be forewarned, this is some pretty gritty dirty adult stuff

Chapter 4

He held the towel out like my mother used to do when I was small and had stayed out in the water too long and she was cross, sure I was going to catch a chill. Even the look in his eye, the set of his wide, sensuous mouth, said that there would be no argument, no discussion.

So, a little reluctantly, I stepped out of the steaming water and into the towel, not sure if I shivered at the bite of the cold air or the feeling of his hands tugging the towel around my shoulders. When I turn to face him, the fierceness in his eyes freezes my tongue and I don't even ask him how he found me or why.

Well…as to the why, that's very clear. Simmering behind the impatience and frustration that's clear in his hazel eyes is stark and unreserved passion and, like the crack of lightening, it makes me weak in the knees to see it.

"Do you have a room…here?" he asks, as if he can barely get the words out. As if it's difficult to speak at all and his voice sounds hoarse from the exertion. For myself, I can only nod and point to a security card lying on the concrete beside my wineglass, and in one quick and sweeping gesture he grabs it up in his fist and, digging his fingers into my arm, drags me along with him into the hotel.

I hardly noticed the sideways glances or the barely concealed tittering behind hands as he drags me towards the elevator and impatiently presses the button insistently, several times while I stood there beside him, dripping on the floor. I was sure that his fingers were leaving bruises in my arm that could have been read by some instrument on CSI, but I wasn't inclined to ask him to remove them, nor did I utter so much as a sound when the doors slid open and he shoved me inside ahead of him.

I stumbled inside, turning to feel his hands cupping my cheeks and his lips crashing down over mine.

I let go of my towel and grabbed for him instead, fisting my hands in his track suit, pulling him closer until the weight and solidity of his muscular body pressed against mine, making it very clear that he had not forgotten what it felt like for our bodies to be joined nor how eager his was to return to that carnal state.

Not that I was in any less of a hurry to get him out of the tracksuit and into my bed. Once the doors opened again, I was the one that dragged him down the hall and waited, not at all patiently while he put the card in the slot and we both waited for it to turn green.

My mouth went dry as soon as the desk clerk confirmed that she was a guest. My heart began to beat too fast when he said that he'd only just seen her and her friend heading out to the hot tub. I didn't give Fleur another chance to try and talk me out of it. I didn't even really have time to think of what I was going to say. I should have, in the time it had taken us to borrow a car from one of our teammates and drive up to the Village, never mind explaining our way through security. We certainly got some odd looks there but I didn't even have the presence of mind to lie. I was looking for a woman and I had to find her.

And now I had and just seeing her there, her face lit by the reflection of the lights from the pool, her eyes alight with laughter, her copper coloured curls pulled back away from her face so that all that milky, smooth skin was bare right down to where her barely concealed breasts were sort of floating in the water and all I could think was that I couldn't wait to be inside of her, to see her face flushed with the first orgasm and then all that would come after that. My brain had raced so far ahead I couldn't even think to say anything. I just walked forward and grabbed her towel when she looked up at me.

I wanted to ask why she'd left without a word but it seemed stupid and besides, watching her climb out of the hot tub, her ivory skin running with warm water left me speechless. She let me wrap her in the towel and just that brief a touch of her skin made me light headed and I knew I had to be alone with her, now.

"Do you have a room…here?" I almost said please, because part of me was willing to be arrested for indecent exposure if it meant putting my mouth on parts of her that are usually best revealed in private. Her eyes are a little wide, and her full mouth opens to answer, but nothing comes out and so I follow the direction of her gaze to the security card by her wine glass and, with my heart pounding in anticipation, grab it and her and take both inside, heading towards the elevators with one thing in mind, to have her as soon as possible.

I'm so eager to get her alone, I don't even think what it looks like for me to be dragging her across the marble floor or if it looks suspect for me to shove her into the elevator the moment the doors slide open. All I know is the moment I have her alone, all I want is to taste the wine she's been drinking on her lips and to feel her in my arms and luckily she seems to feel the same or at least she doesn't scream for help as I press her back against the mirrored wall inside the elevator as I kiss her, forcing her mouth to open beneath mine as my tongue reaches for hers'.

Then it's her turn to drag me to the closed and locked door of her hotel room and I'm left to fumble with the stupid card, my hand shaking as I impatiently swipe it upside down and backwards before finally getting it right and throwing the door open with a crash, sending it slamming into the wall as I push her inside.

She laughs, a throaty sound as she backs up towards the bed, pulling me along with her as if I'm attached on an invisible string. I almost freeze, my confidence eroding when she reaches back to untie her bathing suit, but as her breasts spill free something else takes over and I grab her and pull her to me, kissing and biting my way down her neck until I'm suckling at her breast and she's whimpering and moaning and I can feel her hands in my hair and then I can't think of anything at all. Like some kind of animal escaped from captivity, I don't speak, I growl as I push her down into the quilt and rip the thin material of her bikini bottoms in two so that I can slide my fingers inside of her.

Her back arches off of the bed as slide two fingers inside of her, and she presses herself against me as if to say it isn't nearly enough and I can't agree more. Impatiently I tug my jacket and t-shirt over my head and toss them into the corner and before I can even reach for them, her hands are the elastic waist of my track pants and she's pulling them down over my hips, her hungry gaze locked on my hard on where it's pressed against the thin material.

All I can do is watch as she frees my erection, letting my pants fall and pool around my ankles while she takes hold of my dick in both of her hands, one hand curling firmly around the base of my cock and the other guiding the head of it in between her full lips. My knees almost buckle as she sucks it into her mouth, over her tongue, until it can go no further. It's almost like I have to hold onto her, as if wrapping her ponytail around my hand is the only thing stopping me from falling down or at least falling to my knees. She slides me nearly completely out of her mouth and then flicks her pointed pink little tongue around the head of my dick while one of her hands moves down to cup my balls and gives them a little more than a gentle squeeze and that does make me stumble.

"Jesuz fucking chrisssst," I let out a low moan, needing to catch my breath before looking down at where she's turned her eyes up to meet mine, her lips curled up into a grin around my cock and that…well fuck me, that's just sexy as hell.

"Okay?" she asks, her mouth still full of my dick and I almost laugh at how that so doesn't even come close to covering it.

"Hell yeah. Keep this up and I'll be fucking useless," I mutter, my eyes squeezing shut as she slides her mouth along the length of my cock, her tongue vibrating under and around it until I can't think anymore and everything just becomes colours and stars and I know damn well I'm not going to be able to keep myself from spilling my load. I feel like a fucking teenager getting his first blowjob, like I have no fucking control, no staying power at all. Especially with her humming happily, sending amazing sensations down the length of my cock to where her hands are working at its' base and around my balls and I now I know damn well she's going to make me cum like this and there isn't going to be anything I can do to stop myself because I'm fucking putty in this woman's hands.

It's almost not fair, I know, as I begin to stroke the soft, thin skin behind his balls. I'm almost sure, just by the way he twitches and his eyes pop open that no one has ever gone there before. Not that he really needs the extra encouragement to cum, I can already feel his balls tightening and I can hear his breathing becoming ragged and shallow, but I love to hear the roar a man can't help but let go when he has a prostate orgasm. So although he clenches his muscular ass cheeks as hard as he can and his cheeks flare a bright red, I slip my finger in and feel his hands splay across the back of my head, forcing his dick as far back into my throat as I can stand it and then some and then his whole body bucks and twitches as the orgasm rips through him and on the wave of it, I hear him scream my name.

"Fuck! Gemma…fuck…oh…oh shiiiiit!"

It's so worth it to watch his full lips pull back, baring his teeth before his jaw goes slack and his eyes sort of roll back in his head and his hands slide down to my shoulders before his cock slips out from between my lips, though I catch it, cleaning up every last drop of that thick, honey and salt liquid as his cock twitches and his body shudders with every flick of my tongue.

He looks sheepish and embarrassed as he collapses onto the bed but when I crawl up beside him, pressing my body close to his and nip at his thick, muscular neck, he seems to forget his momentary discomfort and does exactly what I was hoping he'd do. His big hand cups my breast while the other reaches for my hair again and he winds my hair around his hand before pulling my head back, baring my neck to his teeth and tongue.

"You know my name," I point out, running my fingers up his back, enjoying the feeling of his muscles flexing and rolling beneath my fingertips.

"How do you think I found you?" he growls, rolling me onto my back and pressing me down into the quilt, his hazel eyes searching mine. "It wasn't fucking easy," he adds, a triumphant sort of grin spreading across his face. "And now you're going to pay for making me wait all this time," he promises, or threatens, as his grin gets wider before he lowers himself onto me, his teeth digging into my neck until I gasp and dig my nails into his back.

I can already feel him hardening against my thigh and press myself up against him which only seems to make him crazier as his hand squeezes my breast hard enough that it almost hurts. Almost, but not quite as I bite down on my lip and moan rather than whimper. I always have been a little partial for just the right amount of pain mixed in with my pleasure.

When his full lips close around my nipple and his other hand slides into my now ruined bikini bottoms, I arch my back off of the bed, trying to force his hand to the spot where I want it. Not that it seems like he needs the guidance and maybe his memory is just that good, but he finds the spot that makes me squirm and sends a shiver down my spine without needing to hunt around. Between his tongue slowly circling my nipple and his fingers pressing not exactly gently but not exactly hard on my clit, it's all I can do not to fall apart, squeezing my eyes shut as I try to stave off the orgasm.

Except that it's not possible, not when he suddenly slides down the length of my body and presses his lips over where his fingers had just been working and his hands press my thighs back and apart so that his tongue can dig inside of me. Then it's my turn to dig my fingers into his hair, to look down at where his eyes are watching me as try to catch my breath before his teeth bite down oh so gently on the tender flesh which sends me screaming over the edge.

I barely feel him move, my entire body being otherwise engaged in enjoying the profound orgasm he's brought me to. Except then I feel him, the full length and width of him pushing his way inside of me while my body is clenching and tight and the feel of him trying to screw his way inside of me while my muscles literally clutch at him steals the breath from my lungs.

I want to ask him if he's fucking kidding me but his eyes are screwed shut and his teeth are clenched, as if he too is finding this sensation almost more than he too can bear. So, I move, just a little, pressing up against him which takes him deeper and his body shudders, his shoulders sag and long, low groan escapes his lips.

"You're not the only one that's been having perverted dreams since New York," I whisper, reaching up to brush my fingertips across his lips. He opens his eyes and looks down at me, his mouth opening and his teeth grabbing for my finger but I shook my head and slid my hand down to his nipple, which I squeezed and twisted until he sucked in a breath through his teeth. "Uh uh, you're the one that left."

"I. Went. Back," he admitted breathlessly, emphasizing each word with a thrust that nearly drove the breath from my lungs again. "I had practice," he added, his arms flexing as he let himself down over me just enough so that his lips almost touched mine, "and when I…when we came back, you were gone."

"Awww," I grinned up at him, reaching for the other nipple only to have him grab my wrist and pin it, almost painfully above my head. "Were you disappointed?"

"Are you gonna talk?" he asks, reaching for my other arm which I allow him to take if only because I'm half amazed by the strength required to do it and am totally mesmerized by his abdominals while he does it. "Or am I going to fuck you?"

"Mmm not so shy now are you chuck?" I ask, thinking about the night in New York, the sexy young man that hadn't spoken a single word to me and left me boneless and asleep.

"Gemma," he whispers, one hand holding both of my wrists above my head while the other hand traces its way down from my shoulder to my nipple, which he then tugs and twists but not as painfully as I had done to him. "You can talk all you want with my cock in your mouth but right now…all I want to hear is you begging for more."

"Well…damn cowboy," I grin up at him, wrapping my legs around his waist and pulling him deeper. "Then shag me harder and maybe you'll shut me up."


This woman fucks my head up.

This is the fucking last thing I should be doing right now. Not with a game tomorrow and certainly not with the fucking weight of the entire fucking country on my back. But she's so damned tight and that playful smile of hers' seems to make me do things that I wouldn't normally do. So when her hips rise to meet mine and her pussy clenches around me, it's like I can't think anymore. All can do is fuck her, slamming my body into hers, almost like I want to punish her or hurt her but she meets me thrust for thrust and soon both of us are breathing heavily and I have to let her arms go so I can push her thighs back so I can go deeper while she tilts her hips up to accomplish the same thing.

It does, however, stop her talking and after a few minutes she does begin to utter the absolutely dirtiest things I've ever heard a girl say and even though it's a bit shocking, it only makes me hornier, if that's even fucking possible.

I'm not the kind of guy that usually gets rough but then most of the girls I've been with are pretty easy to impress. That or they're just happy enough to be fucking a hockey player and don't bother to ask for anything specific but Gemma isn't shy and when she asks me to do it harder, I grab the backs of her knees and press them as far down as they'll go and find a spot even deeper inside of her that feels like I can't go any deeper even though the stroke is shallow and I watch as her eyes flutter shut and her head tilts back and I feel her nails dig into my ass and then her body sucks at mine and I can't hold back. With a roar I thrust inside of her and it feels like I'm being ripped apart, like my head is going to split open and I can't breathe and my heart is going to burst all at the same time.

I collapse onto the bed, not sure if I'm alive or dead, except that she curls up against me and purrs like a cat, her fingernails drawing patterns on my ribs, raising goose-bumps in their wake as her lips press against my neck, my chin, my cheek. From jaguar to harmless kitten, it makes me laugh.

"Mmm, better than last time," she mews, sliding what's left of her bikini bottoms off before slipping leg between both of mine in an effort to be closer.

"Who are you?" I grunt, still not quite back to myself, my breathing still labored like I've just done a full two minute PK shift.

"You know who I am, I'm Gemma. The question is, cowboy, who the fuck are you and how do we turn this into a regular event?"