Hello everyone.

This is my first ever Sonny With A Chance story and I have been so excited in writing it. I am use to writing Camp Rock stories (check them out if you do like the movie) and love Sonny With A Chance so decided to write a story for it.

So this is new for me to write these characters but I hope I can pull it off; I also write in a different style, so that's exciting. ;)

Yes, I have decided to start off with the clich├ęd idea of starting off the story in Vegas; I am using a couple ideas from the movie What Happens In Vegas as well as some others so I know it won't be entirely original. But I do hope to try and make this as different as possible. :)

Acting Out: Chapter 1

Sonny Monroe didn't know why she agreed to do it.

Of all places to travel to she didn't know why it had to be there.

Las Vegas; or Sin City as many preferred to call it.

In all of her twenty-one years she had never truly been even remotely interested in visiting what was deemed the 'Entertainment Capital of the World'. She had never gambled before and only had drunk champagne on occasion.

That's why she wasn't thrilled when it was announced that she and a few others from Condor Studios were wanted to attend the annual Golden Globe Awards.

Normally, Sonny would be thrilled to attend any award show, she loved attending them. This time however she wasn't thrilled in travelling out to Las Vegas as she knew what could become of people when travelling there.

"Sonny, are you even listening to me?" The beautiful blonde in the plane seat next to her, questioned her.

Sonny blinked a few times before returning her attention to her co-star.

"Sorry, Tawni," The brunette apologized, "My mind was elsewhere."

"It always is, always has been." Tawni laughed.

Tawni hadn't really changed much over the years; she was still self-absorbed and heavily orientated on her appearance, yet her friendship with Sonny got stronger as the days went on. When it came to Sonny Monroe, Tawni Hart actually had a heart.

"You're excited to be going to Las Vegas aren't you?" Sonny questioned her as an airplane stewardess handed Tawni a fresh magazine; flying first-class sure had its perks.

"It isn't my first time," She reminded Sonny, "Plus, the Golden Globes haven't been here since forever!" She exclaimed happily.

Sonny rolled her eyes; it hadn't been forever, it was always like Tawni to over-dramatise everything.

"I just hope that 'So Random' will win." Sonny confessed.

"Me too, more camera time the better." Tawni clapped her hands before opening her magazine.

Sonny peered over to see Tawni's magazine better; there was an article about a fairly new movie that heart-throb Chad Dylan Cooper had starred in.

Tawni quickly flipped the page, having no interest in the article what so ever, causing Sonny to sink back into her seat.

Sonny recalled when she and Chad had dated. As teenagers they began seeing each other, originally due to a misunderstanding but Sonny agreed to go out on a date with him regardless.

Things ended around eight months later, she had loved him at the time (and never knew whether Chad had loved her or not) but the two began to spend less time together due to other commitments on top of their television shows which were still running.

They still saw each other occasionally and went right back to how they were before they got together; constantly fighting with the occasional sweet moment tossed in the side.

She didn't love him anymore though, she hadn't since she was that seventeen year old girl. She moved on a few months later and ended up dating an old flame back in Wisconsin for almost a year before the distance became too much to handle.

"It's too bad the others can't be here with us." Tawni said, snapping Sonny out of her trance once more.

"I feel bad that we can't be back home to celebrate Nico and Grady's birthday with them." Sonny said. The two had chosen to remain back in LA so they could be with family for birthday; Zora also decided to stay behind as she was only sixteen and saw no point in coming to Las Vegas as she was not of age. She claimed that she would have much more fun in LA.

"We'll have our own fun though." Tawni smiled, returning her attention back to her magazine. She became transfixed once finding an article about herself.

There was no getting through to her now.


The weather was fairly nice for February, although Sonny thought it would have been a little hotter, but it wasn't that bad at all.

Tawni and she pulled up to the Bellagio hotel in a limousine, provided to them by the studio and they checked into the suite.

"Welcome to the 'Presidential Suite' ladies." The bell boy welcomed the two, setting the suitcases down.

Sonny thanked him and Tawni gave him a rather generous tip.

The suite was just gorgeous; it was too much for words. It definitely was one of the nicest suites Sonny had ever stayed in before; the foyer even had a fountain in it.

There was a fireplace with a plasma television screen mounted on the wall above it with couches to accompany it for viewing. There was a dining area as well as a bar, and even an outdoor area that looked amazing even from the inside.

"I call this room!" Tawni shouted giddily, grabbed the three suitcases that the bell boy had set down and pulled them into the room that she had called.

"I guess this one is mine." Sonny laughed to herself before grabbing her own suitcases and taking them into the other bedroom.

The bedroom was gorgeous. It even had its own television and fireplace as well as a king-size bed.

Sonny gasped in astonishment as she took in the sight of her own private bathroom. There was a huge bath tub as well as a shower, the mirror above the bathroom counter was one of the biggest Sonny had ever seen in any bathroom in her entire life.

This however was all normal for Tawni as she didn't seem all that phased when Sonny returned out to the living room, she was simply painting her nails in preparation for later that night.

Tawni of course had to begin getting ready a good three hours before they were due to leave. She began doing her make-up and hair and still wasn't finished by the time that Sonny had finished her own.

Sonny settled for leaving her fairly dark hair in very loose curls, making sure that her side-fringe blended in naturally. She did her make-up fairly quickly; keeping her eyes dark, making them the focus of her face.

She slipped on the dress she had bought specifically for the occasion a little before they were due to leave. It was black and reached a few inches above her knees. The bust of the dress had several strips of material crossing over each other, creating amazing cleavage; which was a main factor in why Sonny had bought the dress.

The straps reached over her shoulders and the dress flowed out from under the bust creating a slightly rippled effect, the bottom of the dress bobbled under slightly also.

Sonny completed the look with some white-gold earrings and a white-gold sparkling bracelet; not forgetting a killer pair of black stilettos of course and a cute silver clutch.

She watched some television as she waited for Tawni to get ready and sure enough, ten minutes after they were supposed to leave, Tawni appeared. She was dressed in an electric blue dress that reached a couple inches above her knees. The dress was strapless and had sparkles all over it, it screamed 'Tawni'.

"You ready?" Sonny asked her best friend, standing up and turning off the television.

"Yes! Let's go!" She yelled eagerly, grabbing Sonny's hand and pulling her out the room.


Sonny was nervous as the nominees for 'Best Comedy Series' were announced.

'So Random' was nominated yet Sonny didn't believe that they had a chance of winning. In the past year or so, ratings had been down. The show had been running for a long time now, it had been almost eight years. It seemed that 'So Random' may be finished after its current season.

The presenter was handed an envelope and Sonny crossed her fingers for good luck under the table.

"And the winner tonight is...'Comic Endangerment'."

Tawni sighed from next to her, yet she began clapping anyway; Sonny made sure to do the same.

Yes, she was disappointed that they hadn't won but she was happy for the cast of 'Comic Endangerment', they really had a great show after all.


It was at the after party that Sonny decided to have a few glasses of champagne. Tawni was flirting with the lead actor of the show that won 'Best Drama Series', leaving Sonny to herself.


She whirled around to see her three-named ex-boyfriend standing there, a glass of champagne in his own hand. He was in a black tuxedo and looked as handsome as ever.

"Hey Chad." She breathed out.

"What's wrong?" Chad questioned her.

"I just feel a little upset that 'So Random' didn't win anything tonight, ratings have been down and I think that the show may be cancelled after this season." She admitted.

"I kind of know the feeling actually." Chad admitted, setting down his glass of champagne and grabbing another one of the buffet table right beside him, "'Mackenzie Falls' didn't win 'Best Drama Series' either, I won 'Best Actor in a Drama Series' for the show but I kind of have the same fears that you do."

"Congratulations on winning by the way."

Chad ran a hand through his blonde-hair and laughed, "I'm Chad Dylan Cooper, I'm guaranteed to win something at award shows." There was his cocky side, the side of him that Sonny didn't like.

She rolled her eyes and set her now empty glass down, "Still an egotistical jerk I see?" She observed.

Chad downed the majority of his drink in one go, "That's the way the ladies love me." He winked at her.

"What the hell is your problem?" She yelled at him, no one seemed to notice that the comedian at raised her voice though due to the music overpowering her.

Chad grabbed two bottles of champagne that were sitting on the table, setting his and Sonny's glasses down, grabbing her arm and leading her into the private outdoor garden.

"Where are we going?" Sonny asked.

"Outside, so you can yell at me in private and not embarrass me in front of half of Hollywood." Chad replied coolly.

There was no one else outside in the garden and Chad handed her one of the bottles of champagne before taking a sip from his own.

"Classy." Sonny said, sarcasm dripping from her voice.

"It saves us a trip from going back and forth to get glasses."

Sonny sighed to herself and sat down on one of the benches, Chad followed her and sat next to her; the music from the party wasn't so loud out where the two of them were.

"So how's life? I haven't seen you around the studio lately." Sonny asked before taking a long skull of her drink.

Chad smirked at this as he had never seen Sonny drink before; it was a side of her he had never seen.

"I see you've taken up alcohol since your birthday." He noted, clearly amused, avoiding the question.

"Chad." Sonny said sternly, she wasn't sure if it was because he had avoided her question or whether it was because the alcohol was beginning to take over her body.

"I've been working on a movie, just a supporting role but it's a pretty big movie so I should get a lot of publicity for it."

Chad polished his bottle of champagne off first and helped Sonny finish hers, "Come on." He said standing up and grabbing her hand, "Let's go to the casino and gamble a bit."

"I don't know how to gamble." Sonny protested, slurring her words slightly.

"It's easy; I'll show you how to do the slot machines." Chad told her, pulling her up to her feet.

"Chad," Sonny said, stringing out his name, "Are you sure?"

"Of course I am!" He shouted, the alcohol speaking for him.

This was enough for Sonny to feel assured that this was alright to do, "Let's go then!" She giggled, allowing Chad to lead her out of the party and into the midst of the hotel.

The night turned into one that neither Sonny nor Chad would remember the details of; yet it would be a night that they'd remember for the rest of their lives.