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Chapter 6

Dean landed on his back with a shocked oomph, the wind knocked out of him. He blinked and then rolled over, getting to his knees to find Sam standing totally relaxed with a grin on his face. "Show off." He grumbled. It was official; he would never be able to beat Sam in hand to hand fighting. His style was like nothing Dean had ever seen before. He was always moving and the way he could just jump around, flipping effortlessly through the air, it made Dean feel rather earthbound and clumsy. At least he could beat his little brother when it came to weapons, Sam hadn't touched one since he'd left them and he had only just started learning from their Dad when that had happened. "Alright old man?" Sam called teasingly and Dean scrambled up.

"Who are you calling old?" He demanded as they began to circle and then Sam moved and once again Dean found himself on his back.

"You." Sam tapped his chest lightly and Dean rolled his eyes.

"Get off brat." He grumbled and Sam did, offering him a hand up. Dean took it and let his brother pull him up. It still amazed him how strong his baby brother had become.

John peered into the bedroom and watched his sons as they slept; Sam curled around his brother protectively. Despite the fact there were two beds they slept together in one and John knew it was to ensure the other was still there after so many years apart. It was amazing how much younger they both looked in sleep. Then again Sam wasn't even twenty yet. Dean himself had only just turned twenty four but that was easy to forget, Dean had always acted old for his age, ever since the fire. And he knew that was partly his fault, he had pushed too much onto Dean's shoulders. Dean had been a shell without Sam to look after but now he had both his boys back and the change in Dean was astounding. He could only pray nothing happened to separate them again.

Ellen cleaned the bar, listening to the hunters as they gossiped. Oh they'd deny it to their dying breaths but they were worse than a bunch of old woman when they were in her bar. But one rumour caught her attention. Very few had known John Winchester had two sons until the youngest had vanished. And now a rumour had started of the boys return. She hoped for John's sake the rumour was true, no one deserved to lose a child. Even with what had happened she would never wish that pain on even John. She glanced over at Jo and smiled softly as her daughter worked on some homework. Now if only she could keep her away from hunting.

Sam sat beside Dean in the Impala, their Dad's truck ahead of them, and couldn't stop taping his gloved fingers on his knee. "Sammy calm down, you're gonna be fine."

"Sorry." Sam took a deep breath and forced himself to stop tapping.

"It's a simple salt and burn, nothing to worry about."

"Except the homicidal ghost."

"Well yeah but ghosts are easy to deal with." Dean shrugged and Sam nodded. He was more nervous now than he was before the fight at Alcatraz! He didn't want to disappoint his family.

Sam snarled as Dean was knocked back by the ghost. He brought his own shotgun up and fired, dispelling the ghost for now, before furiously digging alongside his Dad. He ripped the coffin open with his bare hands even as John grabbed the salt and lighter fluid, pouring in generous amounts of both before they both scrambled out of the grave and then John tossed a match in, setting it alight. Sam rushed to Dean's side to find Dean already sitting up and rubbing at his ribs. "You okay?"

"I'm fine Sam. Bitch caught me by surprise that's all." He grumbled even as Sam gently lifted his shirt to check his ribs.

"Nothing broken." He told him before helping him up. John smiled proudly at them both and Sam grinned back widely. He helped Dean back to the Impala while John cleaned up and then they headed back to the motel, none of them noticing the person watching them.