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Will mainly be borrowing ideas from XMen but some characters will be mentioned though it is unlikely they will actually appear.
Majorly AU, characters OOC, maybe Slash (small chance of wincest), the usual with my works.

Chapter 1

Dean fought back a scream as he watched the demon tear into his father's veins, blood flowing in rivers down the older man's arms. They'd finally found the demon that had killed his mom but for what? They still didn't know how to kill it and it caught them rather easily for all their experience. The only thing that gave him any sense of triumph was that the demon couldn't hurt Sam. But that brought with it its own sadness. Sammy, his beloved baby brother, who had vanished right before his eyes when the kid was just eight years old. They'd never found him or even a hint as to what had happened to him and apparently that pissed old Yellow Eyes off.

John couldn't stop the scream that finally broke free, no matter how hard he tried to muffle it for Dean's sake. He couldn't meet his son's eyes, ashamed and angry at himself for getting them into their current mess. He honestly didn't believe either of them was going to get out alive. The demon was too mad over Sam's disappearance to let them go. Though it did prove it was Sam the demon was after nineteen years ago. This way he would never have to see what the demon planned for Sammy, never have to run the risk of having to kill his own son if there turned out to be no other way to save him. He fought the urge to pass out as his blood continued to flow and the demon began to chant in a language he was too far gone to try and figure out.

Dean watched in horrified awe as the blood stopped flowing down and instead began to flow out towards the centre of the room where a light began to glow. As more blood flowed the brighter the light became until it began to spread. Dean began to fight against his bonds again, not wanting to be chained when whatever spell ran its course but there was no more give than there had been three hours ago. He tensed further as what appeared to be some sort of rip appeared and then something tumbled out only to roll up and into a crouch.

Dean stared at the figure; it was a male, maybe a couple of years younger than him and dressed in black...leather? The black was accented with silver but the boots were plain. Longish brown hair hung loose around the lowered face until the man raised his head to reveal hazel eyes though there was something... off about the shape. His Dad screamed again and the man's head whipped round, his nostrils flaring. Suddenly a low snarl sounded and the man was moving, attacking the demon and forcing it away from John.

He snarled, revealing slightly longer than normal canines as he faced the thing that was threatening his pack. He had recognised the scents instantly, the two males were family and to be protected. He didn't know what he was facing, his mind was a jumble, thoughts unable to form properly but he knew danger when he saw it. It was hard, reaching for the other part of himself but he had to do it, he had to protect the pack. He growled again and pushed with everything he had.

Dean stared in awe as the demon went flying and didn't return. He pulled at his chains and then froze as the slight sound gained the strangers attention. He slowly walked over and Dean tensed as he noticed the canines and were his fingernails a little claw-like? Dean found himself pushing back into the wall as the...werewolf, no the moon wasn't right, got closer. It stopped and tilted its head to the side as if confused but then in a move to quick to follow grabbed Dean's chains and simply ripped them from the wall. Dean swallowed as a hand came up to rest against his cheek and then a nose was buried in his neck and was that a purr? He felt the man nuzzling against him and was beyond freaked by the action. The man pulled back to stare him in the eyes and Dean felt his world shatter.

"Sam?" he choked out because those eyes, oh those eyes were so familiar, so was the love and trust they showed. What had happened to his brother?
"Sammy can you talk? Please say something kid." Dean begged and a frown crossed his brothers' face before he was moving, running to where John was still chained. Another quick pull and then he was lifting John into his arms.

Dean could only watch and then Sam looked back at him and made a funny little sound, almost a growl and Dean flinched. That time the sound Sam made pulled at his heart, Sam whimpered slightly and Dean automatically stepped closer. Sam smiled, showing off his teeth and Dean forced himself not to flinch but to keep moving closer. Sam didn't seem able to talk but he knew who they were and was obviously protecting them. Dean winced as the pain in his leg flared and then his weight was being shifted. Sam had wrapped one arm around his waist to help him walk, John now flung over one shoulder in a display of strength that should have scared him but was instead comforting.

Sam got them outside and then looked around, lost. But then he grinned and nudged Dean forward. Yeah, Sammy definitely remembered them since he was pushing Dean towards the Impala. But was this really his Sammy? He was almost more animal than human though he looked about the right age. Where had he been and what had happened to him? Dean stood, lost in thought as Sam carefully lowered their Dad into the back seat and then straightened looking for something. Not seeing it he reached out and tugged on Dean's shirt.

"Huh? Sam? What's wrong?" But all he got was a firmer tug on his shirt and then Sam gently picked up John's still bleeding arm. And a light bulb went off over Dean's head. He yanked his flannel shirt off and Sam happily tore it to shreds, expertly wrapping John's and then Dean's few wounds.

A gentle nudge had Dean collapsing into the front passenger seat and all he could do was stare as Sam sat behind the wheel. His baby brother stared at everything for a few seconds before carefully starting the engine and beginning to drive. Okay so Sam obviously still had skills. Dean frowned, they really needed help and then he smiled as he saw the road sign.

"Sam?" He asked quietly and hazel eyes flashed to him for a second.
"Do you remember Bobby? We're near his house and we need help, Dad needs help." He could see Sam frown as if he was really concentrating, trying to understand anything but the sound of Dean's voice? And then the car slowly turned around and Dean grinned.
"Yeah Sammy, that's it." He praised as Sam was now heading for Singer Salvage. Dean was mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted but he would not sleep until they got to Bobby's. Sure Sam had realised the general direction from the sign but would he know exactly where to go?

Bobby frowned as he heard a familiar engine pull up. What had brought Dean to his door at such a late hour? He flipped the outside lights on and grabbed his shotgun. His frown deepened as someone definitely not Dean got out of the driver's side and then moved far too quickly to the passenger side. He relaxed a little as Dean was helped out and then swallowed as John was lifted out of the back and carried like a child. He raised the shotgun and the young man stopped, frowning up at him.

"Bobby it's okay." Dean yelled and Bobby looked at him only to see him leaning heavily on the stranger for support.
"I...well I can't explain everything but Dad needs help, he's lost a lot of blood. Had a run in with The Demon." Dean explained and Bobby mentally began listing his medical supplies and making a note to give them all a shot of holy water.

"And your friend?"

"Isn't going to hurt anyone. Take a real good look Bobby; doesn't he look at all familiar?" Dean pushed and Bobby frowned again, taking in the messy brown hair, long limbs and puppy hazel eyes....

"Sam?" He breathed but the young man obviously heard him because he tilted his head.

"Something happened to him Bobby; don't know if he even understands what we're saying. But he remembers. He's still Sam even if he's...different. Please Bobby." Dean was close to begging and Bobby lowered the shotgun.

"Get in here. You're all getting a dose of holy water though."

"Didn't expect otherwise." Dean answered, nudging Sam into moving forward again. Bobby watched as Sam walked inside and looked around in awe. Was he remembering all the times he'd been there as a kid? Or seeing it all for the first time.
"Come on Sam, you can put Dad on the couch." Dean guided Sam with a gentle touch to the arm and Sam reluctantly lowered his burden onto the couch. Then he picked Dean up and put him in the nearby chair, pulling the table closer so Dean could elevate his bad leg. Bobby chuckled at the sight and Sam looked at him and then moved closer. Bobby tensed and Sam stopped, head tilted to one side as if studying him.

"Dean?" Bobby called.

"It's okay Bobby, he won't hurt you." Dean answered and Sam turned to look at his brother. Dean made a little shooing motion and Sam approached Bobby again. This time the hunter stayed still, surprised to find he know had to look up at Sam.

"That really you Sam?" Bobby asked quietly and as if to answer Sam lowered his head to rest his nose against Bobby's throat. Bobby fought the urge to tense, he'd seen Sam's teeth but he forced himself not to pull back. He was surprised to find himself relaxing a little as Sam sniffled and then nuzzled a little before straightening again. He was nearly knocked off his feet when the boy grabbed his wrist and pulled him over to John. Sam touched the torn shirt bandage and Bobby nodded.
"I'll get the kit."