Close Quarters


April 2010

Hotch told the team, as the jet landed, "Leave the paperwork for later. Go home and get some rest. We've got a new case in the morning. Prostitutes in Baltimore and the unsub has been at it for a long while, from the looks of it."

Everyone- but JJ and Rossi- let out tired sighs and groans. They had already heard about the case and weren't surprised to know the team had to be off and running first thing the next morning.

Derek did what he always did when Penelope rode with them. He grabbed her bag out of the overhead and got his own too. She carried her purse and laptop.

Everyone made their way off the plane and across the military airfield.

Rossi asked "Who wants to hitch a ride back with me?"

There were too many of them to get in one SUV.

Though all their cars were at work, it was not unusual, when they got to go home instead of back to the office for some of them to grab cabs and then get a cab back to work the next morning. Emily often did this since she lived in downtown Washington DC. Derek never did because he had to collect his dog from the kennel or whoever was watching him. JJ didn't either because she lived more in the suburbs where she had to have a vehicle. Same for Hotch.

Emily said "I'm just grabbing a cab. Want to share one, Reid?"

"Uh....that would be fine."

They often shared cabs and it was always her who asked and him who stumbled over his words before accepting.

Rossi answered "Looks like the rest of us will fit in one SUV then."

Rossi drove. Hotch sat in the passenger seat and JJ, Morgan and Penelope got in the backseat. It was late and Penelope hadn't gotten any sleep on the plane. She dozed off on Derek's shoulders. Everyone else got out of the SUV at work, leaving them alone.

Derek whispered "Baby girl...come on and open those pretty brown eyes....wake up, baby."

As she came awake a smile graced her lips and then her eyes opened. She sat up. "Oh, I see you've managed to get me all alone. Lets not waste that, my love." Then she brought her mouth to his.

The kiss they shared was slow and sensual. She sucked on his tongue. His hand splayed across her back. When she pulled back she flashed this brilliant smile at him and said "You taste even sweeter in Virginia."

He chuckled. They were gonna be okay after all.


Derek leaned against Esther after getting Penelope's luggage inside of her car. His eyes raked up and down her as she stared back at him.

He finally said "If you would have given me a head's up that you were single, woman, that first night in Indiana wouldn't have been wasted on sleeping."

She smirked. "Hindsight is twenty twenty. Its good to know you had designs on your Goddess before our out of the blue kiss."

"There was nothing out of the blue about it. I've been looking for my moment for years now."

"And you found it."


"And I nearly had my way with you five seconds later until Jayje interrupted."

He joked "I don't know if that means I'm easy or you're eager."

She laughed. "Both!"

After chuckling softly Derek shoved his hands in his pockets. "Head home, Garcia. Get some sleep. Tomorrow will come too soon for either of us."

She walked up to him, leaned up and gave him a peck, as he leaned down to accept it. Penelope said "I still owe you a long talk, right?"

"We've got time."

"Lets not waste more time though, okay?"

He nodded.

She got in her car, flashed him a smile and started it. Rolling down the window she called out "Chow, baby!"

"Chow, light of my life!"


The first time they made love was like something out of a dream- or a very naughty fantasy. Derek had been home less than an hour after getting back from Indiana when there was a knock on his door.

He still had on his work clothes but he had yanked off his shoes and socks already.

Going to the door he looked through the peephole and spotted Penelope. Pulling open the door he was about to ask if she couldn't sleep because they never had their talk about the past and the future of them when she answered, in her sexiest voice that dripped with lust, "Who needs sleep anyway?"

Then she was all over him, kissing him with an intensity that sent shivers through him and made his dick harden in an instant. His baby girl was hot, wet and ready for him. He knew it before he even had his fingers between those silky thighs of hers.

Morgan kicked close the door and they started to rip each others clothes off, as they kept kissing, breaking apart to rip off this piece or that till he was down to boxers and she had on just her bra and panties.

Seeing the faint scars on her chest and abdomen Derek gently kissed and suckled them, as his hands ran up and down her back. His tongue laved over the slightly raised skin and treated it like it was sacred. Physical proof of how she had lived to love him another day.

Moving his mouth upwards he kissed between the valley of her breasts and on the swells of them.

Everything was heightened. There was no time to think or plan. It was all about being in the moment and exploring all the places that were previously off limits but always imagined.

Joining his mouth with hers in a desperate and hungry kiss, he cupped one of her breasts and squeezed, something he wanted to do since the day they met. His dick throbbed and grew as he massaged that full, heavy breast that was clad in pink satin.

Penelope moaned into his mouth. "Mmmmmm," and he moved to kiss her jaw and then her throat, before raising his head to marvel at her flushed face and her slightly wet lips.

Their eyes met and he saw fierce love there. All for him. He felt so lucky and cherished.

She started to kiss his shoulder, nipping at it, and then down his chest, taking her time, sucking and biting and licking her way till she was on her knees in front of him, yanking down his boxers to reveal his dick to her eyes for the first time.

He watched her as she saw him, the way her eyes lit up and she took him in. It was sweet and also sexy as hell, all at once.

When she took hold of him that was it, if there were any doubts before (and there weren't anymore) then he lost them in that second: he belonged to her.

Penelope caressing his dick was just too perfect for words. And when she took him into her mouth: heaven on earth. Just having her lick over the slit and drink down the few drops of precum was enough to make his knees nearly buckle.

He moaned "Baby girl, fuck yeah, just like that."

He heard a sexy chuckle come out of her that only made it all that much better, as the vibrations worked over him. He tangled his fingers in her hair. In a deep and throaty tone Derek was murmuring "Oh God....oh God...oh God...." a minute later he knew if he didn't stop he would come so he gritted out "Enough."

Penelope let him slip from her mouth, giving him one last long lick, and then kissed her way up, very slowly, kissing and sucking all different places than on her way down until their lips were joined together again. His cock notched between her legs, pressing against her soaked lacy panties, while one arm wrapped around her back to keep her pulled against him.

Just having his cock against the center of her was already a fantasy come true. What was about to happen next he knew would stay with him for every moment of the rest of his life.

He kissed along her neck and up to her ear, nibbling on it, and whispered "I want to carry my baby girl to bed and don't give me no lip, woman." He lifted her up and took her to his room.

There he stripped her of her bra and panties, kissing all the places he uncovered for long minutes, licking and sucking and making her wither underneath his touch. When he moved so he was over her she cupped his face with her hands "Make love to me, Hot Stuff, and prove me right."

He raised an eyebrow.

She answered "That we're destiny."

With a possessive growl he captured her lips again. His cock teased at her entrance. Penelope moaned and cried "Now, baby, please!"

Taking the time to grab a condom out of the bedside drawer he slipped it on and then he started to kiss her again. Reaching down his fingers smoothed through her wetness and delved inside, working her into a frenzy, before he replaced those fingers with his dick.

Looking down at her Derek lost his breath because she looked so beautiful and it felt so right to be inside of her. Slowly thrusting more fully inside tears came to his eyes. He'd never had a more powerful sexual experience in all his life as this one with her.

His baby girl.

Giving her a short kiss he then started to move, as her legs wrapped high around his back, and they learned a rhythm that they would go back to time after time for the years to come.