Yes, I am not dead! I'm so sorry on how long it's taken me to update. I for the longest time didn't know where to go from last chapter but I decide on this. Be warned, their isn't any abuse but it does bring up selling daughters to slavery, if you have a trigger or bad memories just skip to the bottom author's note. Oh, and in case you can't tell, I hate Renee.

I headed home with a new tie to the family, I had always thought of Esme as my mother, but turns out that she actually is...close enough anyway. I had never known how it'd feel to be mothered, Renee had never really been one for being motherly. I love her, but I can admit that she never really tried to be a parent, Charlie won't be getting any "dad of the year" awards anytime soon, but at least he tries which is a whole lot more than I can say for Renee.

Edward had to leave because Charlie would be home soon and also he wanted to go hunt. He'd been making do with the easy game around the forest but if he didn't stop he could seriously damage the ecosystem. So I simply told him to get his butt over to somewhere with larger predators or I'd call his brothers to take him on a weekend long hunting trip. So with a kiss goodbye and a promise to be back sometime around midnight he jumped out my window.

I started gently spinning around my room, I'm in such a great mood. I found out Esme is actually close to being my mother, I have my family and Edward, what more could anyone want? I can't believe I'm engaged! Well technically I'm not yet, I am trying to come to terms with it but each day I want for that to happen more and more. I love Edward so much, he is so patient and sweet to me, even when I rejected his proposal. I sighed quietly as I felt myself calm down, what a lovely day today was.

I fell on my bed and giggled slightly, everything is going so right. Nothing could go wrong.

"Bella!" I shot up to see Renee standing in my doorway with a shocked Charlie behind her.

God damn you, Murphy!

"What are you doing here, mom?" I was genuinely shocked to see Renee here, but something tells me her visit will be far from pleasant for all parties.

"I came here to bring you down to Florida. Hurry up and pack." She said it so simply, like she was sure I'd do it.


"Charlie called and said you and that boy were getting serious. He says he has the feeling that he would propose and I remember how intense he is about you. So you simply say your moving in with me and he won't have time to guilt you into marriage." Renee said simply.

I just stared at her and Charlie did to, we were obviously both thinking the same thing. "What the hell is this woman smoking?"

"Mom, I'm not moving to Florida."

"Of course you are, now hurry up and pack." Renee said in a condescending tone. "Your my child and you have to do what I say, so pack."

"No I don't, I'm eighteen-legally an adult. I'm not a child nor under your roof, you have no say in anything I do."

"Isabella Marie! That boy is a horrible influence on you, but I'll put up with it for now. You are my daughter and you are coming with me!" She actually stomped her foot like a toddler. Something about her behavior is off though, her tantrum meter is directly responsive to how much she wants something. What could she want so much that needs me to be in Florida?

"What's the reason you want me in Flordia?" I asked raising an eyebrow.

"For your own good, of course. Nancy was just telling me about how wild young girls can be with their boyfriends, I just don't want you to make my mistakes." That sounded almost mothering like, but who is Nancy? No! Not Nancy Kingsly! I hate the Kingsly family with a fiery passion.

"And would you wanting me to go to Flordia have anything to do with the Kingslys?" I asked with ice in my tone.

"Oh yes, the Kingsly's have just moved in to Florida in that big house across the street from mine. They say Arthur has been asking about you."

Now it makes sense.

"Renee, I don't know how many times I have to tell you and them this to get it through your head but I'll say it again. I have never nor never will feel anything for Arthur Kingsly. I never even viewed him as a friend. And why would you want me to be around Arthur, who is an aroggonent idiot if my memory serves me correctly, and not Edward, the man I'm sure is it for me."

"Bella, don't be such a child, you sound like every other infactuated teenager since the beganing of time. The Kingslys are a respectful family! Not a bunch of nature freaks who don't bother with society."

"I don't care how others view them. I love Edward, and his family happens to be some of the nicest people you'd ever want to meet."

"It doesn't matter! If your so sure of getting settled then come to Florida, I'm sure Arthur will want to marry you." Renee sighed like she was disappointed in me.

"What? You must have lost your mind, why would I ever marry-" and just like that it all made sense. "How much did they offer you to hand me over?"

"Twenty thousand up front, and a thousand every six months for ten years. If their that willing to pay money for you than you can have a good life." Renee smiled like I was finally seeing reason. Charlie was looking shocked, disgusted, and sick at the same time at Renee, and I have to say I agree with them. Who sells their own daughter?

And just like that, I lost it.

I jumped forward and my fist connected with her nose. While she was on the ground I just kept on punching her again and again and again. I lost all thought until Charlie pulled me off of her and dragged me to the living room.

I didn't hear anything then, I was just sitting on the couch crying my eyes out. It all made sense now, how could I have missed it? All the time Renee said it wasn't normal for a seventeen year old girl to never have a boyfriend and saying for me to go out with the Kingsly boy was her trying to get me warmed up to the idea of her selling me like a slave.

And then Esme was here holding me close, I could do nothing more than wrap my arms around her. My mother.

"I'll take her to my house." I heard my mom say.

"Thank you Mrs. Cullen."

"Hey, who are you? Where are you taking Bella?" I heard the other one, the one who claims to be my mother, say. Esme, my mom, pulled me out the front door and to Edward's car as I heard Charlie yell at Renee. Something about being a thin line away from prostitution.

"Oh baby girl, are you alright?" Mom asked me, I nodded to her, she forced a smile, her golden eyes full of worry. "Do you want Edward?"

"No, he needs to eat." I shook my head, the poor guy was starving as it was.

"He'd want to be here." She said in the mothering tone I loved and I nodded slightly. What is it about mothers that make you see reason? She pulled out her cell phone and quickly dialed his number.

"Edward...she's fine I think...Renee came to her house...I don't know exactly what but it really upset Bella." Here she paused shortly before starting again. "Edward! Calm down, Bella is on the way to our house, she's physically fine...I don't know what happened. Come home and we'll work through this."

"Edward's coming home, I promise Bella everything will be okay." She told me and I nodded. We soon arrived at the Cullen household. Esme took my hand as we got out of the car and we walked together to the house.

"Bella? What's going on?" Alice asked, she knew that something was off even if she didn't have a vision.

"Hold on till Edward gets here, dear." Mom told her as she led me to the couch and sat holding me until Edward got their.

"Bella!" I heard him growl before I saw him and in a blur he was beside me and Esme handed me over to him. I held him close and sighed as I inhaled his unique, calming scent. "Love, what happened?"

"Renee tried to sell me."

"What?" My whole family screeched at the same time.

"She tried to sell me."

"What do you mean she tried to sell you?" Emmett asked looking slightly ill.

"She tried to sell me to the Kingsly family." The others must have said something but I couldn't hear it above Edward's growl.

"Bella, I think you should start at the beginning." Jasper said and I felt a wave of calm descend upon the room.

"Where we lived in Arizona Renee was friends with a woman named Nancy Kingsly that she met at a country club. She had a son named Arthur, who is the creepiest person I've ever met." Edward held me closer as if to protect me.

"I knew him from the time I was in about second or third grade, and he was the meanest, most arrogant, guy I'd ever meet. He was a bully in all terms of the word and I was the only one to stand up to him, that's when he started getting creepy." I shuddered at the memories of his intense stare and how he'd hug me and refuse to let go.

"What does this have to do with your mother selling you?" Rosalie asked with a sneer, Edward growled at her, his eyes black.

"She's getting to it. If you don't want to listen, get lost." Jasper said before Edward could say anything.

"This insigneficant human won't force me to do anything." Rosalie said self importantly with a flip of her hair. I decided to ignore it and continue.

"When I was about fourteen and a...half? Somewhere around there, Renee kept pressuring me to date. And not just any guy, she pressured me to date Arthur Kingsly.-" When I said this Edward pulled me into his lap and curled around me holding me closely, protective and possessively.

"But I never did, Renee tried to get me to with saying things like this wasn't the eightneen hundreds. But I wouldn't and I stayed by my decision. Then Renee came and told me to come to Flordia and she mentioned a Nancy and I just relized who she was talking about and that she was trying to sell me to Arthur Kingsly."

"Like a prostitute?" Emmett asked and Edward growled a demonic sound. "I'm not calling her one! That's just how Renee was treating her!"

"'s okay Edward. Emmett's right, Renee was acting like I was a piece of property-to sell how she saw fit." I whispered rubbing his back soothingly.

"I-I...ack!" I turned to see Rosalie look positively green and then she ran away, my face must have been a question mark but everyone simply shook their heads.

"Charlie said that you could spend the night here, while he takes care of Renee. Would you like that?" Mom asked me.

"Very much." I whispered as Edward lifted me up.

"I have a surprise for you in my room to," Edward whispered to me. I smiled at him before going to Esme to give her a hug.

"Goodnight, Bella."

"Goodnight...Mom." I whispered trying out the word that I had been flirting with in my mind and she gasped before hugging me tighter.

Okay first for anyone who may have just skipped down here's what hapened: Renee wanted to sell Bella to the Kingsly family, the son-Arthur wants her. They offered Renee a shit load of money for her. Bella snaps and beats Renee up, and Esme takes her to the Cullen house, she tells everyone what happened and ends with her spending the night. Before she goes to bed she says goodnight to Esme, calling her mom.

Okay, so Bella was nearly sold, Renee isn't that nice, is she? The Cullens may have to exact revenge. I wonder how Charlie will handle this...

If you can't tell Rosalie is shocked because this is basically what her parents did to her, only she was all for it and the King's didn't offer to pay the family.

King-Kingsly. See what I did there?

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