Ok, so I was inspired by NelStar7's Puck n Berry's Infinite iPod Drabbles, (seriously they're awesome, check them out!)… so decided to try my own itunes shuffle drabble. I'm not sure they'll all link, together, but some might!

I'll admit upfront, I skipped songs I didn't recognise!

Party In The USA – Miley Cyrus

"C'mon Berry, try and act normal for crying out loud," he criticised holding out a beer for her to take, this was supposed to be a party, and she was being a party pooper.

She rolled her eyes at him, or at least he thought she did, his vision was a little blurry so he wasn't sure, "Noah I have a drink," she told him, holding up her cup to prove it to him.

"Yeah but you need some ahcahol in your drink," he told her, taking her drink from her to test its alcohol content.

"Mike told me it was a gin and tonic, but I'm pretty sure that's actually just gin," she told him as he took a swig of the drink she'd already half downed.

"Wait wait," he told her, waving the drink around, not noticing that she took a step back to avoid being splashed on, "so your saying, what your saying is that, you telling me YOU are at a party, and YOU are drinking, and everything?" he asked her incredulously.

"Yes Noah, you know I decided that I actually wanted to experience a regular high school party the regular way," she informed him.

"Wow, berry" he said, actual pride in his eyes, "you are WAY hotter when you're drunk," he told her, and she laughed.

"You mean I'm hotter when you're drunk," she corrected, she herself hadn't drunk enough yet to be inebriated.

"Yeah, that too," he decided, "wanna have sex?" he offered suddenly.

"No," she replied, drunken Puck was funny but not at all sexy.

"Fair enough, wanna make out?" he actually looked like he thought it was a possibility.

"No," she laughed at his determination.

"Ok, but then can we sit down because your swaying is making me feel sick," he told her seriously.

"You mean your swaying," she corrected.

"Yeah, that too."

Ok, umm so I cheated and played it twice! ... But I hope you liked it.