All to be broken.

The fluid surrounded his very being. Flowed between his fingers. Swirled around his torso. A mesh of emotions, thoughts, feelings, all mixed in a lurid maelstrom of havoc.

Yet the feeling was splendid.

The being in the middle of it all lied tranquilly, unthinking. All its thoughts swirled about in the vast space so there was no need for it to have thoughts within its own. Likewise for its emotions. Every single possible feeling danced about in the fluid, information exchanged, streams of knowledge zoomed past, while it felt nothing.


The silence so deep, one's own mind would have to produce a ringing sound in the ear to make sure the system is in check. So deep every thought is heard as clear as a roar of thunder right beside your ear. The irony; if there was a roar of thunder beside your ear, you wouldn't be able to hear anything anymore. A laugh would be heard but there was no consciousness to control laughter. The thought of the irony just floated by without a proper mind to receive the transmission and process the data. Thus was the emptiness of the tranquil fluid.


The being, sleeping in the eye of the storm, started to react towards a thought. The word ran by his mind, like a scream in a cave, echoing in every nook and cranny, every corner and corridor, of his being. A roar. A pulse.


Still incomplete, the mind was yet to decipher the message. The thought was still in a muddle. Incomprehensible. A blur. Haze surrounded it, vision was unclear. But it's a thought, it was not read nor heard. It was merely... thought of...


The mind accelerated its processing in a hurry to decipher its first thought. Final touches. Reconfigured its patterns.




The thought echoed in his embodiment. The order was absolute and must be followed. But the mind was yet to process its reaction towards this command. The being wished to continue sleeping, to continue lying in this peaceful mesh of data, this fluid. Contradicting wishes. Multiple patterns.

Such was the proof of a fully developed mind.

His eyes pulsed, attempting to open. One side forced it to open. The other was stubborn and held it shut, intending to sleep some more. But it was inevitable. The order was absolute.


His fingers pulsed, trying to make its first movements. The mind was checking that its systems were working properly by making sure the nerves and muscles were functioning. But there was an inhibitor; the wish of the mind to continue sleeping.


Inevitability. The order was absolute. Slowly, the mind followed this command, and that stubborn factor was eliminated.

It is time...

The mind reached 100% capacity. Everything was running. Thoughts were accelerated. Movements were controlled. Thought processes began. Emotions, knowledge, all came together in this centre of activity.

His eyes opened oh so slightly, then closed back again.

Everything was in check.

Thus, his eyelids forced open to receive its first beam of light. The ray, so bright, blinded him for an instant, but once he adjusted....