It wasn't exactly uncommon for silences in the clubroom to be broken up by Haruhi suddenly making an exclamation that usually if it did wind up making sense to anyone but her took five minutes to get there. With a sigh, Kyon did not bother to look up at the girl as she rose with that proclamation, nor when she followed up with, "I have a genius way to make people more interested in us than even Mikuru can manage!"

That was enough to let Kyon know he needed to be the one to speak up, seeing as how it was evidentally his duty to do so. The only other member of the group who was likely to, and for that matter the only other male, was absent as he often was for usually unexplained reasons. "What is it this time?"


The diapered alien turned her head only slightly when Haruhi pointed a finger her way, and said nothing as the girl then threw her hands on her hips and declared, "It's perfect! Yuki carries a certain physical attraction. . ."

Okay, this seemed harmless by Haruhi standards thus far, perhaps Kyon could let it go. But he had the feeling he was going to have to try in vain to talk the girl out fo something or other before this subject was finished with. . .

"Plus she has that childlike innocence and youth girly girls fawn over!"

Yeah, there it was. He didn't do anything but heavily sigh, though, until she further exclaimed, "It's perfect! We get her standing on a street corner without a bit of clothing besides that dump-container and we can watch men and women of all ages come running to -"

"No. No, no, no."

Rising from his seat, Kyon kept his tone low bt was clearly annoyed as he complained, "This is crossing a few lines even for you. For one thing, she'd probably be arrested - and two. . ."


Waving a hand dismissively, Haruhi declared, "It's perfect! What downsides could there possibly be to -"

The brigade chief froze up, as she hit on something. Mikuru seemed to do it next as she gave a little quiver before turning her head toward the girl sitting in the corner silently reading, and then Kyon caught on as well. With a huff, Haruhi's own response was to melodramatically throw a hand over her nose and complain, "Nice counter-argument, Yuki."


"As such, I'm declaring this a time for action! Any contests, regardless of how insignifcant, at the fesitval must have an SOS Brigade entry - no disobediance on this will be accepted!"

Of course, it varied how much the group was listening to their chief rattle on about nothing in particular. Yuki, however, was doing so the least, far more focused on a work going on in her mind. Not that it showed any in her face, her calm, unmoving body as typical as the slouch and elbow Kyon had prominently on display where he sat.

"A lack of victories will not be tolerated! While the four of you do not have the skills to sweep the day, I expect each of you to brign at least one award back to the clubhouse with you that day. Those of you who don't will be severly punished!"

Haruhi crossed her arms over her chest, then one of them flew out to point dramatically at Kyon with a cry of, "Pay attention!"

"I am, reluctantly."

"You'd better be. There'll be a quiz on what I've had to say before I will permit you to leave today - you will hear it again if you fail even a single questionnn -"

Breaking off there, Haruhi suddenly gave a squirm. From where she sat by the window, Yuki turned her head to watch when the girl proceeded to give a heavy shudder before shouting, "Be right back!" and dashing off without explanation.

With the group left unattended, it was Kyon who asked of the other two sitting at the table, "What was that about?"

Koizumi, meanwhile, gave a quick, "Who can say?" Mikuru's own response was to turn pink and shrug.

As for Yuki, she chose not to say anything. She did, however, intentally mull over the fact that a bathroom emergency was not quite as extreme as she intended - she would have to work to assume greater control.