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"It's perfect," I grinned at the tall, older man in front of me. I watched intently as he rubbed a soft cloth over the shiny gold plaque that had just been installed on the front of my office door.

I was standing in the middle of WWE Headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut. I had been given an office as part of the Creative Writing Team and at the moment, I was having the name plate installed on the door. I'd been waiting on this for weeks and to see it finally up there on the door, it made my body thrum with glee.

Preston Anna Mizanin

Pulling my blond hair over my left shoulder, I slowly walked to my desk and sat down in the chair, resting my head back as I closed my eyes with a deep sigh.

It had been a long road to get to this point in my life. I'd struggled with feeling like I belonged anywhere. After my mother's death, my father just got worse. He'd never been the best dad on the planet but after she died, I lost interest in wanting to know him. He'd caused me to feel estranged from the other half of my family - from the McMahon's.

I'd strived to be accepted my whole life, feeling like I wasn't important or that I must have done something to make my Uncle Vince look down his nose at me. But in the end, he was blinded by his own pride and hatred for his brother - this I know through self-admission.

It was never anything to do with me. And now that we've cleared the air, things have never been better.




The biggest event in the history of Wrestling. The biggest night for a champion. Unfortunately I'm not a champion. But I have the opportunity to become a champion. This is the night where everything is an opportunity and anything can happen.

My thoughts drifted to Preston and I wondered how she was feeling. I'd left her that morning in bed back at the hotel. She'd been feeling a little under-the-weather which wasn't something unusual. The sheer concern I held for my wife was something that would always surprise me. I'd never loved someone more than I loved Preston and every few minutes concerns for her safety and welfare run through my mind.

Things had pretty much settled down since everything that happened last year. When I'd taken the championship from Randy, he'd been really pissed off but he'd slowly come to understand that he couldn't hold on to the title forever. And from then on, although we weren't the best of friends, we got on pretty well.

Needless to say, he found it amusing when I'd asked Preston to marry me. But the joke was on him when she said yes. He still ribs me to this day about how whipped I am, tied down with Preston. He forgets that he's under Sam's thumb, so he's one to talk.

"You ready for tonight?" I glanced up from wrapping black tape around my wrists. Tearing a strip off, I stuck it down as I nodded at Stu, standing in my door. I was going up against Stu Bennett - Wade Barrett as he is known to fans - tonight for the WWE Championship in the main event at Wrestlemania XXVIII.

"Yeah," I answered with a sigh but I knew that my face betrayed what I was saying.

"How's Preston?" Stu asked, holding the belt on his shoulder "Is she feeling any better?"

"Not really. I just have to get through this match and then I've got a few weeks off anyway. I'll be fine" I gritted my teeth, willing myself to just forget about my wife for a few moments and concentrate on my match. This was my chance to win the title back, to prove everyone wrong again and to make them see that every Monday night when I proclaim myself to be 'awesome' that I truly am.

Rushing through the corridor's of the arena, I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. A sheen of sweat had formed on my head and I heaved my heavy gym bag onto my shoulder. Making it to the parking lot, I remembered Randy's words to me.

"Preston's at the hospital. You need to get out of here!"

They echoed in my head and I fumbled to open the door on my rental, sliding in and throwing my bag onto the back seat. With the key in the ignition, the car roared to life and I drove it out of the parking lot, making my way to the hospital as quick as I could.

Screeching to a stop outside the Mount Sinai Medical Center, I got out of the car, ignoring the cries of 'You can't park there' and 'Sir, you need to move your car'. The woman calling after me had that proper 'Noo Yawk' accent.

"P-Preston Mizanin," I stammered to the nurse behind the reception desk. She looked a little bored and looked up at me with a mildly amused expression.

"Are you family?"

"I'm her husband. Tell me where she is?" I snapped - at my wits end as adrenaline rushed through my body. She gave a sigh and tapped the keys on her computer.

"She's on the ninth floor, take that elevat..." I was already running towards the stairs, too impatient to take the elevator all the way up. Taking the steps two at a time, I scaled them as quick as I could, reaching the ninth floor in a matter of minutes. The sweat was pouring off my face and I was panting. Panic rushed through me as I darted onto the ward and looked around at all of the staff bustling around.

I looked up and down the corridor's in my effort to find her. Then a voice stopped me in my tracks.

"Mike!" her voice was tinged with pain but as I turned towards the room on my right, she had the most glorious smile on her face. Her normally pristine blond hair was matted to her forehead and beads of sweat ran down her red face. I sighed, relief flooding my veins.


Staring at Mike in the doorway, sheer love, adoration and admiration ran through me. The fact that he'd made it all the way here and he was still in time, brought tears to my eyes. He smiled and I took in his flat hair, red face with his lips parted as he panted for air and he stood with his hands on his hips, resting just above the waistband of his jeans. I licked my lips, tasting the droplets of sweat on my upper lip.

And then out of nowhere, pain sliced through my body and I winced. Mike was at my side in an instant, holding my hand and soothing me with his soft voice. He murmured words to me and I scrunched my eyes closed, fighting through the pain. He brushed his freehand across my forehead, wiping away the sweat and smoothing my hair back.

"That's it baby, you're doing awesome," I grinned at him, opening my eyes "Sorry," he added sheepishly with a little smirk. The pain eased and I loosened the grip I had on his hand, tipping my head back against the fluffy hospital pillows to look up at him.

"You made it," I sighed with relief "I thought you would miss it," I chewed on my lower lip.

"I wouldn't miss this for the world," he told me, still smoothing my hair back "How long have you been here?"

"About 7 hours," I told him, looking at him to gauge his reaction. His jaw tightened and I ran my thumb across the back of his hand to soothe him "I went into labour just after you left. But I knew how important tonight was to you Mike, I didn't want to ruin it for you," I looked down at my large bump covered by the white hospital gown.

"How could you think that Wrestlemania was more important that you?" his voice was low and husky and I felt a wave of arousal go through me, even though I was currently in labour with our first baby.

"I-I don't know. I just thought..."

"Never think that you come second, Preston, I love you. I love you so much and I love our baby too. I never want you to think that I would put Wrestling before you and you're safety".

"Okay" I told him, feeling a twinge in my belly as another contraction began to pulse through me "I promise, I won't think that again" I gripped his hand, gritting my teeth as the pain ripped through my lower half. Crying out, I used my other hand to grab Mike's arm, holding onto him.

As the pain eased again, I flopped back against the pillows.

"I can't believe you've been going through this for 7 hours on your own," Mike told me and I felt a chuckle escape my mouth.

"I just kept thinking about you getting here and everything melted away" I smiled at him, holding his gaze.

"How is everything going in here?" I broke my eye contact with Mike as Dr Kayleigh Buchanan came into the room. She smiled warmly, her long brunette locks were now twisted up and pinned with a clip. She checked the heart monitor "You're contractions are quite close together now yeah?" she looked at me and I nodded "You must be Mr Mizanin?" she held her hand out to Mike. He briefly let go of my hand and shook her hand.

"Call me Mike, please," he told her and she nodded.

"I'm Kayleigh, your wife's doctor," she stepped to the end of the bed "I'm just going to check how dialated you are Preston," I nodded at her "Okay, it seems to me like you're just about ready to deliver. I'll get a nurse and we'll be back in a minute" she told me, and I arched my back, another contraction taking over. She dashed out and called for a nurse and pretty soon, the delivery suite was swamped with two nurses plus the doctor. She scrubbed in and slipped on an apron and a hat over her hair before pulling a chair up in front of me.

The nurses helped me hook my feet in the stirrups and Mike supported my back as I sat up.

"Okay, honey, you're doing brilliantly. What I want you to do is push on my count of three when the next contraction comes okay?" I nodded. I could feel the pain building, a low ebbing throb beginning in my lower half as the contraction built up "Okay, one, two, three, push!" she told me and I clenched my teeth, pushing with all of my effort, gripping onto Mike's hand. He soothed me with words but all I wanted was the pain to go away "Again!" she told me and I bore down, pushing again.

The pain was intense, a blinding white hotness which tore through me. I cried out again, gripping Mike's hand tightly. I could feel him wincing slightly but he kept murmuring to me, soothing me as best as he could. I had to urge to hit him, yell at him and tell him this was all his fault, but I was too concerned with just getting the baby out.

I pushed again, listening to the doctor as she told me the baby was crowning. My throat was hoarse with screaming but the pain showed no sign of letting up and I had to push again.

"One more and you'll have a beautiful little baby Preston," Kayleigh told me.

"Just one more push baby, I know you can do it," Mike had his arm around me now, supporting me.

I took a deep breath and then another and then with all of my might, I pushed as hard as I could.

Hearing a cry a few seconds later, emotion ripped through my body and I fell back against the pillows, a small laugh leaving my throat. Mike wiped my cheeks with his thumbs, smoothing the tears away as I lay exhausted and panting on the bed.

"Would you like to cut the cord?" I heard the doctor ask and Mike left my side for a few moments. I opened my eyes when I felt a wriggling bundle being placed against my breast. Looking down, I pulled the blanket back to see a red and slightly bloody baby, staring back at me with bright sea blue eyes and a head of sandy brown hair.

"It's a boy," the nurse told me with a huge smile "Congratulations!" I smiled, feeling sleepy but extremely happy that my baby was okay. Mike was beaming next to me, a large but nervous smile on his face.

"A boy," I grinned at him, pulling the baby into my arms "Congratulations daddy," I said to him as he came to my side and stroked the red skin of his son's head softly, smiling down at me.

The little boy in my arms went quiet as soon as Mike touched him and I felt a sigh leave my body.

"What should we call him?" Mike asked, looking down at me with an awe-stuck expression on his face.

"How about Brayden Michael Mizanin?" I asked "I know you liked Brayden when we were picking names," I grinned up at him, curling the baby tighter in my arms.

"But you didn't. You liked Lucas and Joshua," he had a strange little smile on his face.

"I know. But I like Brayden now. I like it because you like it. I think it's perfect for him" I tipped my head up towards him. Mike pressed a sweet, loving kiss to my lips "Just like you are for me," I added a little cheesily at the end.

"I love you" Mike whispered.

"I love you too".

I know for definite now that first impressions aren't everything. If they were, then Mike and I wouldn't be where we are today. We wouldn't be happily married and we wouldn't have our gorgeous baby boy. It was hate at first sight for Mike and I but time showed us that not everything is as it seems and that underneath the surface, is a whole new world there to be discovered.

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