After a soothing massage and cheese brunch of the finest cheddar Geronimo sat fuming. Tubby asked him what was on his mind and sadly Geronimo lashed out. "What do you think's on my mind! I was hit in the face with a baseball not one of those soft ones that kids play with, oh no just the pro size and hardness! Not only that but it was pitched by Jade booth who is so good that she plays with MEN DID YOU HEAR ME MEN! Also my little nephew is embarrassed to have me as an uncle and also… Geronimo was promptly interrupted by a waiter "Excuse me sir but you are distressing some of the other diners." "So sorry I've just had a bad couple of days." Geronimo apologized. "C'mon Tubby let's go before I get another ear bashing." Retiring to the office of The Rodents Gazette, Geronimo decided to take action. Several minutes later this message played over the PA system: "Good afternoon colleagues as you are fully aware I have a large bump on my head which was caused by the great Jade Booth who will come to this office next week so if you value your position here I suggest you behave appropriately for the next week or your position here at the Rodents Gazette will be looked upon with an iron eye."