Sympathy for the Devil

Summary – Something went wrong with the summoning at the end of 'Lucifer Rising'. It wasn't Lucifer that rose, instead, it transported his son to the church instead, and he isn't impressed with his father. HP/SPN Xover. Slash!!

Disclaimer – I do not own Harry Potter or Supernatural. They belong to JK Rowling and Eric Kripke. So I'm making no money. Please enjoy!

Chapter One

Gringotts Bank - Diagon Alley - 31st July, 2001

Harry followed the goblin to the vault that he had been informed his mother had left for him, with strict instructions that he was not to know of it until his twenty-first birthday. He honestly had no idea why, nor what was in the vault. No one knew. Shockingly, not even the goblins knew the contents of the vault.

"Here we are sir. You will need to place your hand on the plaque on the door and state you full name. The vault should then open for you. I will not be allowed to enter with you, but I will be waiting for you out here once you have finished." The goblin told him blandly. Harry smiled weakly at the goblin, knowing that his relations with the goblins had never been the same since he, Hermione and Ron had broken into the bank four years before.

"Thank you. Er..." Harry stalled and then placed his hand over the blank plaque on the door of the vault and sighed deeply. "Harry James Potter...-Black." Harry said, hastily adding the Black to the end after remembering that he was now Lord Black as well as Lord Potter. Which just added more to the problems that he already had.

Harry shivered as he felt a wave of foreign magic run through his body and then, with an almost silent click, the door opened. Harry paused at the entrance to the vault, then, taking a deep breath, he stepped into the vault, spinning round in shock when the door slammed shut behind him.

"Well that can't be good." Harry muttered, before he took stock of the contents of the vault. Frowning in confusion when he didn't see anything at first, he stepped even more into the vault and then glanced down when something caught his eye.

In the middle of the floor, by his feet, was an envelope. Harry frowned and picked it up, noting that it wasn't white or cream like normal, but was in fact red. He looked at it cautiously for a few minutes, contemplating whether or not he should open it before shrugging. It had been his mother, after all, that had left him the letter. Why would she wish to harm him?


He found out exactly why she may have wished to harm him after he finished reading the letter, letting the parchment fall from his lax hands and flutter to the floor silently. Harry then followed the parchment and collapsed to his knees and leant forwards until his head was almost touching the floor. He gripped his hair in his fingers and allowed a small sob to escape his lips.

James Potter wasn't his father.


St. Mary's Convent - Ilchester, Maryland – 2008

Sam and Dean nervously glanced at the blood that was beginning to form a spiralled pattern on the floor and then at each other.

"We need to leave. Now." Dean said, moving to help Sam lean on him and then hopefully be able to run out of the room before Lucifer arrived.

"It's too late, Dean." Sam muttered, not taking his eyes off of the now glowing blood, knowing that the two of them would not be able to leave in time.

The light from the blood steadily grew until it was getting hard to look at it, and a figure was slowly forming, a strangely smaller than they thought it would be, figure. When the light faded, a young man who looked to be a similar age to them stood there, looking down at his slowly healing wrists in despair.

Dean shuffled as he gaped at the dark haired man in shock, not having expected Lucifer to look like that at all and making the man's head to shoot up and pierce them with a creepy bright green gaze.

The man then frowned in confusion and looked around the room, the two hunters could see that the man was trying not to panic and then he looked back at the only two alive in the room, eyes skimming over the two dead bodies before seemingly deeming them unimportant.

"Who are you? More to the point, where the hell am I?" The man asked, speaking with a very strong, English accent.

"What...?" Dean asked before trailing off and frowning in confusion.

"Who are you?" Sam asked, seeing his brother struggle to find what to say.

"Harry Potter. I was in Marseilles, in France. Yet now, I'm here. Where is here? Please tell me." The man, Harry, asked them in a tone that was bordering on desperate. Certainly not something they expected of Lucifer. Clearly something had gone wrong.

"You're in Ilchester, Maryland." Sam told him, Dean still trying to get his head around the situation and hopefully figure out what the hell was going on.

"Maryland? Isn't that in America? Judging by your accents, I'd say it is, but my Geography knowledge of the Americas, Africa and Australia isn't all that good." Harry told them with a self-deprecating shrug.

"Yes. It's in America. How are you here?" Sam asked him, taking a step nearer to the young, seemingly vulnerable, man. Dean's hand shot out and grabbed his arm to stop him from getting any nearer than he already was.

"I don't—I don't know. Judging by my surroundings though, you two were the ones to do the ritual. Surely you know what you were aiming for." Harry pointed out, looking away from them and taking in the details of the room more closely, though not leaving the centre of the spiral.

"We didn't start the ritual. We were trying to stop it. However, I think it went wrong." Sam admitted, studying the man in front of him closely.

"Oh? What was it supposed to do, do you know?"

"Summon Lucifer." Dean finally spoke up, glaring at the man. Harry in the mean time, stiffened and paled so much Sam thought he was going to faint.

"L-Lucifer? It didn't work right? He's not here? He hasn't risen?" Harry asked them, panicking and looking around the room as though expecting said leader of hell to jump out at them any minute.

"No. You appeared instead." Sam told him, Dean in the mean time had slowly brought his gun out from the waist of his jeans and held it to his side, ready to shoot Harry should he move towards them in a threatening way, though unable to shoot the clearly distressed man for anything less.

"Oh. I suppose that's good then?" Harry said faintly, weakly smiling at them. "Can you tell me your names? I understand if you don't want to, but I would like to know."

Sam glanced behind him slightly to look at Dean, who shrugged, then turned back to look at Harry, who was still looking a little pale and shaky. His wrists, Sam noticed, had healed completely, only a faint pink line to indicate that there had been an injury at all, and showing the brothers that Harry wasn't entirely human.

"First, tell us what you are. Humans don't heal that fast." Sam said, nodding to Harry's wrists. Harry brought his wrists up and looked at them, smiling sadly then looking at Sam. Sam almost recoiled in shock at the amount of pain showing in the young mans eyes.

"No, I don't suppose they do. Had I not tried to kill myself, I would imagine I too, would not heal that fast. I don't know though. From what I remember as a child, I never healed at such an increased pace." Harry admitted, looking back down at his wrists and frowning. Of course, he didn't tell the two that once he had turned eleven, he had entered the wizarding world and any and all cuts he had were healed by magic. He could sense that the two in front of him had no magic, though the taller of the two had something about him that felt vaguely familiar to Harry.

"You tried to kill yourself? Why would that make you heal quicker?"

"Someone doesn't want me to die, especially by my own hands. This is not the first time I have tried, I don't imagine it will be the last either. Now I am in America however, maybe I can find what I have been looking for."

"What's that?" Dean asked coldly, though curiosity also coloured his voice and shone in his eyes as he took a step nearer to stand next to Sam.

"Redemption." Harry told them softly, still looking at his wrists.

"What for?" Sam asked him, wondering why he thought he needed redemption and how he thought suicide, one of the cardinal sins, would give him such.

"For who I am. What I am. What I may one day turn into. I want to find a way to stop it from ever happening. If dying is the only way, then I will willingly die."

"Who you are?"

"Yes. I found some unsavoury information about myself about seven years ago. It came as quite a shock." Harry told them, wondering why he was saying so much, and laughing hollowly.

"And what was it?"

"Who are you?" Harry asked them instead of answering. Sam and Dean looked at one another uncertainly, before Dean turned to answer.

"I'm Dean Winchester. He's my brother, Sam."

"Winchester? Where have I heard—John Winchester? Did you two know him? Or is it just a common surname?" Harry asked them, making the two brothers stiffen and suddenly look at him with even more suspicion.

"How do you know that name?"

"He was... He worked... Oh dear, I don't know how to explain it. Erm... I'm guessing you two believe in demons and such. Considering you both knew what this ritual was supposed to do and that you wished to stop it, I'm assuming that you do not work with or for them either."

"We do and no we don't." Dean told him shortly, hand clenching around the gun as he stared at the man in front of him.

"Well, that makes things a little more easy for me. John Winchester, he... I suppose you could say hunted, he hunted demons and Spirits and other supernatural beings. Stopping them from harming anymore people."

"How do you know this?" Dean asked him suspiciously, finally bringing the gun up to point at a now startled Harry.

"I... I have a certain interest in demons and so on. John Winchester caught my eye and I thought he may have been able to help me, however, before I could make plans to come to America, my contact here told me he had died. So I never came and changed my plans."

"Why did you want help from John Winchester? What could he do to help you?"

"First, you tell me how you know John Winchester, and maybe stop pointing the gun at me for a little while." Harry told them, looking at the gun, then at Dean. Dean sighed and then, with a pointed look from Sam, lowered the gun once more, though he didn't loosen his grip at all.

"He was our father." Sam told him once Dean had lowered his gun.

"Oh. Then I suppose I should say I am sorry for your loss." Harry said, looking a little uncomfortable at the situation, which actually amused Dean a little. It certainly made a change from the insincere bouts of sympathy the two normally got from other hunters.

"It's okay. It was a while ago, we have both dealt with it." Sam told him with a small smile, which Harry returned tentatively.

"Oh. Yes, I do suppose that happens with time. Certainly happened to me. Though I lost my mother and... father when I was a baby. That helps a bit more, you know? Having not actually known the two." Harry told them with a shrug. Both brothers noticed how he stalled a little before saying father, which made them both wonder why. "Did you two... did you follow your fathers footsteps? You know, career wise?"

"We did." Sam told him shortly and was shocked when Harry looked up at them and smiled widely.

"You did? Can you help me then? Maybe you can find a way to end it!" Harry said, taking a step towards them both, and making Dean raise his gun at him once more. "Shooting me won't work you know."

"How do you know? Ever actually been shot?"

"I have actually. In the head. Then again, I did it to myself, so maybe you're right. Maybe it will work." Harry told him with a shrug, whilst Dean just gaped at him in shock.

"You... shot yourself? In the head?!"

"Yes. Like I told you both, I was desperate. I still am. I need to die. Before it's too late." Harry told them, taking another step towards them and coming to a stop in front of Sam. Looking up at him pleadingly.

"You want us to kill you." Sam stated, and Harry nodded. "Why?"

"Because of what I am."

"What are you?" Dean asked, beginning to get nervous and swallowing hard.

"I don't know. A demon? I don't think that is right. Christo. See, no effect. Holy water doesn't have an effect on me either. When I was a child, churches made me uncomfortable, but during my travels, I have visited a lot of them and I'm immune to them now." Harry admitted with a shrug and frowned when Dean put the gun away and instead pulled out a knife. "How will a knife help?"

"What do you mean, 'you don't know'? How can you not know what you are?" Sam asked before Dean could answer him abut the knife.

"Simple. Until I was twenty-one, I thought I was human. Then I received a letter from my mother's... lawyers which she had wrote and then told them that they should only give it to me when I turned twenty-one. In it, she told me who my real father was, explained what had happened to make it so that James wasn't my father. Explained everything, bar how to end it and what I was."

"Why do you think you are a demon then?" Sam asked him, frowning in confusion, whilst Dean had moved to stand at Harry's side, knife still clenched in his hands.

"Because of my fathers name." Harry told them, glancing at Dean nervously, before he slowly reached into his pocket, freezing when Dean gripped the knife even tighter and glared at him. Harry swallowed heavily and then pulled his hand out even slower, revealing that he had a well worn piece of thick paper in his hands.

"What is your fathers name?" Sam asked, once Dean had relaxed somewhat and Harry was looking back at him. The hand that was holding the letter shaking slightly.

"Here. Read for yourself." Harry said, handing Sam the letter. Dean glanced at him and then at Sam, who delicately opened the letter and began to read it.

Sam finished reading the letter, paling as he read more and more, before letting his hand drop and looking at Harry with a mixture of horror and a small amount of pity.

"Now you understand why I must die? I can't allow myself to turn into him. I can't allow someone to find out about me and use it to let him out of hell once more! I just... I can't! So can you help me? At all?" Harry asked him, tears beginning to form in the corner of his eyes.

"I... You haven't done anything wrong though. I can't kill you if you haven't done anything wrong."

"How do you know?! And who cares if I haven't! It has to stop before it even begins!" Harry begged, Dean was still watching the two in confusion, unsure as to what they were actually talking about.

"What is he, Sammy? Why should we kill him?" Dean asked finally, frustrated and concerned about his brother, who seemed to be struggling with something. Sam looked at him and then passed the letter to him.

My dearest baby boy,

By now, you will be twenty-one, should Gringotts have fulfilled my wish, which they would have done. I hope that you have grown to be a fine, honourable man. However you have turned out, know that myself and James will be proud of you. I need you to know that we both love you dearly, and what I may tell you in this letter will never change that.

Now, onto the true reason for this letter. By now, I'd imagine you are experiencing some strange anomalies with yourself. You may find things easier now, that before you had found hard or even impossible to do. On that note, you may also find things that you can no longer do that you used to be able to do.

The reason for this, is because of your parentage. I am sorry and somewhat ashamed to tell you that James Potter is not your real father, though he did adopt you and no one besides myself and James know about this. By now, I'd imagine that you are feeling betrayed and are also wondering who your father is.

All I can say, before I tell you, is that I am so sorry. It was not my choice that I slept with someone other that James. It was not consensual, however I could not bring myself to punish my unborn child for what happened to me. Even knowing whom its father was.

This may be difficult to understand, or even believe. I know I couldn't understand it when it happened. However, first, in order to help you understand, I should tell you that I was an Unspeakable for the department of mysteries. In there, there is a veil that no one knew where it led. Turns out it leads to different places depending on the person that enters it. No one who has entered it has ever returned before, until myself and my team began to work on it. We found a way to enter the veil and then come back out, however, it is not safe for me to tell you how. I do not wish for you to think of entering the veil. I do not want to imagine where it would take you.

"What's she taking about? What veil?" Dean asked, looking up from the letter before he had finished it and looking at Harry.

"Finish the letter first, then I will answer any questions you might still have," Harry told him, making Dean frown at the strangely worded question, then turning back to the letter.

As you can probably guess, I entered the veil. I was the last to go in as I was the only one with a husband and was the youngest. They tested it with the others first to see if it worked. So I entered, but something happened just before I fully entered. I can't explain exactly what happened, as I do not know myself. However, when I arrived at my destination, I discovered rather quickly that I had entered Hell.

I know that if you were brought up by the people myself and James asked you to be brought up by, namely Sirius and Remus, that you will not believe in Heaven and Hell. God and Satan. I can tell you though, that it does exist. Hell is a very apt name for where I arrived.

They do not like humans down there. Or at least, they don't like them until they finally become demons as is wont to happen occasionally. I won't go into detail of what happened down there, but I was there for a long time, longer than it appeared I had been down there when I returned back to the DOM.

I was tortured to put it bluntly. Once they came across me, they tortured me. However, I caught the eye of a certain demon. He seemed to find my eyes attractive. I think you can probably guess, from the contents of this letter, what happened to me. I found out the name of my two main torturers before I managed to escape and return back.

The demon that found me in the first place went by the name Alistair. He was a vicious being and took great delight in my torture. The name of the second demon came as a shock to me.

Harry, my baby boy, the name of that demon, of your father. It was Lucifer. The leader of Hell.

"Fuck! Sammy, if you don't kill him, I will!" Dean shouted, dropping the letter and grabbing Harry before Sam could stop him.

"Dean! Stop! He's done nothing wrong! We can't kill him because of who his father is! It isn't right."

"Please kill me." Harry whispered before Dean could reply, and Dean looked at him in shock.


"I don't want to know what I might become. I don't want to take the risk. I've tried everything I could to change it. Did illegal, dark rituals that should have changed a persons DNA into that of another creatures. I stayed the same however. Who knows what else I've got the DNA of now. I tried all light creatures at first, thinking maybe that could change things. When it didn't work, I turned to dark creatures. All that did was give me better eyesight and a taste for rare steak." Harry told them with a wry smile. Dean tightened his hold on Harry, pulling him against his chest and raised the knife.

"You want to die?" Dean asked him and Harry nodded, looking a little serene, though still eyeing the knife curiously.

"Yeah, I really do. I've tried everything I could think of. Everything! Hell, I even got the pope to exorcise me! The pope!! Even that didn't work. All it did was give me one hell of a headache and made me bleed from my nose and ears. It didn't send me to hell or kill me though. So what can I do now? I've even been blessed by the pope and about three different cardinals. There's nothing I can do now, besides hope one of you can kill me." Harry told them, sounding weary of life even to Sam.


"If he wants to die, who are we to say no? It's not murder if he wishes for it."

"No, but it is assisted suicide, which is also illegal." Sam pointed out.

"Who cares? We've killed before. What's one more charge against us?"

"How will the knife kill me? How do you know?" Harry asked him, interrupting what was probably another argument against his death from Sam.

"It was made to kill demons. Kill them, not exorcise them." Dean told him, and Harry grinned.

"Then it should work with me, right? If you stab me in the heart, it should work." Harry said, sounding more and more hopeful.

"Yeah. For the record. I'm sorry. I actually kinda like you, but you're right, you can't be allowed to live." Dean said and Harry smiled at him, lifting up a hand and placing it over Dean's hand on the knife.

"It's okay. If it helps you, I think God will probably reward you for what you are about to do. Who knows what you are preventing. Will you, perhaps, burn my body so no one can find it and use it?" Harry asked them, getting nods from both brother's. "Thank you Dean, Sam." Harry said, looking at Sam and smiling at him, which Sam returned weakly. Harry then let his hand drop from Dean's and then closed his eyes.

He felt the air move when Dean's hand moved and then gasped as he felt the knife strike his chest and hit his heart. Then he knew no more.

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