The Week The Mysterons Almost Won

Colonel White was livid as he watched the broadcast on the large screen in his office with almost all of his Captains plus the Angels – only Symphony Angel was missing although the audio was being piped up to her in the standby Angel aircraft.

"So it is agreed that Spectrum is to be disbanded and its assets be given to the World Security Service?" said the World President. "Let us take a vote on the matter" and the vote was taken with all but 45 members of the UN council agreeing – Britain was one of those who voted to keep Spectrum.

"Turn that off" White said bitterly to Lieutenant Green.

"Yes, Sir" she replied, and she closed the broadcast link. The young woman was almost as mad as the Colonel himself about that.

"So what do we do now?" asked Captain Scarlet.

"We hand over all our equipment to the WSS, as ordered to by the President" White said, looking at one of his most trusted personnel.

"I can just imagine the Mysterons using this to their advantage" Captain Blue said.

"Of course!" White said, and caused several officers to jump in surprise. "I'll bet my pension on this being a devious Mysteron plan!" and was true that the Mysterons had been quiet for some time now.

"Colonel?" Green called.

"Yes Lieutenant?" the head of Spectrum said.

"I am getting orders for us to proceed to Roswell – New Mexico, where we will decommission Cloudbase" Green said, reading the message as it came on her screen.

"If I know the Presidential cabinet" White muttered to himself, and then Green suddenly announced that five aircraft had been picked up on Radar and heading this way.

"Do you know what they are?" asked Scarlet.

"Three transport craft and two fighters as escort" Green said, reading the ID transponder codes from the incomings. She frowned as she picked up an incoming transmission, and the Operations Officer put it on the speakers.

... ioning. WAF to Spectrum. Standby and be prepared to be boarded on orders of President Clark. Standby to receive orders for your decommissioning

Green simply switched it off before Colonel White could even ask her to do so. Anger burned in her as she thought about the recent events. The aircraft had already had to have been on their way, and she spun in her seat and told the Colonel exactly that.

"I fear you are right" the elderly man said, he closed his eyes and thought for a moment before opening them again. "Lieutenant Green… sound Battle Stations" and Scarlet, Blue, the other Captains and the Angels all looked at White. It had been put into the order of things, but never had it ever been given.

"Yes, Sir" Green replied, and she pressed the buttons on her console. The Angels left at once and went to their aircraft and launched to intercept the incoming troops. It was several minutes before the two groups came together.

Destiny Angel to Cloudbase. Angel Flight has intercepted the incoming aircraft… They have locked defensive weapons on to us. Request permission to activate our own weapons systems.

"Destiny Angel from Colonel White. Permission Granted! Do not, I repeat, do not shoot first. Fly in a pattern so that they do not get much closer to Cloudbase. You are authorised to fire cannon across their nose to break them up – that is all" White said, and Scarlet looked at his friend and partner Captain Blue.

"This is going to get out of control" he muttered quietly

"Hopefully not" White replied.

"Yes, sir" Scarlet said, "Sorry" he added to the Colonel.

"That's alright" the other man replied, "I would most likely have said the same thing" he admitted. The remaining members left in the control room listened to the Angels calling over the radio asking for permission to lock on and shoot the opposing planes down, but White refused. Eventually the planes left and the Angel flight returned to Cloudbase and refuelled and rearmed before sitting on the launch pads though under the surface of the runway to make it look as if they had all gone into the main part of Cloudbase.


"What do we do now?" asked Scarlet to Colonel White.

"While this was going on, Lieutenant Green reported that World Agencies across the globe have been ordered to stop us from entering their airspace" and White looked at the serious looks on his senior staff's faces.

"Where can we go?" asked Blue.

"The United Kingdom has rejected the orders and has allowed us to enter their airspace and land Cloudbase if it should be necessary" White informed them all, and then he looked at Captain Blue. "Something the matter, Captain?" he asked.

"Yes, sir" the blond haired man replied. "I left my passport back at my family home in Boston" he said sheepishly.

"You think that's bad?" asked Scarlet looking over at his friend, "I haven't paid my taxes in 3 YEARS!" and even White chuckled at that along with the others.

"I'll see what I can do for you" he promised, then he went serious again, "In a few moments, the manoeuvring engines will power up and we will get to UK airspace as fast as possible. Once there we will work to figure out what has happened, and devise a plan to rescue ourselves" and with that, they set to work to gleam every bit of information from databanks inside every relevant World Government organisation around the planet. This time the threat from the Mysterons was from their own people – and Spectrum had to find the cause and do it quickly! If they failed, the Earth was open to attacks by the Mysterons and their agents. The world would be unable to fight back… and all because of the Mysteonisation of a few high ranking officials. Whoever said that red tape could kill, had to have been thinking of this situation, when they first said that.