HG/SS drabble I had rolling around in my jumbled brain, thought I'd share and let you fill in the pieces. Review please!

Disclaimer - I still own no characters, for they all belong to the brilliant J.K. Rowling.

Warning - 18 and over only. Mature content.

"Do… not… think."

Those three words, so demanding, yet so quietly spoken, made their way into my overworked brain. I barely had time to mull them over before my mind, of it's own accord, obliged his request.

His hands were up my skirt in seconds, tearing the cotton underwear I was wearing. Just as quickly, he turned me, bent me over, and sheathed himself completely inside me.

Don't ever let him know, but he's animalistic and animated and vocal; he ravaged and demanded, took and gave, growled and grunted. I was not silent either, moaning and crying out as he reached a spot so deeply within me only he'd ever been able to reach.


He knows I love it when he spanks me, and tonight he is very kind, making calculated blows to either cheek until they are red and on the brink of pain. He's studied me well, knowing things that turn me on I didn't even know until the moment he did them.

Harder, faster, heavier… he goes, and goes, and goes, until I can barely hold myself up, and I collapse, facedown, onto the hard wood of his desk. Pounding still, he finally withdraws the spell that has been holding off my release. I felt grateful that he thought my mind was thought-free, just as he asked.

Seconds. That's how long it took for me to explode, my release running freely over his member and then down my legs when his release came, only a few short breaths later.

He caresses me now, lovingly, slowly. His hands roaming over my reddened bottom, a cooling charm apparent, although he held no wand, nor had any words been spoken. Show-off.

He carries me to bed, knowing I can never walk properly on the days he lets me orgasm. We lay down, our bodies sticking together as he pulls me close just before we fall asleep.

We were brought together by a marriage law; we stayed together out of choice. It was an impossible romance, the bookworm and the dungeon bat, but somehow we just work. Not to mention the sex is great.