Draco returned to the kitchen and rapidly issued orders to the house-elves, even though his mind was only partially on the hazelnut crème and chocolate dipped pecans. The short respite allowed his own demanding erection to subside slightly and gave him a feeling of more control. He had been dangerously close to orgasm just by sucking Potter off. His mouth watered at the memory and he itched to get back to it. Draco had never been into giving head before, but something about Potter's perfect prick, and the sounds he made, and his helplessness…

Draco barked a few more commands and then returned to Potter. Sheer luck saved him from whatever spell Potter launched at him. Draco was surprised he was able to cast at all with his hands bound so tightly to the chair.

"Damn you, Malfoy!" Potter spat and twisted his wrist for another attempt.

Draco jumped forward and tore the wand from Potter's grip with a glare. "I said I would be right back, prat. The house-elves are not used to working without my supervision." He smirked and reached down to fondle Potter's cock before pushing lower to grip his testicles, loving the way Potter's eyes darkened and his body shuddered, even as an angry sound hissed through his clenched teeth.

"Malfoy, you—"

"Hush, Potter, you know you want it." Draco frowned as he said it, realizing Potter could later have Draco arrested, claiming coercion and even rape. "In fact, I think you should say it."

"—you utter… What?"

Draco nodded and his fingers rubbed gentle circles over the soft flesh between Potter's balls and puckered opening while his palm and thumb squeezed lightly. Potter half-lifted himself from the chair, giving Draco better access, although it was hard to determine if Potter was even conscious of the motion. "Tell me you want it."

Potter's mouth opened and Draco half-expected a Gryffindorish declaration. He smirked, wondering if Potter would cut off his nose to spite his face, as the old saying went. Potter's teeth clicked together, halting whatever he was about to say. Draco leaned forward and brushed his lips over Potter's cheek to stop at his ear and huff a hot breath or two there.

"Just say it," Draco whispered. "I'll make it worth your while."

"Fuck," Potter said, sounding tortured. "Fuck, I… I want it." He bucked into Draco's hand, likely seeking more contact on his neglected cock.

"I want you, Draco. Say it."

"I want you, Draco." Potter's voice was barely audible, even so close to Draco's ear.

Merlin, that was unexpectedly sexy, hearing those words, and Draco's given name, from the lips of the Saviour. He knew Potter would probably kill him the moment he was freed, so he intended to make it worth every Crucio.

Draco let go and stepped back once more, only to drop Potter's wand on the ground and reach up to unbutton his shirt. Potter's jaw worked, but he said nothing, only watched through half-lidded eyes as Draco disrobed. That was also a heady feeling, Draco discovered, undressing while Potter watched every article of clothing as it was removed.

When Draco was completely nude, he strode forward and climbed onto the chair, straddling Potter's lap and kneeling over him. He pressed their cocks together and smiled at the delicious friction. "Better?" he asked.

Potter nodded. "Much."

Draco kissed him again and gripped large handfuls of Potter's thick hair. It felt amazing and he admitted to having several fantasies that involved burying his hands and face in it, but mostly holding it while Potter sucked him off…

Fantasies did not matter, at the moment. The reality was much better. Potter still tasted faintly of chocolate and Draco tasted him as he rubbed his cock up and down over Potter's. It was good, but Draco needed more.

He let go of Potter's hair and fumbled for his wand, which now sat trapped between Potter's thigh and Draco's calf. Draco tapped his wand on his own thigh and mumbled three quick spells in succession. Potter's eyes widened and Draco smiled.

"Want me to sit on your lap, Potter?" he asked in a purring tone. He smiled at the answering look in Potter's eyes and wondered if it was possible to combust from a mere gaze. He pushed away and manoeuvred himself until his back was to Potter and then he gradually lowered himself until he rested on Potter's thighs.

He leaned his head back until it nearly lolled on Potter's shoulder, wanting to look into his eyes once more.

"Fuck," Potter said thickly. "I want to touch you. Release these stupid bonds."

Draco would if he could. He wanted nothing more than to feel Potter's hands on him, followed by Potter's lips and Potter's tongue… He kissed him by way of apology, alternately cursing and thanking the Dark Lord, because if not for him and his evil chair, Potter would not be here now.

Draco broke the kiss and spent some time arranging himself, gripping Potter's still-hard cock and placing it in position, holding it tightly as he lowered himself onto it. Despite the spells he had cast, it burned uncomfortably as his body stretched to accommodate Potter's not inconsiderable size.

"Oh Merlin, Merlin, Merlin," Potter breathed against the back of Draco's neck. He pressed a kiss there and Draco felt a rush of warmth that made him put his arms over Potter's and link their fingers together. He paused when Potter was fully sheathed and savoured the sensations, committing everything to memory. He might have to invest in a Pensieve in order to replay it, but until then he wanted to be able to recall every nuance—the feeling of Potter's skin, his breath, the lovely, incoherent sounds he made, the feel of his hard thighs beneath Draco's legs… He knew it was a once in a lifetime experience and he intended to make the most of it.

He let go of Potter's hands and braced himself on the arms of the chair in order to find purchase as he pushed himself slowly up and down Potter's cock, alternately focussing on the brilliant sensations and Potter's reactions. After a bit, he put his feet on the seat and increased the pace, gasping each time Potter's prick grazed over something brilliant inside. For his part, Potter obligingly lifted his hips to meet Draco's downstrokes, thrusting as well as he could, despite his bound state. The tendons in his arms stood out gorgeously. Draco wished he could see Potter's face, but the moans and curse words mouthed against Draco's skin would have to do.

Draco's cock bobbed and he longed to touch it and bring himself off, but he needed his hands for leverage. He thought it wouldn't be long before Potter came, judging by the sounds. Even as it occurred to him, Potter jerked against him and cried out, twitching violently. Draco pumped a bit longer, revelling in the knowledge that he had brought the Chosen One to the point of insensibility.

Draco pulled away and quickly turned around to kneel over Potter once more, taking in the satiated, glazed look in Potter's eyes and the flush that tinted his face, neck, and chest. Debauched Potter was even sexier than the other versions, he decided.

Draco perched over Potter's lap and stroked his own cock with both hands as Potter watched wordlessly. It did not take long—the mere fact of Potter riveted to the sight of Draco bringing himself off while his release dribbled from Draco's arsehole was not only enough to send him over the edge, but he knew it would provide wank material for possibly decades to come.

Draco bit his lip to suppress a cry, threw his head back, and came all over Potter's abdomen, shooting what seemed endless spurts of fluid to mar the perfection of Potter's glistening skin.

"Fucking hell," Potter muttered as Draco collapsed against him and wrapped his arms around Potter's neck. Potter's sweat stung his lips and Draco licked at it before biting down slightly. He thought about marking Potter with a love bite—it would serve whomever Potter was seeing right, to let the man out of their sight long enough for Draco to molest him. He chuckled at the idea.

"What?" Potter asked.

"I'm glad you dropped in, Potter."

There was a rustle and then Draco gasped as he felt Potter's arms wrap around him. He had obviously miscalculated the length of time that Potter had been in the chair.

"Finally," Potter growled. "Don't think you're going anywhere, Malfoy."

Draco wasn't sure he could move, even if Potter released him. He sucked lightly on Potter's neck once more. "Okay," he said agreeably.


Harry held onto Malfoy, still having trouble believing the whole thing had been real, but the feel of Malfoy's warm skin and the stickiness drying between them was rather convincing, as well as the tantalizing touch of Malfoy's lips against his neck.

"Why did you do that?" Harry asked, skating his hands over Malfoy's back, mostly because he had been wanting to touch him, not just recently, but possibly for a very long time.

Malfoy chuckled. "Surely, you are joking? How could I possibly resist a trouser-free Harry Potter tied up and waiting for my pleasure?"

"I wasn't waiting for your pleasure. I'm here on business. This thing with the chair is purely accidental. And I ripped my trousers."

Malfoy leaned back to look at him. Harry relaxed his grip only enough to let Malfoy meet his gaze. "Business? What business?"

"Your mother hired me to break all the curses in this house so that you can all move back in. What are you dong here? She told me it was deserted."

"I'm making chocolate, of course. The kitchen was never cursed and the house-elves jump at the opportunity to return here, although I keep them far too busy to meander about and clean the place."

Harry was barely listening. His hands were busy sliding over Malfoy's skin, ghosting over shoulders, back, ribs, and hips. Merlin, his hipbones were delectable.

"Are you even listening?" Malfoy demanded, tugging at Harry's hair. It was only then that Harry noticed Malfoy had buried both hands in it. That felt surprisingly wonderful. Well, except the pulling.

"I'm sorry. I seem to be getting distracted."

Malfoy groaned, but leaned forward to place a light kiss on Harry's lips. "You are very easily distracted, then."

"Apparently so. Or perhaps you simply prevent me from thinking normally."

Malfoy smirked. "That explains a lot."

"It does, doesn't it?" Harry replied agreeably. "Are there any bedrooms in this house that aren't cursed?"

Malfoy's hands tightened in his hair and he reared back to look at Harry in surprise. His grey eyes gleamed with something Harry did not recognize. "Oddly enough, my bedroom isn't cursed."

"Good. And you mentioned something about more chocolate?"

"I should be able to locate some."

With that, Malfoy Apparated them straight to his bedchamber.

(YES, IT'S FINISHED, although I might have to revisit this one later, after I finish a few dozen projects... I REALLY NEED SOME CHOCOLATE NOW.)