"I'm sorry, but the Kafei we're looking for is an adult. . ."

Of course, after the fairy said that on behalf of her green-clothed companion, the young boy standing before them sighed a bit before explaining rather bluntly, "I wasn't always like this. That imp with the weird mask did this--"

That was all that Link needed to hear. The Hero of Time's head turned toward Tatl for just a second, before he withdrew his instantly identifiable blue Ocarina.

"What is that for?"

Link didn't answer Kafei's question, instead putting his lips to the instrument and beginning to play. In mere moments, a powerful aura of light filled the backroom of the Curiousity Shop, and Kafei felt an odd sort of feeling around his face.

When he reached up to feel exactly what was causing the problem, he felt his face slide off... like a mask. And sure enough when he took a look at the item in his hands it was indeed a mask, one that looked nothing like him but instead like a child with a big, cheeky grin and rosy cheeks. It was almost a bit unsettling in its own way.

But then the blue-haired young man took notice of the fact that the boy formerly his height was now far shorter than him, and the roof of the back room was no longer impossibly far above him but now easy to touch.

And Kafei did it, too, just to test out his returned height properly. "Thank you. . . But I cannot return to Anju until I have regained my mask. You understand?"

Link didn't really, but he did enough to give an affirmative nod. Perhaps that was good enough for Kafei, as he explained then, "Can you tell her that I am okay, though? And inform her that our marriage will take place as planned?"

Once more the boy nodded, and Kafei extended the mask to him in appreciation. As Link took it, the blue-haired young man explained, "You may take this as payment for your help. It is but a fraction of what I owe you."

Link left without a word then, heading down the stairs and back out the door to the Laundry Pool. When they got there, Tatl got to speaking, "The Song of Healing worked - I wonder what the effects are of that mask you got are, though."

That was indeed a good thing to wonder about. With no further hesitation, Link held the mask up and put it to his face. And after a couple of seconds of the sorts of twitching that came when he used his various transformation-inducing masks, the boy looked to the sky through the mask and gave a scream.

"Uh. . .?"

Tatl was a little at a loss for words as to how that scream sounded, but that was lost in the aftermath as Link shrunk even more than he did when he took on his Deku Scrub form. He kept his human appearance in this case, though, but his body had taken on decidedly different proportions and his clothes had been reduced to simply his hat and what appeared to be a green cloth diaper.

"Link? I think you should take that mask off."

No response, as Link's attention was apparently lost to poking at a bug and giggling. That already had the fairy dreading things, but the situation looked to get a whole lot worse when Link suddenly tensed up. And then he started to cry. . . All while Tatl became gradually aware of an odor forming in the air.