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One Week
('Is it enough to make me fall in love?' )

Chapter One - Monday

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'- - it started out fairly normal, then you came along...'

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Naminé had no idea how she got dragged into this.

It started out as a fairly simple Monday. There was no school today, since it was their foundation day. Naminé was all for just relaxing the whole day; but apparently, her best friend had other plans. Kairi had called at about nine in the morning, inviting her to an impromptu visit to Twilight Town. Her auburn-haired friend had said something about Sora and Riku wanting to check out the Twilight Town X-Games in person. Kairi was automatically part of their trip, seeing as she was a long-time friend of both boys and the steady girlfriend of one of them. But not wanting to be left out, she roped her blond friend along too.

"Please, Nami?" She whined on the phone. Naminé sighed. Nobody could say no to Kairi, not ever her.

"Fine. I'll be at the station in ten minutes." With that, she hung up and started getting ready. Pulling on a white sun dress and a pair of white sandals, she grabbed her white messenger bag and left the house, heading in the direction of Destiny Islands' train station. On the way, she saw a couple of her schoolmates waving at her and waved back, a smile plastered on her face.

Currently a junior at Destiny High, Naminé – along with Sora, Kairi and Riku - was known as one of the more popular kids at school. Many kids loved her, and even more worshiped her. At sixteen, the young woman was a beauty to behold, with naturally blond hair that reached past her shoulders and eyes as blue as the sky. Still, she managed to retain her angelic personality, despite the tempting power popularity brings.

Though, unlike her three friends, she found popularity a chore. It was tedious to always put up a front. That's the biggest downside to being popular: everyone was always watching, waiting for you to make even the slightest mistake that could result to your downfall. It was for this that Naminé slightly envied Kairi, Sora, and Riku; their natural charisma was what made them Destiny High royalty. Naminé, on the other hand, found herself so occupied with fitting in and keeping her status that she all but lost sight of who she was.

Oh well, all in the life of one Naminé Suzumiya.

Once she reached the station, she found the others were already there. Kairi and Sora were – as usual – innocently flirting, while Riku was reading some sports magazine. They all said their greetings and quickly boarded the train. (Apparently, they had already gotten her a ticket beforehand.)

The train reached the station of Twilight Town about half an hour later. Sora and Riku were practically jumping up and down in excitement. Naminé giggled and Kairi rolled her eyes at the boys' antics, all the while following the two into the heart of the city. Despite the X-Games being a huge (and apparently, 'in-crowd', as Riku had so eloquently put it) thing, it definitely wasn't Naminé's scene of choice. It wasn't Kairi's either, seeing as her indigo eyes have been glued towards the bazaar conveniently located beside the grounds ever since they got here.

"Ooh! Sora, look at those!" She said, spying a pair of earrings. With that, she took off, dragging her boyfriend behind her. Was it her imagination, or did Kairi give her a devious smile before leaving? Nevertheless, the situation left Naminé alone with Riku. She resisted the urge to groan out loud. Her best friend did have a smirk on her face.

She should've known.

For quite some time now, the auburn-haired girl has been encouraging Naminé to go out with Riku. Her excuse was that 'since the King and Queen were together, the Prince and Princess should be too.'

Fat chance, Kairi. If there was one thing the blond would never let society dictate, it'd be her love life.

Riku, meanwhile, was too busy being starstruck to notice Sora and Kairi's absence. He was frantically looking around, taking in every sight he saw.

"Holy--! It's the Xehanort! I'll go get an autograph. Be right back, Naminé!"

Now, as much as Naminé disapproved of Kairi's matchmaking scheme, she didn't want to be all by her lonesome even more.

"Riku! Don't leave me-- here." She huffed. Riku had bolted and didn't even bother waiting for her. How thoughtful.

And that's how she ended up here, in the middle of a very big square, lost amidst the sea of skaters, completely alone.

This wasn't how she thought she would spend her free day.

Out of the corner of her vision, she spotted a head of spiky blond hair. She noticed it was a boy, about her age maybe. Naminé thought he was probably one of the competitors. Having nothing better to do (she only came here on Kairi's insistence; it's not as if she really wanted to be here), she kept her eyes trailed on this peculiar boy who'd caught her attention.

He wore a cream-colored jacket with a red collar and black checkered patterns printed on it, a black zip-up shirt under that, black and khaki two-tone pants, and black shoes with red belts on them. Around his left wrist was a black and white checkered wristband, and on the same hand he wore a black ring on his index finger and a white one on his middle finger. From her spot a few meters away, she could spot something glinting off the top of his shirt - a pendant? Well, whatever. It wasn't his skater look that drew her attention, anyway. Nor was it the huge pair of glasses sitting completely out of place on the bridge of his nose. It was the fact that he looked familiar...

"Roxas...?" She asked inquisitively. Roxas Kaminari was someone you'd never think would be within a ten mile radius of this place. And it wasn't because he was a city or two away from home. He was known as Destiny High's resident geek, complete with the thick black-rimmed glasses. He was incredibly smart, and - from what she's heard - not very sociable with his peers.

To put it simply, he was an outcast.

She didn't know much about him, except that he was related to Sora. Yeah, Sora - Destiny High's King - and Roxas - the nerd Nobody - were twin brothers.

Anyway, Roxas was there at the Twilight Town X-Games. Naminé had a bit of a hard time believing it, but he really was there. Curious, (and besides, Riku totally bailed on her.) she followed him.

The spiky-haired blond was sneaking around, his head turning this way and that a few times, as if searching for someone who might recognize him. She had to give him credit; the way he moved was smooth and swift, like some sort of jungle cat. She could bet her entire life savings that nobody in her grade knew he could move like that.

Once he was sure nobody from school would recognize him, (Naminé miraculously avoided his line of sight.) Roxas straightened up released a huge breath of air and turned around. Smirking, his fingers inched up to take off his glasses, and Naminé – hiding behind a large white tent a few feet in front of him – couldn't help but gasp slightly.

His eyes were gorgeous.

They were so blue. And while he and Sora shared the same colored orbs, his looked darker, more mysterious, more risqué.

Naminé never loved blue so much until that moment.

Quickly noticing that he was walking towards her, she hastily moved behind the tent and pressed herself against the cool wall. She could hear Roxas' footsteps coming to a stop, and then continuing inside the tent. A voice spoke up once he entered.

"Roxas! How's it goin', bud?"

"Not bad, Axel." That was Roxas' voice. There was no way she could mistake that rich, velvety voice that only a Kaminari boy could own.

"You're late, Blondie. We're on. Like, right now." This time, it was a female's voice who talked.

"Cut me some slack, Larx." Roxas replied. "I came straight from the station. I knew it was a bad idea to make Demyx book my ticket." Sounds of rustling could be heard from her position outside. Clothing, maybe?

"Well, get ready, Thirteen! It's time we give them one heck of a show!" The first voice spoke up one last time before the tent's drapes flew open and out stepped three figures. All of them wore a stylish black hooded jacket with the hoods drawn up, making it impossible for Naminé to completely see their faces. As she looked on, she began to notice the characteristics of each person there.

One of them - the tallest - was slim, but the build was undoubtedly masculine. Underneath his hood, he wore black jeans, red Converse, and a gold 'VIII' pendant was on the left collar of his jacket. Spikes of red hair could to be seen beneath the black denim of the hood. While she couldn't see his eyes, she did see green tear-shaped tattoos right below where she thought his eyes were. Beside him, a girl stood, wearing dark washed skinnies which tucked into black boots. Like the tall guy, she had a pendant on her jacket as well, but hers was in the shape of 'XII'. Two antennae-like strands of blond hair stuck out of her hood. Finally, the shortest of the bunch, had 'XIII' on his jacket. Naminé could tell this was Roxas; he still wore the same pants and shoes she saw him in a while ago, and there were tufts of spiky blond hair peeking out from underneath his hood.

"Alright!" The tall redhead said, pumping his fist into the air. "Let's kick some ass!" He then raced towards the large sandlot, where the competitions would be taking place. The female scoffed while Roxas chuckled, following their companion in a much more leisurely pace. Naminé followed them once she was a good few feet away. As they neared the X-Game grounds, she heard someone announce the contestants for the last event of the day: skateboarding. The blond girl managed to squeeze herself where the crowd had gathered.

"Alright Twilight Town! Are you ready for this!?" The announcer's question was met by the loud screams of the crowd. "Alright! Next up, let's give it up for the home team, Twilight Town's own Restoration Committee! We have Seifer, Rai, and Fuu!" Many of the locals cheered, but Naminé noticed some people (a crowd of two boys and one girl, in particular) booing the three contestants. The announcer paid no heed and continued.

"And going against them, we have three awesome members of our favorite mystery group!" The crowd erupted into even louder cheers as Roxas and the other two went up, their hoods still drawn. "Competing in today's final event are Numbers VIII, XII, and XIII! Give it up for the legendary Organization XII!" The crowd cheered as the competitors took up their positions. Naminé tilted her head to the side. Legendary Organization XIII? Were they –- was Roxas –- that good? She was about to find out. The normal, popular, Naminé wouldn't give this the time of day; but today seemed to be a special occasion.

"Oh my--" The petite blond girl couldn't help but look in awe. She kept her eyes trailed on the three cloaked figures, the ones who were supposedly very good. Words couldn't even begin to describe the way they moved. It was like they were floating, letting their bodies instinctively take over. She watched Roxas the most out of the three of them, and she was completely blown away. Roxas made complicated twists, turns, flips, and even handstands look like child's play. The tricks he pulled would certainly put Destiny High's so-called extreme skaters to shame. There was even a time when he balanced precariously on the edge, with his board standing vertically on its edges and with him doing a single-handed handstand on the other end. At this point, the crowd – along with Naminé – was all but howling for more.

It went without saying that the Organization was victorious, having beaten Twilight Town's team hands down. The three of them were declared the winners before coming down and going back to their tent, the crowd celebrating their victory. The petite blond followed them, wanting to absolutely make surethat the boy she saw was, in fact, Sora's blond twin. Returning to her position behind the large white tent, she listened into the trio's conversation as they stood at the tent's entrance.

"Alright! With the work we've done, Superior will let us eat a ten-star dinner course for sure!" The tall one said, slinging his arms around the other two's shoulders. "Tonight, we celebrate!" Roxas chuckled and moved out of the redhead's hold.

"Sorry, Axel. I can't. There's school tomorrow, remember? I gotta get back to Destiny Islands." The lone female of the group – who now had both of the redhead's arms wrapped around her waist – spoke up.

"Come on, Blondie. Live a little! We'll get you back by tomorrow morning." She scoffed in her honey-coated voice. She seemed more carefree now. A while ago, when they first stood here, she was the epitome of uptight.

"No can do." Roxas replied. "Sora'll wonder where I am, and it's bad enough I left without my sister. Xion is going to murder me when I get home." If she were still unsure as to who he was before, this probably would have erased all doubts in her mind. She didn't think it was possible that there was another sixteen-year-old blond boy named Roxas who had any relation to a boy named Sora and a girl called Xion, and lived in Destiny Islands.

The tall guy – Roxas had called him Axel, right? – simply laughed and said: "Well, then. We might as well have some fun before you leave. Anyone up for sea-salt ice and a round of struggle?" Naminé was so wrapped up in their conversation that she would never have noticed the three other people behind her if it weren't for Kairi's voice coming out of nowhere.

"Naminé! Come on! Our train leaves in ten minutes!" Apparently, Roxas recognized the voice, seeing as he turned towards her direction. The blond girl whipped around so fast that her shoulder bag gained enough momentum to smack a bystander in the face. Thankfully, the brunette boy had enough reflexes to catch it before he could suffer a face plant. Oh, it was Sora.

"Whoa, Naminé!" He began, grinning. "Be careful with that thing. It's deadly." Neither his chuckle nor his joking tone stopped her embarrassed blush from appearing. "By the way, what are you doing hiding behind Organization XIII's tent?" A surge of panic flew up her veins. What would she say? 'I thought I saw someone who looked awfully like your brother skating in the X-Games and walk away with first place, so I decided to stalk him.' If she were him, she wouldn't believe that one bit, especially considering this was Roxas Kaminari they're talking about. She'd have to come up with a lie, and fast.

"N-nothing! It's just... I thought I saw my brother Ven!" Well, Roxas and Ven didlook alike. Sora, Kairi, and Riku didn't need to know that she just thought of that on the spot, or that Ven was off gallivanting in some remote part of the world with his fiancée Aqua and his best friend Terra. Nope, that'll remain her little secret. "Well then! Time to go, right?" I added, hurriedly pushing them back in the direction they came from.

Before she left, she risked one last glance back at the boy she was ninety-nine percent sure was Roxas. It was stupid, but there was a small part of her that still refused to believe it was him, even with all the evidence pointing to one conclusion. She wanted to see his face, the one proof that couldn't be denied.

But when she looked back, he was gone.

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'...suddenly the day seemed so much b r i g h t e r.'

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