxas was trying to attack him whenever he could, but then again there were a lot of heartless around so maybe it was just coincidence. It only hit him when Roxas actually struck him with one of his Keyblades.

"What was that for!" shouted Axel as he dropped his chakrams to clutch his stomach. He had to admit, Roxas was getting stronger all the time.

"You got in the way!" Roxas didn't feel like talking anymore so he continued to kill the various heartless surrounding them. Who knew that Hollow Bastion had so many heartless? It seemed like they were being summoned left right and centre.

Axel sighed and got his act together and joined Roxas. He knew he didn't get in the way. All the heartless he was fighting were directly in front of him. Roxas was somewhere behind him and he had taken the opportunity to attack. He would have gotten Axel in the back if it wasn't for the sound of rubble shifting somewhere behind him. He had turned around only to meet Roxas' Keyblade.

Just as they finished fighting off the last heartless they heard the sound of a bell ringing. Roxas would recognize that sound anywhere. It was the bell at the nearby school. Roxas looked in the direction of the school with longing. 'What would I have been like if I was a normal person? Not Sora's Nobody. I wish I had my own heart. That way…' Yesterday's feeling struck him in the chest again. Gasping in pain he fell to his knees.

"Roxas!" Axel dashed over to his fallen friend. "What happened?" Roxas gasped in pain.

"I don't know…something happened…yesterday and now…" Axel looked around. Where was a potion shop when you needed one? Nowhere. They're only there when you don't need one.

Summoning a dark portal, Axel dragged Roxas through. He wanted to appear in Roxas' room so he could put him down, but instead he ended up in front of some strange house. "What the?" Axel muttered aloud. Roxas glanced around recognizing the house.

"This is…the house I stay at…during school days." Roxas coughed a few times and pulled out a set of keys. "Never know when these would come in handy right?" Axel took the keys from Roxas and opened the door.

They entered the foyer where there was a door leading to the sitting room to their right with the kitchen, dining area and an open space to their left. Also to the left of them was a staircase leading upstairs to the bedrooms and bathroom. "Yeah, we haven't decided what to do with that open space. Xemnas said something along the lines of using it for practice when I'm bored or something." Roxas removed himself from Axel and sat down on the stairs. The pain had subsided for now but it wouldn't be long until it came back.

"Hey Roxas you home?" Both Nobodies froze at the voice coming from the open door. Roxas looked up to see Amu glancing back and forth between him and Axel. "Lea-sensei? What are you doing here?" Axel mentally knocked himself unconscious. He needed something quick.

"Well you see…I was coming to see Blondie's father but he's not here so I'll be going now." Axel casually walked out of the house and down the street where he could make a dark portal and return to the castle. The Superior was going to kill him.

"He's an odd one isn't he?" laughed Roxas. Amu stared at Roxas. "What? Is there something on my face?" Roxas began to wipe at his face but Amu stopped him.

"No it's not that. You two…are wearing the same outfit." Both of them had a staring contest. Roxas was caught now. What was he supposed to say? There was no way Amu was going to believe any lies he said. So he said nothing.

"How should I know? Like I said, he's strange and it's most likely a coincidence." Roxas stood up and made his way upstairs. "I'm going to change. Give me a minute." Amu closed the front door and walked around the house.

It was nothing like hers. Then again no two houses look the same right? Amu took a seat on the couch in the sitting room and waited for Roxas.

Roxas, who was throwing his clothes all over his room, couldn't find the right clothes he wanted to wear. "Damn it! Where did I put them?" He stopped to think, running through the previous days through his head. It felt like a ton of bricks landed on his head as he realized his clothes were in his room back at the castle.

He looked at his clothes that were scattered everywhere. "Kill me now." Roxas rummaged through for a decent pair of clothes. It was a close call that Amu showed up when Axel was around and they were wearing the exact same coat.

He managed to find a pair of blue tattered jeans with a few rips along the bottom, a clean black t-shirt with flames along the bottom rim and a black jumper. Debating whether or not to wear the jumper, Roxas tied is around his waist and went back downstairs.

He saw Amu in the sitting room looking at some of the photo of his "family". One of which she was had in her hand was the one Zexion made of him to look like he was a baby. There were others around the room, like a few with him, Demyx and the Superior, but mainly of him, Demyx or both of them.

"Was I too long?" Amu jumped and dropped the picture. It landed on the wooden floor and smashed.

"Gomennasai!" Amu scrambled to pick up the pieces she could without cutting herself on the class. Roxas kneeled down and stopped her.

"Don't worry. I didn't like that one anyway. Dem keeps making fun of me with it. Now he won't." Roxas took what Amu had in her hand and picked up the rest. "So why are you here?" Amu stood up and looked at the other pictures.

"I was wondering if you wanted to hang out today. My Guardians have been taken by my younger sister Ami, so I thought it would be nice for once." Roxas put the glass in a pile on the table, and the picture next to the others. "You know…looking at all these…I don't see your Mama. Is she…still around?" Amu looked at Roxas who was looking away.

"I…never knew her. Father said there were complications after I was born and she died holding me. Demyx told me quite a few stories about how she would read him stories at night, play hide and seek…and that her cooking was the best…Wish I knew her like he did." Roxas had this planned out for ages. He knew that question would come up sometime, so he was well prepared. He even added some fake tears to give it some effect.

"I'm sorry for asking" Amu said sadly. "I didn't mean to bring up bad memories." Roxas shook his head.

"No, that's alright. It was bound to come up someday…I just didn't think it would be so quick." Amu hugged Roxas from behind.

"No really. I'm sorry. I don't know what it's like not to have a Mama, but it must be painful for you." Amu released Roxas so he could turn around and face her.

"You're too nice for your own good y'know. But again, it's fine. I've gone this long, I can keep going…can I…ask you something?" Amu nodded. "I overheard you in the library in the other day." Amu flinched. "Do you think…I'm dangerous?"

Amu didn't reply straight away. Her hesitation was more than Roxas needed. Sighing again Roxas threw himself onto the couch. "I knew it. No matter where I go, everyone thinks the same thing. Just because I like to fight using swords, everyone's afraid of me." That held not a word of a lie. In most worlds he went to not many people fought.

"Nonononono" Amu panicked. "It's just…I don't know you that well…I can't say." Roxas didn't change his position.

"You're just saying that. What is an embryo anyway?" murmuring the last part to himself. Roxas stood up and moved to the door. "Now if you'll be so kind as to leave. I have some unfinished business to take care of."

Amu obliged and paused in the doorway. "The embryo is an egg that grants anyone their wish." Once she was gone, Roxas went upstairs. He wasn't in the mood to go back to the castle. If Xemnas wanted him he'd have to come and get him.

The pain in his chest returned, followed by a ba-bump. 'What? What is this feeling?' The sound repeated in his chest countless times before it disappeared, but the pain was worse. 'No…it couldn't be.' Sitting on his bed began to think. 'What was that? Was it a heart? But that's impossible. I'm a Nobody, one without a heart. So many questions…so little answers…If I had a heart, I'd be able to understand it better.' Roxas rose from his spot and raced downstairs. Maybe Amu has answers.

Jumping the fence that divided their houses, Roxas knocked at the door, hearing small footsteps on the other side. When the door opened he expected to see Amu or her mother, but instead there was a little girl. "Hello. Is Amu there?" Roxas asked kindly.

The girl's eye lit up. "Onee-chan! Tere's a pwetty boy looking for you!" A man's head popped out form the kitchen area.

"What!" Roxas grinned at who he assumed was their father.

"I'm a classmate of Amu's." The man glared at Roxas as his head disappeared back into the kitchen. Roxas bent down to the little girl's height. "And you must be Amu's sister right?" he asked sweetly.

The girl saluted. "Hinamori Ami at your surface!"

"Service, Ami." Roxas and Ami looked to see Amu coming down the stairs. Amu stopped when she saw Roxas. "What are you doing here?" She didn't sound all too happy to see him, but then again you couldn't blame her.

Roxas stood up and faced Amu. "I just want to talk to you about something that's been bothering me lately." Amu stood there for a minute, thinking if she should or not. "I understand if you don't want to." Roxas began to walk away.

"Wait!" Roxas turned to see Amu putting her shoes on hastily. Roxas smiled and waited. "There's something I want to ask you too" she said when she caught up.

They walked to the nearest park, not saying a word between them. It was awkward. Neither of them knew of a way to break the thick layer of ice that was formed in between them.

"A-A-no…" began Amu. "Your shoulders…how are they feeling?" Roxas looked at her.

"Fine. I put ointment a friend of mine made. It's working better than I though actually." Amu nodded and they continued to walk in silence.

When they reached the park Roxas stopped and looked up. "It's a beautiful day" he said to himself. Amu didn't reply. "I haven't seen the sun shine so brightly before. Something good might be around the corner." He inhaled deeply, held it, and exhaled. "The air smells lovely too."

Amu stood in front of Roxas. "You wanted to ask me something right?" Roxas nodded. "Well what is it?"

"These Guardian Characters you have…you have to have a heart to get them right?" Amu blinked confusedly at him. "I know. You're thinking I'm very weird, but I'm being serious. How would one without a heart gain one?"

"Without…a heart?" Amu tilted her head to the side. That was a good question. Didn't everyone have a heart from birth? "I didn't think…you couldn't have a heart." Roxas looked to the side. If the Superior found him talking to her about this he would surely be turned into a Dusk.

"Never mind then. Forget I said anything." Roxas made to walk away but Amu held onto his arm.

"No. Something's going on with you and you need to vent it out. Shout, scream, and yell at the top of your voice, I don't care. We're friends. You can trust me." Roxas looked at Amu over his shoulder with wide eyes. Only Axel had said something like that to him because they were best friends. Amu was slowly crawling into his life without him knowing it.

Roxas smiled and turned back around. "Okay then. But promise not to tell anyone okay? Especially my father." Roxas held out his pinky. It was a very childish thing to do, but it meant no matter what, that promise would be fulfilled. Amu smiled and did the same thing.


"Promise…I have this dream. I want to be an artist. I figured it out when I went past a school and wandered into the art rooms. There were so many drawings; I wanted to draw just like that." The whole time Roxas was smiling, finally being able to share it with someone else. "And there's something else." Roxas dropped his head slightly, his smile vanishing. "For as long as I've known…I can't feel emotions. Sure I can act them out. I can look sad, smile and laugh…but it means nothing." He looked up. "I wish to be like everyone else, to feel all those different emotions. I wish most of all to have a heart." Amu would have said something, but Roxas screamed in pain.

Falling to his knees, Roxas held his chest. The pain was back again and worse than ever. "Roxas!" Amu bent down to Roxas. "What's wrong?"

"I…I don't know…I started a while back…and I get this weird…thumping feeling…"

"I'll call an ambulance." Amu reached to get her phone from her pocket, but Roxas stopped her.

"No…don't…" Roxas looked up at her. His eyes were no longer full of life like they were. They were a dull blue. "Something's…wrong...I…" Roxas didn't finish. He collapsed.

"Roxas!" Amu noticed something beside Roxas' body. There was an egg. It was black and had a white X imprinted on it. "Oh no." Amu picked it up. It was an X-egg. She still hadn't told Roxas about them yet. But it was odd. It didn't feel cold like the others did. It felt warm like a normal egg. It didn't attack her or take over Roxas body like the others, so what was it?


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