Darker Than Black: Host Club

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Chapter One: A Night Out

Misaki sat at a rounded booth, wearing a tight, thin-strapped red dress that draped above the knees, courtesy of Kanami. She had her hair hanging down and, to her discomfort, wore contact lenses. Kanami, who was sitting next to her, was wearing a blue dress that draped just below her knees with her hair pulled back.

Kanami had insisted on treating Misaki to a night out for her twenty-seventh birthday. Misaki thought it was a little suspicious when she showed her the dress she wanted her to wear, but figured she was just going to take her to another dance club. Little did Misaki know, her friend had an ulterior motive; and to make matters worse, she was inside one of the few high-class host clubs in Tokyo.

Misaki felt uncomfortable and hoped the hosts would hurry up with her drink so that she could unwind somewhat. Actually, she was hungry and wished they would bring out a menu.

A man in a white button up shirt, black pants and black hair walked by and sat in the rounded booth beside them. The man reminded her of Li-kun and she imagined Li showing up in his white shirt with a couple of plates that were stacked of different kinds of food. She smiled at the thought. It would be too good to be true; he wasn't the type to work at a club like this.

"Having fun already," Kanami smirked, as she noticed Misaki smiling at the man.

Misaki frowned as her image of Li vanished, and babbled, "You know I would have rather gone out to eat with you at McDoness, than you having to spend your money at one of these hosts clubs."

"I know you would, that's why I dragged you here instead. It's not healthy for a young lady like you to work all day and not have any real fun."

Misaki's eyes narrowed.

A man in his early twenties, with long black hair pulled into a ponytail and a goatee, wearing a black suit, approached their table.

"It's about time," Misaki mumbled to herself.

"Hello ladies," he began, smiling. "Is there a special person you're looking for tonight?"

"Yes," Kanami replied, "I'd be interested in one of your new guys."

"Sure, is there a preference of hair color, height or eyes?"

"No, please just someone young and with black hair."

"And for you, ma'am?" he asked while looking at Misaki.

"I don't need anyone's company. I can pour my own drink, thank you," she commented still frowning.

The man looked at her baffled, as Kanami tried to laugh off her friend's statement.

"She's just joking," she chuckled while secretly giving her an evil eye. "How about a tall blond with blue eyes?"

"No problem," he smiled. "And what would you like them to serve you?"

"Do you have greasy food here?" blurted out Misaki.

The man looked at her baffled again, as Kanami shook her head at her friend.

"Misaki," she whispered to her, "This is a host club where they only serve drinks."

"What, no food?" she pouted. "Can we go somewhere else? I'm hungry."

"Just a bottle of your best wine, please," said Kanami, looking at the waiter embarrassed.

"The men will be right out with your order. Have a good evening, ladies," he replied and walked off to greet more ladies at another booth.

"Misaki, can you at least act like a lady just for tonight?" whispered Kanami, as she tried to keep her anger in check.

"But I'm hungry," blabbered Misaki, a little too loud for Kanami's taste. "You said you were taking me out for my birthday. I thought there would be food." And, if I don't get something soon, I'm afraid my stomach is going to imitate Li's.

"Keep your voice down! I told you I was taking you to a club."

"Well, you could have picked a better one. There's no food and they don't even allow you to select a guy from a menu."

"So you do care?"

"I—I'm just pointing out that your choice of club is terrible. Besides, there's not much I can talk about with these guys. They usually ask what kind of work you do to get a conversation going. And I can't tell them I track down contractors, so I have to lie, and I don't like doing that."

"You don't have to lie, just tell them you're a cop that tracks down criminals. You don't need to say more, and you're not lying."

"Me, say I'm a cop. That would be a turnoff to guys. The last person they want to know is a woman who could probably kick their butts."

Kanami shook her head, smiling and said, "Actually, they find it kinky."

Misaki blushed, as she pictured herself cuffing a man to a bedpost. To her satisfaction, the man she was tying up was Li.

She shook away the thought and glared at her friend, making Kanami shrug, and said, "What? Besides, this is one of the best clubs around. The men who work here are so handsome."

"Kanami, please, can we just go somewhere else? I'm not comfortable, especially in this dress. And I'm really hungry."

"No, now stop whining and enjoy yourself."

Misaki frowned.

"And stop frowning, you'll get wrinkles."

Minutes later, a young man approached their table with two bottles of wine in his hands. He had short black hair and was dressed in a black suit that was opened to a white collared shirt, unbuttoned at the bottom and top to reveal smooth collarbones.

"Hello ladies, my name is…" he began.

"Li-kun!" Misaki exclaimed, as her eyes lit up and starred flabbergasted. She kept blinking and rubbing her eyes to make sure who she was looking at was not an illusion. What were the odds he would actually be here serving them?

"Kirihara-san," Li smiled, "it's good to see you again."

Kanami's eyes lit up too, as she smiled at Li's presence, "Yes!" she whispered, as she tried to keep it to herself, but Misaki heard it, and wondered what her friend was scheming.

Li set one of the bottles on the table, opened the other bottle of wine and went to go sit next to Kanami. Just as he was about to pour her some wine, she placed her hand on his to stop, smiled at him and said, "You're suppose to be serving Misaki."

Misaki looked at her friend baffled. "Kanami, you're the one who wanted a black haired…"

"No I didn't. Please, Li-kun, could you serve Misaki?"

Li looked at her confused, but smiled it off, rounded the table to sit next to Misaki, and poured her a drink.

Misaki continued to stare at him surprised. Why was he working at a host club? She didn't figure him for the type. It wasn't that he couldn't, he was attractive, but he seemed too sweet and shy to work as one. Was he short on cash for school?

"What brings you two here today?" Li asked, as he poured his own drink. "A celebration or just a night out?"

"You're the young man who was buying the bra for a friend, aren't you?" Kanami asked, instead of answering his question and not caring where the other host was.

"Kanami!" barked Misaki.

Li blushed with a sweat drop running down his face, and guzzled down his drink out of embarrassment.

"Buying a bra?" questioned a man's voice. Misaki looked up to see November Eleven. Her eyes lit up again, wondering what he was doing here. Was he here to chat with hostesses? She then noticed a couple bottles of wine in his hands while he sat next to Kanami. "Men don't usually buy bras. Are you a cross dresser?"

Everyone looked at him stupefied as Kanami giggled, as if she was remembering Misaki asking the same question to Li.

"Nov…" Misaki began, but stopped herself. She thought he might be working under cover, and it wouldn't be pleasant if she spilled out his code name. However, even if he was, why here?

Hei quickly poured himself another drink, and guzzled it down.

"Just joking. I'm Jack Smith," he replied with a charm, as he filled Kanami's glass. "I'll be serving you tonight. And you are?"

"Kanami. This is my friend, Misaki. And I believe you know Li already," informed Kanami, as Li looked up from pouring another drink for himself to nod his hello to Jack.

Misaki could have sworn she saw a hint of anger inside Li's eyes as he looked at Jack, but brushed it off as she guzzled her drink down. Li looked at her baffled and went to fill the glass up. Misaki grabbed the drink and downed it in seconds.

"No, I'm new here. I have not met him yet. And seriously, why were you buying a bra?"

"He was buying it for a friend along with some women's clothes," answered Kanami, and then sipped her wine.

"Sounds like a lie to me," Jack smiled, as he filled his glass and took a drink. "Are you sure he wasn't buying it for himself?"

Li jerked from his comment and ended up spilling the wine he was pouring for Misaki.

"S—sorry," he blushed.

He grabbed some napkins on the table to clean the spill, and sat back in his chair.

Hei, working here to watch for a trade off, was displeased that November Eleven had to be present, along with Kirihara Misaki. First it was at Alice's party and now here. Had he been cursed by some gypsy in another life?

"So, does your boyfriend know you work as a host?" November Eleven asked, looking at Hei.

Hei desperately wanted to pull out his knife from under his arm and impale it between November Eleven's eyes, not just because of his comments, but also because of what he had done to Havoc. Hei, however, had to hold his composure not only in front of Misaki, but also in front of the many observer spirits floating around on power lines outside watching the building.

No doubt November Eleven was here to find out about the trade too. Something told Hei that with him and Misaki being around, he wasn't going to get any work done. This was supposed to be a simple job. He didn't even expect to be picked as a host on his first night. Why did they have to be here?

He hoped Mao wasn't watching from afar. If that fur ball was, Hei could picture his smile touching each ear.

November Eleven could sense his uneasy mood. He took another sip of his wine, and said, "Just joking."

Misaki frowned at him and then gulped her drink down again.

"So ladies, how do you know, Li? Do you come here often?"

"No," Misaki blurted out. "This is my first time here."

"Really?" he questioned.

"I met Li at a friend's party."

"I was a waiter there," added Hei.

"Is that so?" November smirked. "Does your boyfriend know about her?"

Hei frowned at his comment.

"So, Li, how's school going?" Misaki inquired, trying to change the subject.

I'm the host. Why is everybody asking me questions? Hei thought annoyed. "It's in between semesters right now."

"Misaki must have been wearing the same kind of tight dress at this party?" teased November Eleven. "Did you admire her dress and want to look the same for your man?"

Misaki spit out her wine all over Hei's jacket. Hei wasn't fazed by the wine, as he stared at November Eleven. He reached under his suit jacket to put his hands on one of his blades.

"I'm sorry, Li," apologized Misaki.

Just one quick toss to the forehead, and I can be rid of this guy. Hei thought. I can have Misaki and Kanami's memory erased, as well as everyone in this club.

Just as he was about to pull out his knife, Hei saw Yin's observer spirit in November Eleven's wine glass. He settled down and tried not to look at it, as November Eleven noticed it too.

"It's all right, Kirihara-san," Hei replied with a smile.

November Eleven smirked and then looked up at Hei. "Why don't you go ahead and clean up. I can entertain the ladies while you do."

Hei had no problem excusing his presence. He bowed to Misaki and Kanami and headed into the men's restroom. He reached inside his coat pocket, pulled out an earpiece, and put it in his left ear.

"Huang, it's alright to talk."

"HEI, WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!" screamed Huang.

Hei jolted from the loud noise and pulled out the earpiece, as females walking out of the ladies room looked at him curious.


Hei walked into the men's restroom and looked around to see the place was deserted.

"Huang, is the trade going on?" asked Hei.

"What happened? Yin said something about trouble."

"Nothing. Did Yin spot the trade?"

Hei could hear Huang asking Yin what had happened. Hei heard Yin respond with, "Hei and MI-6 agent fighting. Women are around too."

"WHAT?" asked Huang. "Is the trade going on, Yin?"

"No," she replied.

"Hei get your contractor ass back in there, and keep an eye out for the trade, not the women. Oh, and try not to drink too much. I don't need you passing out."

Hei grabbed a towel and began to clean the wine off his jacket.


"Well, its good he's gone," said November Eleven, as Kanami looked at him baffled.

"What's going on, Jack?" Misaki asked. "Why are you here?"

"There is an important trade happening here today," he informed, as Kanami looked at him upset.

"A trade?" Misaki questioned.

"I'm sorry I got paired up with you, ladies. I didn't mean to ruin your night. I'll have to take my leave soon so I can look around. I hope you don't mind just the company of that young man."

"What. Wait a minute. I paid good money to have two men with us here tonight. You can't just take off," Kanami complained.

"And I'm sorry about that. You can take it up with the manager."

Li came back from the restroom and sat next to Misaki.

"I'll be right back. I have to use the men's room," lied November Eleven.

He stood, giving Li one last look over, and made his leave.

"Well, this is turning out to be a wasted night," Kanami moaned.

Kanami looked over at her friend to see her staring at Li in a daze while he poured her another drink. She didn't think her friend was even aware that she had feelings for him. Kanami knew the look she gave him in the clothing store was no ordinary one. In addition, every time she was around him, her harsh attitude was extinguished. She had never met another man who had done that to her.

"So, Kirihara-san, how's work?" Li asked.

"It's the same as always, and I rather not talk about it," she replied, feeling an uneasiness developing.

Suddenly, her stomach growled, a little too loud for her comfort, and surprised it had kept quiet this long. Li looked at her dumbfounded.

"Ah, I'm so hungry. Why couldn't you take me out to a restaurant instead?" she complained, glaring at Kanami.

"You're impossible, Misaki," Kanami sighed upset, but then smiled at her devilishly.

"What?" Misaki asked.

"Li-kun. Here's some money to take her out to eat."

"What?" Misaki questioned, as Li looked at her flabbergasted.

"I'm sorry, but I can't take you up on the offer."

As if his manager could hear the sound of a cash register chiming, he bolted up to the table and looked over at Li upset.

"Of course he will take her out, that is his job as a host," he intervened, turning his attention to Kanami with a smile, and eyes that had yen signs on them.

"Wherever you want to go, have a good time you two," she smiled. Kanami grabbed Li by the arm to yank him out of the chair, grabbed Misaki to pull her up and started pushing them down the aisle to throw them out of the club.

"Bye, bye. Have fun," she chimed waving, as they stood by the door watching her walk away. Kanami walked up to the greeter and Misaki could hear her asking for another host.

"This was easier to get away from her than I thought," mumbled Misaki, as she exited the building with Li following.

As they walked down the sidewalk, Hei wondered how he could get out of his date with Misaki. He had gotten out of the frying pan, but now he had stumbled into the fire. He needed to buy a weegie board and see if he had been cursed.

"I'm so sorry, Li-kun. My friend is a little crazy."

"It's alright, Kirihara-san," Hei lied.

"You really don't have to accompany me. You can just take her money. I'm sure you could use it for school."

"And leave you alone?" Hei questioned, but thought, take the money and run, you idiot! Not to mention, his manager wouldn't approve. He couldn't leave her since this was his job, and he was happy to get away from November Eleven. Huang, however, would probably kill him if he found out he had left the club.

It shouldn't matter to them; they're the ones that got me the job as a host instead of a cook.

"I'll be fine alone," she assured.

"Your friend just wants you to have a good time," he replied. "Where would you like to eat?"

"I'll just go home and eat by myself."

Suddenly, a loud growl came from Hei's stomach. Hei grabbed at it, wishing he hadn't thought about food, and smiled sheepishly.

"Looks like you're not the only one hungry," he chuckled.

Misaki giggled.

"I know a great place. It's just around the corner," she insisted, and then gestured him to follow.

Huang was going to be upset with him, but Hei couldn't leave her alone. Not too mention he was hungry himself. Besides, they should still be able to contact him, and if it was just around the corner, he should be able to get back to the club for the trade.

They continued to walk down the street. It appeared the restaurant was a little further than just around the corner.

Hei noticed Misaki was shivering from the cold. He went to take off his jacket, but hesitated as he thought she might notice his blade under his left shoulder.

Hating to see her shiver, he took off his black suit jacket and placed it around her shoulders. He then walked over to her left side, placed his right arm around her, and pulled her tight up against him.


"You're cold, and I'm all yours tonight." Misaki blushed.


Misaki and Hei sat at a table together eating, laughing and drinking sake. It turned out Misaki had entered a smoke free karaoke bar instead of a restaurant. Hei wondered what she was thinking, until he smelled the aroma of the food.

There was a stack of forty plates and bowls setting next to them, and three large bottles of empty sake they had been drinking together.

"Really, Li-kun, you're thinking of quitting?"

"Yes, I don't think I'm suited for this job," he admitted, as he took his umpteenth shot of sake. "And stop changing the subject, Misaki, and answer my question."

"What was that question again?" Misaki giggled and took a shot too.

"Why your friend thought it would be great to spend time with me?"

"Hee, hee," she snickered, "I would think you knew the answer to that, Li-kun. She's trying to hook me up with you."

"I got that. I mean, why are you out celebrating?"

"It's my birthday."

"Really? Happy Birthday! I should have ordered a cake too."

"That's alright, Li-kun. You ordered plenty."

"No," he stressed, shaking his head after taking another shot. "Birthdays are special. I feel like I need to do something extra special for you."

"Really, I'm fine."

"I know," chimed Li, and then stood up from the table clumsily from the sake.

"Li-kun, where…?" she began to ask, as he lost his balance, and grabbed the table for support."

Misaki giggled, "Are you all right?"

"I'm fine," he assured, regaining his balance and heading over to the karaoke machine.

Hei walked over to the DJ and asked him something. The DJ stopped the music and Hei snatched the mike from the person singing on stage. The person gave him a dirty look as Hei cleared his throat and started singing in English.

"Happy Birthday to you," he slurred his words.

"Happy Birthday to you."

Everyone from the bar stopped eating and looked up at him.

"Happy Birthday, my dear Misaki.

She blushed at him saying my.

"Happy Birthday… to… you…"

Misaki tried to hide her embarrassment. He wasn't the best singer, but he could at least hold a note. It made her feel special and she began not to care about the audience he had made for himself.

Music started playing as Li made his way over to her. Misaki recognized the song playing was Fragrance by Gackt, but to her surprise Li started singing to it. He walked up before her to pull her out of the seat, held her up tight against him while looking into her eyes, and started dancing while leading her.

Misaki could feel herself want to pass out, as if Gackt himself were singing to her. This was like a dream come true for her, to be in Li's arms and dancing. Nothing else in the world felt better.

When the song ended, Li held her tighter, leaned forward, and locked his lips with hers. Their audience began clapping as they continued to kiss, but Misaki couldn't hear them as she savored every breathless moment with him. The luscious taste of his lips and the warmth of his embrace sent intoxicating pleasures throughout her body. In her mind, she had received the best gift she could ever ask for on her birthday.

The DJ started playing another slow song by Nana Mizuki to allow Misaki and Li to continue to dance. Misaki started to sing the song they were dancing to, while other couples got out of their chairs and started dancing.

Ten songs later, they decided to call it a night, and left the bar. Hei took his jacket, placed it around her shoulders, and pulled her tight against him as he walked her home.


"WHERE DID HE GO, YIN?" yelled Huang, his face boiling red.

"Don't know," replied Yin.

"You don't know?"

"Hei's not around water."

"Damn him. If he screwed this mission up like the Yakuza incident, he's dead! Mao, find that no good piece of shit and tell him I want to see his ass immediately."

Huang stormed out of the building, cursing under his breath, and pulling out a cigarette.

"He sure likes to cause trouble," Mao mumbled to himself.

"Hei's with a woman. They're at a bar," informed Yin.

"Woman? Don't tell me he's with that cop?"


"What are they doing?"

"Dancing and drinking."

"Dancing and drinking? He really never seems to bore me. Which bar, Yin?"

Yin gave Mao his location.


Hei, halfway awake, realized his head was pounding heavily, as if he were in a cabinet shop and someone was banging on a nail. He didn't feel like crawling out of bed and figured his best option was to stay put until his hangover dissipated.

How could he be such a fool and let his Li side of him get the best of his actions? He swore he would have to beat that side of him up to a pulp later.

Suddenly, he felt something pounce on him, forcing him, and making him regret it from the blinding light, to open his eyes and see a pair of yellow eyes staring at him.

"Someone's in trouble," the voice whispered.

To be continued…


AN: Hee Hee! Wasn't that fun?

This idea came about mainly from wanting Hei to take a part time job as a Host. I don't really know too much about Japanese Hosts, just what I've seen on TV and read. All I know is they are expected to chat with their clients and make sure they buy lots of alcohol. I've also heard for the right price they will… ;)

I know you all might be thinking Hei is a little out of character, because we know what he is like when he gets alcohol from season two. But this isn't Hei, it's Li-kun.

I hope you enjoyed it! :)