Host Club:

Chapter 6: Men are Supposed to Kiss the Girl

Misaki watched as Li continued to look at her confused since she couldn't believe what she had done. Although, now was her chance to find out if he was BK-201.

No, he wouldn't openly admit that, but perhaps she could read something off his body language.

She gazed into his eyes, and watched his behavior, but there wasn't a twitch in his posture. Yet, that didn't prove he wasn't. She knew that contractors were good actors and that they could hold a straight face, as Jack and April had done the first time they had met. It would just make it harder for her to uncover the truth.

If she were to pry any further, it was more than likely he would kidnap her and have her memory erased, which she didn't want happening so that she wouldn't forget her time with Li.

"BK...what?" he asked, a piece of lettuce hanging from his mouth.

Misaki didn't know how to respond to him. Should she get to the point and let it all out, or play it off as a joke.

"Eh, 2… 2... 201." she began, but stopped and then look at him seriously. "You... You know."

Li stared upwards for a second, and then looked back at her.

"Is it the name of a famous rock artist that I might look like? I get that a lot. Especially foreign tourist that say I look like a signer named Gackt, and then they ask for my autograph."

"Y— you can drop the act. I know what you are."

Li continued to look at her confused, but then something seemed to click in his head.

"Eh!" Li looked at her franticly. "This is about my immigrations, isn't it? I told the officer that I had left my paperwork at home. Are they going to make me go back to China?"

What a great lie, Misaki thought.

However, as she continued to gaze at him, he looked sincerely worried that he might be deported. She continued to read him to see if he was lying, but couldn't tell.

Perhaps he really was a Chinese transfer student.

Suddenly, she felt emptiness in her heart as she imagined ME being used on her, and her memories of Li-kun being lost forever. She quickly changed her approach and smiled sheepishly at him.

"Ah, no," she giggled. "It's...a... it's a nickname we use for stargazers."

"Stargazer?" Li questioned, but looked relieved as well.


"Oh, you scared me there for awhile. Yes," nodded Li, while taking another bite of his food. "I guess you could call me BK...201. I like to watch the stars, but I never heard that expression before."

"Oh...It—it's new."

"Eh, really?"


"That's what that blond guy had called me too. I guess I wouldn't have been attacked if I would have just admitted I'm BK-201."

Misaki couldn't help but laugh at his comment. How ironic to be joking around if he was BK-201. Although, if he wasn't BK-201, she felt sorry that he didn't realize November Eleven wouldn't have stopped fighting him if he had admitted to it.

Li looked at her confused, wondering why she was still laughing, but he found himself rejoining in.

Other customers looked at them dumbfounded, as they continued stuffing their faces while talking about the old stars.


Li and Misaki decided to take the JR line back to Misaki's apartment. Since it was after hours, the train wasn't cluttered with passengers, which allowed the young couple to sit next to each other.

Misaki, still tired from the long day, fought to keep herself awake.

The peacefulness of being next to Li made her start to doze off to where she didn't realized she rested her body up against Li's with her head upon his chest. Before she did, she felt Li wrap his arms around her. She smiled blissfully and dozed off.

The PEA overhead announced that they had reached her station, awakening her. Li stood first to hold out his hand and help Misaki up. She stared at it dumbstruck, but smiled it off, and took it while blushing at him being a gentleman. Kanami would be jealous when she hears about it tomorrow.

They exited the train, descended the stairs, and as they stepped from the station, Li offered Misaki to slip her hands through his arm. She did so, wondering why he was being so nice, but let it slip from her mind so that she could melt in the moment.

Once Misaki and Li reached her apartment, Li held open the door to let Misaki enter the building first. The lobby was cramped with a couple of couches before a coffee table, and a soda pop and a tobacco machine along the back wall. An elevator lay to their right with the emergency staircase next to it.

As they stepped in front of the elevator, they noticed an out of order sign on it.

"Great, not again!" Misaki sighed. "Aughhhh! My feet hurt too much to take the stairs. Can't they ever fix this thing right?"

Misaki began to head for the stairs, but before she could take a step up, Li swept her off her feet, and cradled her in his arms while looking into her eyes.

"Which floor?" he asked.

"Which…? What…?" stuttered Misaki. "Li-kun, you don't… I mean… your wounds."

"Your feet are killing you. I'll carry you so you don't get blisters or worse.

She nodded while blushing, and said, "Sixth… sixth floor."

Li began to carry her up the stairs, as Misaki wrapped her arms around his neck, and laid her head against his shoulder. She closed her eyes while thinking about how being in Li's arms felt so natural. It seemed the whole fiasco concerning contractors and November Eleven's fight didn't exist in the world she was living in.

Misaki heard footsteps from above, and looked up to see her neighbors, a middle-aged couple, heading downwards. Li placed his back against the wall, and drew Misaki as close as he could to him while smiling at the neighbors as they walked by. The couple returned it.

"A honeymoon," whispered the male to his wife, as they descended two flights of stairs, and hoping Misaki wouldn't hear him.

However, his voice had echoed off the walls to travel up to her ears.

"I didn't know she was getting married," muttered the wife.

"I didn't know she was seeing anyone. She didn't seem the type."

"Maybe he was the guy making all that noise last night."

Misaki sighed at their statement.

Her neighbors, friends, and co-workers believed she didn't have a social life outside her job. Moreover, they were right. It's not as if she didn't want to have a life, it's just that her job occupied a majority of her time. The time she spent with Li tonight was because of the case she was working on.

"Which room?" Li asked.

Misaki snapped out of her daze to see they had reached her floor. The hallway was thirty yards in length, the carpet a brownish tan color with black slashes in it, and lights hanging along the wall.

"Oh, eh… To your right, second door on the left," informed Misaki.

Li walked over to it, and gently let her down in front of the door.

Misaki felt an uneasiness sweep over her, making it hard for her to think of what to say.

She occasionally glanced at Li bashfully. Li would catch her eye briefly, forcing them to look away dumbfounded.

How was it that she was having difficulty? After all, they had slept together already, and asking him back into her apartment shouldn't be that hard. However, it seemed a cat had caught her tongue.

"Eh, I had fun," commented Misaki, trying to break the ice, but realized that had been stupid to say since Li had been beaten to a pulp by November Eleven.

She cringed, thinking she had ruined any other chances to go out with Li, but her mood lightened as he smiled. "Me too."

They stood in silence for a minute, looking into each other's eyes, and waiting for the other one to say something, or for her sake, for him to make a move towards her.

"Umm, it was very sweet of you to walk me home," said Misaki, gulping from the discomfort and the lack of his lips on hers.

"It was no problem," Li replied, his voice sounding natural, as though he had no interest in her well-being or didn't notice.

Misaki hoped she was reading his emotions wrong, or that he was trying to keep them in check so that they wouldn't find themselves in her bed again. She knew that he wouldn't let that get between them, but the thought of having him in her arms against her naked body, and remembering every detail, drove her desires through the roof.

"Would you like to come in?" she gestured with a nod, as though she was trying to seduce him.

"I'm sorry, Misaki. But I have a test real early tomorrow and I need to finish studying for it."

Misaki's heart sank. He could be telling the truth about his test, but apart of her felt as though he was avoiding her offer so he wasn't tempted by her charm, which she figured she needed to get with Kanami and work on it.

"Maybe we could meet again for lunch sometime?" offered Misaki, giving a one last shot of keeping him in her life. "Or perhaps… dinner?"

"I would love that," Li smiled

Hei wasn't lying to her about that. He looked forward to having another meal with her, even though she was the one hunting him down. It was pleasant to sit down with someone that appreciated food as much as he did and not having to listen to someone lecture him about getting fat when he turned thirty.

His and her eyes seemed to lock on each other, unable to pull away or blink from their invisible beam. Her brown eyes began to twinkle, as though they were crying for comfort, as his stayed dim and cool.

Before they knew it, they slowly drew closer, centimeters separating them to where they could feel each other's breath. However, they held their ground, as Misaki was able to pull her eyes away from his.

They were losing control of their emotions, and if Hei didn't depart soon, he was going to have Misaki on his hips and pressed up against her door.

He began to draw away from her, and as he did, Misaki gazed back looking depressed and wondered if she had been the one to foil the moment. Her eyes pleaded for him not to move, making him halt his motion and gaze at her once more.

Hei raised his hand to her cheek, but hesitated, as though an invisible force field had stopped him. He wondered if he should continue this, pondering he was going to wake up and see Mao snickering at him again. He fought with his brain to think it was a smart idea to sleep with Misaki for a second time.

He wanted to. He wanted to remember their moment, and last night was a blur. He wanted to remember every detail of Misaki's flesh, let her hair hang down, and see what her brown eyes looked like without her glasses while they made love.

Nevertheless, he couldn't since they lived two different lives. He was a criminal and she was a cop. It was a mistake worse than anything he's done in his life.

He began to pull his hand away from her, making her breathe out a breath of depression, and knowing a second night with Li was beyond her reach.

"Kiss her," whispered a young female behind them.

They gasped slightly, shocked that someone was spying on them, and looked across the hallway to see a five-year-old girl with double ponytails peeking through a crack in the door.

Misaki and Li smiled at her.

"Haruko-chan," shouted the girl's mom. A middle-aged woman walked up to the door and looked down at the girl. "Leave them be."

"But mama."

"It's not polite to eaves drop."

"Then why were you watching them last night?"

"Eh, I…I—I was just making sure no one was breaking into her apartment," hesitated the mother.

She smiled sheepishly, bowed, and closed her door while pushing her daughter back.

It sounded to Misaki that she and Li were a little too loud last night.

Li gazed back at Misaki, and said, "Goodnight, Misaki."

He laid a gentle kiss on her forehead, making her a little displeased since she wished Li would have taken the little girl's advice and kissed her. Although, at least she was able to feel his breath and warm lips up against hers once more.

"Not on the forehead, idiot," objected the young girl, somehow opening the door without creaking it.

She stormed out of her apartment, wearing Stitch pajamas and Mickey slippers, stepped behind Li, and pushed him towards Misaki as though she was a human snowplow.

"You're a man," babbled the girl. "Men are supposed to kiss the girl."

"Wait a minute…" stuttered Li.

Li skidded into Misaki, their lips centimeters apart from each other, which caused Misaki's cheeks to burn bright red.

"This is where the man wraps his arms around the girl," the young girl said while placing her hands to her hips and giving him a stern look.


The girl growled as she tapped her foot on the floor, demanding to see them kiss. Li sighed, and did as she had asked.

"Kiss her on the lips this time," she insisted, as she winked at him. "Like you did last night." She ran back in her apartment, and peeked through the crack again.

Misaki and Li smiled at her.

"I'm sorry, Li-kun," apologized Misaki. "Her parents aren't together anymore, so whenever she sees a couple, she tries her hardest to get them together."

"Maybe we shouldn't disappoint her then."

Misaki's heart started beating rapidly. All night she had been trying to get him to kiss her, to feel his lips and warm breath against hers like last night, and all it took was a little girl to persuade him. If she had known that, she would have skipped lunch and dragged him here. Why even bother with a light snack when Li could be her main course?

Thank you very much, Haruko-chan, Misaki thought, as Li leaned in closer to place his hand on the back of her neck.

His lips slightly brushed hers, making her heart feel like it was going to explode. Li slowly dipped his head to kiss her cheek instead, as if he was putting on a show for the young girl. Displeasure and temptation overwhelmed her while wanting to probe for his lips that seemed to have run off. However, before she knew it, they made their way back and began playing with hers.

She couldn't take it anymore, and locked her lips with his, drowning in his taste.

"Ha… Haruko-chan! Are you spying on them again?" shouted the mother. "Leave them alone!"

"But Mama, they're kissing!" cried the little girl, causing Li and Misaki to stop and look across the hallway to see the door open with the girl and mother standing in it.

Her mother noticed them glancing in her direction and bowed apologetically. "I'm very sorry." She turned to her daughter. "Apologize to them."

The girl looked up at her mom with puppy eyes. She then turned her attention towards Li and Misaki while avoiding their eyes, and pouted, "I'm sorry."

"Now off to bed."

"But Mama, I want to watch them kiss!" She looked up at her mom, displeased.

"No, to bed!"


The girl trotted into the apartment and disappeared from view. The mother bowed and closed the door behind her.

Li and Misaki giggled.

"Would you like to come inside," Misaki hinted towards Li. "There's more privacy."

"I'm sorry. But I really should be going home."

Yeah, thanks a lot, Haruko-chan, Misaki sarcastically thought.

Li kissed her lightly on the cheek, pulled back to gaze into her eyes, and smiled.

"Good night, Misaki," he whispered.

"Um...Goodnight," she said politely, but she wanted to whimper about him staying like Haruko had done.

He slowly pulled away from her, turned around while placing his hands in his pockets, and began walking towards the stairs.

An empty feeling began to consume her. As if she had an entree, and decided to pass up on her meal.

Li-kun! Don't go! She wanted to cry out, but the words wouldn't escape her lips.

Run after him, her heart told her, but her body wouldn't listen.

He's just a friend, her mind whispered, making her heart ache.

He doesn't think of you like that, it continued.

Misaki tried to fight it, but a tear had escaped her eye.

I know, Misaki said to herself.


Hei descended the stairs, which felt as if they had miraculously grown another flight of steps, and exited the apartment complex to head down the sidewalk.

His mind swirled with images of Misaki. She was a beautiful woman, shy at times, but she was also someone you didn't want to cross. He believed Misaki would do anything for her man, whether he'd be the man she was falling in love with, or a criminal.

A bell rang behind him.

"What is it, Mao?" Hei asked. "Come hoping for a show again?"

Mao walked up beside him and informed, "Huang's waiting for you at the safe house. He's extremely upset you haven't shown up yet."

"I've been busy."

"I can see that," teased Mao. "You're falling in love with her, aren't you?

"I'm a contractor, Mao. I don't have those kinds of emotions."

"Why did you walk her home?"

"It's all part of my plan, Mao. I need her attention off me."

"And you're doing an excellent job," Mao replied, sarcastically. "By the way, I didn't appreciate you spinning me around like a helicopter."

Hei turned his head to give Mao a deadly glare. Mao quivered as he slowed down his pace to walk a few yards behind him.


Hei slowly walked in front of Mao with his hands in his pockets and head slumped over. The fake stars glittered above, a few shining brightly, and a couple falling down to earth. The city was still full of life, cars storming down the streets, mopeds getting in their way, teenage boys hanging out in front of liquor stores, and girls in their schoolgirl outfits running into karaoke buildings.

Mao entered a rundown apartment that had a dusty, torn up couch, and the rug infested with mold. An old man the age of time itself with glasses the size of softballs sat behind a counter with his eyes nearly pressed up to a small television on his counter. He paid no attention to his guest, as he tried to make out the details of a baseball game going on.

Hei followed Mao up a creaky and lopsided staircase, stepped onto the first floor that looked worse than the lobby, and entered a cramped and smoke infested room with a door to his right.

"YOU'RE LATE!" screamed Huang, causing his cigarette to fall from his mouth, as he stood from behind a blemished desk while knocking his black-swiveled chair over. "I've been here for HOURS!" Huang glanced at Hei, disappointed. "Where's the package?"

"She got away," lied Hei, calmly.

"YOU LET HER GET AWAY!" Huang kicked the desk, knocking off his papers to have them scatter everywhere. His ashtray tipped off to spill his butts and ashes, and shattered as it hit the floor. He started walking back and forth. "Can't you even complete one mission?"

"I was intercepted by an MI-6 agent, which allowed her to run off."

"And you didn't have Yin look for her?" He stopped to say.

"Wasn't thinking about that at the time."

Huang walked up to Hei and grabbed him by the shirt.

"Stupid contractors! Even my irrational mind could have done that. You have the Syndicate upset with me, and they have threatened my life. Give me one good reason why I shouldn't take yours?"

Hei stared at him emotionless.

"Not going to answer? All right, then answer me why you called and demanded someone dress up as the Black Reaper and parade around Shinjuku?"

Hei kept a straight face before Huang, but in the back of his mind was a grin the size of the Grand Canyon at his quick thinking and plan had worked against Misaki and the MI-6 agent.

"Damn you!" Huang growled, and shoved Hei aside. "We're off the mission. They'll have a new one for us tomorrow. I'll have Mao get a hold of you with the details soon."

Huang turned around and exited the room while pulling off his hat to scratch his baldhead.

"Where's Yin?" Hei asked Mao.

"In the other room."

Hei walked towards the door to his right while rubbing his cheek from where November Eleven had hit him. He was upset at himself for letting the blond, blue-eyed man hit him, but he had to play the innocent and nitwitted Li-kun so that they wouldn't get anymore suspicious. If Misaki weren't there, he would have taking the opportunity to kill him. Although, as Hei fought with his opponent, he thought about killing him anyways and having Misaki's memory wiped. However, an uneasy feeling had developed in his stomach, which prevented him from taking that path.

He opened the door and entered the other room to see Yin sitting on a queen-sized bed with no sheets staring off into space with her hands on her lap.

"Why did you send me to the wrong trade?" Hei asked Yin.

"She was in danger," she replied without a change in her expression.

"You knew she was a decoy?"

"Hai," she nodded.

"Why did you do that?"

"You'd be sad."

Hei looked at her flabbergasted. Yin had been acting on her own ever since the incidents with her piano teacher, but to know that she had acted on her own for him surprised him. Mao walked in front of Hei and looked up at him with a blank look.

"Tell me, Hei," began Mao, as if he were trying to change the conversation. "Where'd you get the flare gun?"

"I bought it before returning to the Host Club," replied Hei.

He turned on his heels and walked out of the room.

"And what gave you the idea to bring a flare gun?" Mao asked, as he chased after him.

"Why wouldn't I? I knew that that MI-6 agent would be present since he was there the other night. I knew the same trick wouldn't work against him twice, so I needed a backup plan."

"And getting a flare gun was your backup plan?" replied Mao, his eyes slanting peculiarly. "That's not your style."

Hei ignored his comment while he descended the rundown place, and departed the building. The night was still young, but he was too tired to do anything, and headed home to get some rest.


Misaki lay in her bed; her thoughts plagued by images of Li smiling, as he walked her to the restaurant, his midnight blue eyes gazing at her while he sang to her, and the warmth of his embrace and gentle kiss that was passionate while he made love to her.

She tried to remember the whole night, but for some reason, that one moment stuck to her brain more than Elmer's glue could hold.

She desperately wanted to tell him how much she enjoyed his company, and wanted to tell him that she wanted to be more than friends.

However, when he had begun to tell her that he didn't think of her that way, her heart broke in two. The time he spent holding her in his arms while walking up the stairs, the moment on top of the car, and walking her home was exhilarating. It took everything in her power to keep herself from yanking him into her apartment and making love to him, knowing that he only thought of her as a friend.

"Oh, my," she thought, as she remembered the exact words he had said, and realized she had been the one to finish the conversation. "Was he really going to say that? Did he really only think of me as a job? I need to know. Does he feel anything for me at all?"


In his empty small apartment, Hei laid on his futon in his boxers trying to sleep, but thoughts of Misaki kept him up. He thought about saying to her that he only saw her as a friend. That was how it was supposed to be, but why did it hurt his heart so much. Was this love?

It can't be.

First, he's a contractor that shouldn't have any of these feelings, and second, he had been lying to her this whole time. He didn't have the right to receive her love.

He had only accompanied her to deceive her about him being BK-201 once she had received the call about a sighting of a masked man dressed in black in Shinjuku. What he didn't plan on was enjoying the comfort of her warm body pressed up against his and her soft hair and sweet voice tickling his senses. His heart had yearned for nothing more than to hold and kiss her all evening.

Yin had also told him that Misaki wasn't lying about their night together.

It was better for him not to remember it, or he might have found himself spending another night with her. Moreover, he almost did thanks to Haruko. It was impossible for them to live happily ever after in this current world.

He wondered what life would be like if the Gates had never appeared. Would he have still met her?

Chances were no since he was born in China and he most likely would have remained there.

What if he had became a student like his under cover persona? He could have come to Japan to study and still have met her. At least he hoped that somehow fate would have brought them together.

He tried wiping the images from his mind and closed his eyes to try to get some sleep. Nevertheless, as hard as he tried, Misaki popped into his head.

Images of when he first saw her in the Chinese dress at the party, along with the time they spent in the toilet stall swirled in his mind like a hurricane. He remembered telling Saitou that she was beautiful, but to him, that wasn't enough to describe her. She was more like an angel sent down from the heavens to tame his dark side.

Damn, he thought. I can't stop thinking about her. I need to have the Syndicate erase these thoughts from my head. They will only interfere with my work.

It may be best to have hers wiped too.

Hei was distracted from his thoughts from a repetitive knock on his door. He wondered who it could be at this hour. It sounded like Mao brushing up against the door and figured he was here to brief him on his new mission. If that was the case, he was going to fry the annoying critter in his wok, and then he was going to serve him to his landlady for not waiting until morning.

He wearily stood from his futon and groggily answered it.

"This better be good, Ma…." he began to say while he opened the door, but stood in shock, as if November Eleven had frozen him, to see Misaki standing before him. "Mi—Misaki?"

She was dressed in a blue shirt, only buttoned just below her chest to show a hot pink bra and cleavage, blue jeans that were unzipped to hang low and loose on her hips, and shoeless. Her hair hung free, but what caught his attention the most was that her brown eyes weren't hidden behind her glasses.

Did she travel on the train all the way here dressed like that? he questioned?

She stood in the doorway, gazing into his eyes with a look of hunger.

"Mi…" began Hei, trying to think of something.

"I couldn't sleep," she babbled. "I...I can't stop thinking….I need to…I want…I have to know."

Before he knew it, she pushed him into his room while slamming the door shut with her foot, and placed her body against his, as she wrapped her arms around him to kiss him vehemently.

"M…Mi….sak…i?" he slowly said between sultry kisses, his body giving into the sensations.

He placed one of his hands on the back of her head, as the other found its way below her waist to squeeze her butt, and passionately kissed her to have her shiver with delight.

He gently kissed the bottom of her lip, moved his way down to her neck, and placed his hands under her shirt to move them up along her back. She returned the favor with light affectionate kisses to his chest and moved slowly downward.

This was forbidden, not by his standard, but because she would hate him when she found out the truth. It was a thought that scared him, sending chills down his spine, but he forced that feeling to the back of his mind so that he could treasure this moment with the woman he was falling in love with, and gently laid her on his futon.

Her smile was as beautiful as the sun setting on the beach, her eyes sparkled like a Gemini's birthstone, and her soft words she spoke tickled his senses. The way her bangs hung in front of her face and her long hair draped over her body gave her an elegance he had never seen before.

Her lips were soft, her kisses passionate, and the way she made love to him made him feel as if he were in a different world: one without the Gates, contractors, and his secrets.

The End



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