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Chapter 5

Jim stood on the porch, observing the boys as Dean worked on the Impala and Sam watched him, occasionally making suggestions which Dean followed. Since when was Sam mechanically minded? Obviously he had picked it up in the other world, it sounded like they were several years ahead when it came to technology. Seeing the two together again made him realise just how wrong the last eleven years had been. Dean and Sam just weren't…..whole without the other. Though apparently Sam had managed to make himself a new family in that other world and everyone could tell the teen missed them, especially his girlfriend.

Sam sat beside Dean in the car, eyeing the building warily. He barely remembered Caleb, they had spent more time with Jim then him, but still Dean had brought him saying that the man had missed him and would be happy to see him again. Sam wasn't so sure. If anyone would react really bad it was Caleb and he always had a ton of weapons around. Sure he healed fast but not to Logan's level, he couldn't survive a bullet to the brain like the older man. "It'll be fine Sam, Caleb will be happy to see you." Dean assured him and Sam frowned but got out of the car, hands hidden in nice warm gloves. He stomped his feet in the snow, smiling slightly at the feel of it beneath his boots and Dean grinned. They looked over as the door opened and Caleb emerged from the house, staring at them warily despite the fact Dean had called ahead.

"Who's your friend Dean?" The older man called and Dean grinned.

"Come on Caleb, you remember Sammy." He answered and Sam ducked his head shyly.

Caleb blinked and stared at the tall teen more closely. "Sam?"

"Hi Caleb." Sam smiled slightly, keeping his canines hidden.

"I don't believe it! Where the hell have you been kid?"

Dean groaned. "It's a really, really long story."

"Then get in here and tell it." Caleb waved them in and they headed into the house.

Sam lounged on the hood of an old truck, soaking up the winter sun and looking a lot like an oversized cat. Three months with his family and he still felt…out of place. Not when he was with Dean but whenever they were apart it felt like a gaping hole in his chest. He missed Kitty so much, he missed all of them. Even John despite what he'd done. He didn't even know if any of them were alive. And he had no way of finding out. They couldn't figure out how he had vanished or how the demon had brought him back. And even if they did, could he go back? Leave his family again? No. He couldn't leave them, he needed his brother and Dad again, even Bobby and the others. He just wished adjusting to life back here would be easier to adjust to. It would just take time and he knew it.


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