lol, I skipped 2 glee songs, 2 musical songs, a ballet song and got another Christmas song!!... kinda not what I was hoping for, but let's see if I can turn it around! Seriously I know NOTHING about Hanukah! So you are going to have to deal with the fact that they are basically celebrating Christmas!

Christmas is Going to the Dogs – Eels

He knocked on her door at 6:00pm on Christmas eve, he had no idea what he was doing, because in the past week he still hadn't come up with a good way to give her her present. One idea had been to leave the ring on her doorstep with a bunch of flowers and a note telling her how he felt, but then he realised that giving her hard copy proof of him grovelling wasn't a good idea. Even though he was quite sure Rachel would never be vindictive and use it to humiliate him, he was painfully aware that if she did then he would probably disserve it!

He could hear movement from within the house, all he hoped was that at least it would be her and not one of her fathers, he had a feeling they knew all that had transpired between the two, and he was quite sure there would be no getting around them and into the house. He was pretty much counting on the fact that she would answer the door, and when she did he would miraculously know what to say, some form of apology was what he had decided on so far, but really that wasn't much of a start. Finally the door swung open, no luck, well half luck, it was one of her dads, but the less scary one, so at least that was a plus. The man stood and stared at him for a few moments, he didn't look angry, which was promising, he did however, manage to pull off looking unimpressed and yet intrigued at the same time.

"Noah," the man used his name as a formal greeting, "haven't seen you in a while," he commented, though the subtext was pretty clear; you're an asshole jock, who upset my daughter, and I'd have been pleased if you'd never come near our home again.

"Uhhh, yeah, Rachel and I…" have been working through some issues? have been taking sometime apart? "Rachel and I had a fight," why lie? The dude already knows. "Umm, is she here?" he asked tentatively, he wouldn't really believe it if he were told she wasn't home, but the man did have the power to refuse him entry.

Her dad really seemed to weigh it up in his mind, squinting at Puck as if trying to read his mind, work out what his intentions were, "she is," he finally confirmed, his tone was one of warning.

"Can I talk to her?" he asked, fully expecting her dad to either say 'no,' or to shut the door in his face.

To Puck's surprise the short man opened the door wider, "she's in her room," he informed him, and let him pass through the threshold of the house.

"Thanks," he said quietly as he wandered towards the hallway, trying hard not to show how much internal rejoicing was going on. He was in, which meant that even if she was really pissed off to see him it would be much harder for her to get rid of him, at least not without making a scene.

"Noah," her dad called after him, he hated that the man called him that, both of her fathers did, it drove him nuts. He didn't mind it when his mom or his sister called him that, they were family, and he didn't mind when Rachel did, because she was Rachel and he could tell her not to as much as he wanted, and she'd still do it, because it was her 'thing.' But he hated that her fathers did too, he knew it was because she addressed him as 'Noah' but that didn't give them permission, they didn't like him at all, so why would he want them using his actual name. However, there was no point being rude and telling them to shove it, because in the end, if he and Rachel went back to being friends, then he'd want them to tolerate him.

"Yeah," he turned back to the older man, hoping he hadn't just changed his mind.

"Knock and announce yourself," her dad warned, as if to insinuate that he had so few manners he just walked into people's bedrooms willy nilly without asking permission first.

"Sure," he agreed, trying to keep from rolling his eyes. As he neared the room he wondered if she'd even talk to him or if she'd still be upset. Even he knew he'd crossed a line, he'd been in defensive mode, and to avoid feeling embarrassed he'd lashed out, and the worst part of it was, that if he'd just owned up to telling her he liked her in the first place, chances are it would have all been fine, or maybe even better then fine. She'd liked him enough to date him a few months ago, but who knew how she felt now, a lot had changed since then, sure, some of it wasn't good. In that time she'd found out that he was the father of Quinn's baby, and that he'd been lying to Finn and everybody about it. He'd also kind of used her when he'd needed a friend, encroaching on her life uninvited, and then to top it all of he'd been a total ass about it later, but it hadn't all been bad. She wasn't exactly miss popularity herself, and he was a friend even if he wasn't a very good one sometimes, he'd opened up to her on a few occasions, and had made a decent effort not to be so crass around her "must you use SO many profanities?" she'd once asked. He'd taken her home from the hospital that one time, and he'd looked after her pretty well that night, and he'd found her necklace, and stoped insulting her height (at least out loud), so maybe he would have had a chance with her. It didn't really matter now; at best he might get her back as a friend, a very wary friend, that was all he really deserved.

She took forever to open her door, and for the life of him he couldn't work out why, because when she did she was wearing jeans and a bra and no shirt. As soon as she saw him standing there her arms flew up to cover herself, "you aren't my dad," she muttered quickly, and he realised there was more merit to her dads 'announce yourself' instruction then he'd realised.

"Did you take that long because you were putting clothes on? Or because you were taking clothes off? And either way why'd you stop like this?" he asked, finding it kind of amusing as he watched her scurry back towards her vanity, pull open a draw and fish out a plain white t-shirt and don it before turning back to him.

She scowled at him as he walked further into her room, uninvited and closed the door behind him, "I couldn't decided on a top and I was going to ask for advice," she confessed, finding a need to explain herself.

"Well, that looks nice," he confirmed, actually kind of impressed at how sexy she looked in jeans, they were very form fitting as was the top, which was not see though technically, but it was white with a hot pink bra underneath, so there was a certain amount of colour that showed through.

She stared at him oddly, "this t-shirt is specifically for wearing under things like vests or cardigans usually," she told him, as if were supposed to be blatantly obvious.

"Well you look nice in it, even without a vest or a cardigan," he admitted again, and he swore she almost blushed, almost, and then she remembered she was mad at him.

"What are you doing here Noah?" she asked, stalking towards him, probably with every intention of forcing him back out of her room, but it was too late, she'd left her doorway unguarded, and he'd come in.

"I uhh," time to man up, and think of something to say, he urged himself to think as fast as possible, " I came to apologise," he spat out quickly.

She rolled her eyes, "again? Because last time you apologised to me it was rather insulting," she quipped.

He tried his best to look sincere, "I know, and I'm sorry about that too," when she rolled her eyes again he decided it was time to up the ante. "No seriously, I'm sorry I was a jerk about everything, and I'm sorry I was a jerk about being a jerk, and I'm sorry I lied to you," he knew she hated lies, like REALLY hated them, and he could see her resolve soften just a little. "I meant what I said that night, but I didn't know how you felt so I just decided to play it safe, because I didn't really want to admit that I like you and then have you turn around and still be in love with Finn or something" he spouted.

Ok, it's great that you're not just standing here like a 'tard with nothing to say, BUT SERIOUSLY, reel it in dude, you're vagina is flapping in the wind a bit!

"Oh," she said, a little taken back by the sudden confession, "really?" she double checked, not entirely sure whether to believe it.

"Uhm, yeah," he confirmed, not sure he was loving this new exposed feeling that he had.

"I'm not in love with Finn," she told him, seeming clear about the fact, and it made him feel a little better for a moment, "but I uh, I don't know what to do with the rest of what you said," she confessed, and his stomach dropped a little bit.

Well there it is, he thought, she's not into me, "Neither do I," he confessed after a moment, "that's why I never said anything at first," he told her, wishing now that he hadn't bothered, because seriously he felt like the biggest idiot in the world. He'd just told the most unpopular girl in the whole school that he liked her, and her response had been to tell him she didn't know what to do with that information, he was mortified.

She stepped a little closer to him, "thank you for the apology though," she told him, smiling up at him, albeit a little awkwardly.

"Right, I mean there are other things too, you know, I'm sorry I don't really listen to you very much, and I'm sorry about telling you your shoes are fugly," she laughed cutting him off.

"Those shoes are not fugly," she informed him indignantly, "but fugly is a funny word," she explained to him, "and you don't have to apologise anymore," she told him, settling herself on the edge of her bed, "I can see that you mean it," she insisted, motioning for him to sit down.

He did, not sure whether to feel awkward or relieved, "wanna watch a movie or something?" he offered, hoping to find something for them to do.

She looked at him quizzically, "you have the time?" she double checked, and he just nodded, glad to be doing anything familiar with the nutter. It had taken him a while originally to get used to watching things with Rachel, because she had an incredibly annoying habit of pausing shows every five minutes to deconstruct the scenes and tell him exactly what she thought of the characters, but he'd kind of gotten used to it. When she hadn't been around he'd often paused things just to stop and decide what he thought so far before continuing on, that was of course only until he realised this behaviour was psychotic and did his best to stop it.

"No musicals, you know the rule about those," he reminded her as she got up to search through her cabinet of films.

She turned to him with a wicked smile on her face, and then he realised, oh crap, "no musicals unless I show some skin," she teased him in a sing song voice with his usual mantra. "I opened the door without a shirt on," she laughed at his horrified face, "you are going to LOVE RENT," she told him, pulling the disc out of its case and putting it in the player at the speed of light, "it's brilliant," she preached, "the central sort of message is love and that even people with HIV/AIDS should be loved," she told him chirpily, coming to sit next to him again.

He scrunched up his face in disgust, "only if you wear protection," he teased her.

She turned to him practically irate, "Don't be a dog Noah," she fumed, "when you are crying because…" she trailed off, not wanting to give anything away, "because the character who dies, dies, you are gonna realise how out of line that was," she insisted.

"Its just a movie Rach," he patted her on her knee to placate her.

She shook her head in disbelief, "oh Noah, you are so naive," she muttered condescendingly, "RENT is not a movie, it's a revolution," she quoted the film.

He rolled his eyes, but settled into her pillows to watch the movie, it couldn't be that bad, she'd once mentioned that there were lesbians in this film.

She peaked at him out of the corner of her eye, enjoying the film and the fact that he was the one watching it with her, her mind straying from the familiar music. By the end of Seasons of Love she already knew that she couldn't hide behind the fact that he might not have feelings for her, her dads had grilled her for almost two months about whether or not she liked him, and she couldn't honestly say anymore that it was a moot point.

She had to decide for real if she liked Noah Puckerman, or if she just wanted to be his friend, but for the moment she was just happy that he was back, and he wasn't being a jerk, because she had missed him a lot.

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