Days at Chiyo's family's summer home were always nice, though they often had parts about them that kept the place from being paradise.

Most of those parts involved Tomo.

"Hey, Chiyo-chan!"

The little girl's head turned as the wildcat popped her head in the door, wondering what could bring Tomo about this early in the morning.

"Hm? What is it?"

"Just seein' if you're up!" Grinning, Tomo crossed her arms over her chest as she entered the room more properly, "You may be in high school, but you're not old enough to have earned the right to sleep until noon yet!"

"Oh, I already had breakfast. I just ate it in here because there isn't a lot of room."

"Okay!" The girl was all prepared to leave then, but she stopped. Then she sniffed, as if smelling something unusual -- and that led to her turning her head over to where Chiyo sat just by a bundle of blankets.

Then the girl walked over and, without a word, grabbed the blanket and let it spread out to the floor.


"What --"

"You still wet the bed? That's hilarious!" Tomo pointed to a tell-tale wet spot on the blanket, grinning wildly while Chiyo was stunned silent. "I guess that shows that you're not ireally/i all grown-up and stuff, even if you are so smart."

"Um --"

"But hey, you're just a little girl. Why should anyone hold it against you?"

Shaking her head now, Tomo smirked as she said, "Maybe you should get some of those night-time diapers or something. You know, just in case -- it's not like anyone would blame you for it."

"Tomo --"

"It's nothing to be embarrassed about. Even if it is funny. I mean --"


That finally got the girl's attention, as she went silent for a moment before asking, "What?"

"That's vinegar. Some spilled off my plate while I was eating and since the blankets need to be washed today anyway I used it to wipe it up."

". . . Oh."

Tomo was all prepared to leave then, but she stopped when she heard Yomi's voice call out, "Tomo! What's this on your blanket? It smells like --"

And the next second the wildcat dashed off, with a frantic cry of, "I-It's vinegar! Vinegar!"