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Chapter Recap: Jane awakens in Aaron's bed a changed woman—literally, when he used his power to mature her body to an eighteen year old, gaining her loyalty. Leah wakes up in Lucian's bed at his newly purchased estate with mysterious tattoo. With visions of the night before in her head, she recalls how he protected her against the Children of the Moon and the fact they had intense sex in the woods. She learns that he is not human and confronts him with her anger. Shiloh is concerned with Reign's coma-like state and brings in her friend V to try to revive her. Bella has a frightening nightmare about Edward in which he caresses her belly. Jasper tries to unsuccessfully convince Bella to forgive Alice for her lies. Paul is incensed when Naje states that Sam's memories may not come back. The entire group is stunned when she also explains that Sam never Imprinted on Emily and was under a Love Spell.

Chapter 36: Seeing

"So, you can't tell us who did this?" Paul asked with anger coursing through his body. Something about this entire situation didn't feel right and he sure as hell didn't trust Naje.

"No. Magic like this leaves a signature, maybe if I met everyone in this tribe I could sense it but it depends what they used a vehicle for the magic." Naje remarked, her dark chocolate eyes found his stormy ones.

"Then, what good are you?"

"Paul, please—that's enough, you aren't helping the situation." Rachel said to her husband. Rachel had stopped working and come directly over to her brother's house when Paul had called her earlier to complain about what Naje did to Sam. She knew that Paul would make certain demands and the last thing she wanted was a fight between her husband and brother, not when things had started to be good between them.

"Enough ?" He asked his wife incredulously. "Don't you understand what she just told us? Somebody did this to Sam and she won't help us."

"There is nothing she can do that the moment. Screaming at her doesn't change the situation." Marley added in a calmly manner.

Paul's eyes narrowed as he looked over his wife's shoulder to where the young woman was standing. Naje was beautiful, there was no doubt about that with her long chocolate hair swept up into a ponytail, her exotic cinnamon coloring, deep chocolate eyes. Not to mention tight tits and an equally tight ass, but she wasn't fooling anyone with her looks. This was no innocent seventeen year old, there was something about her, her eyes, it was as if they had seen something and made her more mature. She might fool others with her beauty, but not him. The only pair of tits and ass he was interested in was his wife's. "How do we know she isn't lying?"

Naje's lips pursed with indignation. "Why would I lie?"

"Because you could be trying to get another favor out of Jake-like you did the night you bound Sam's wolf. Roman's right, you're nothing be a fucking mercenary. A fucking witch." He spat with disgust.

Naje's beautiful features became tight, her finger rubbed against each other as if she wanted to cast a spell on him. "I am NOT a witch."

"Yeah..right…but one thing is for certain you certainly are a little bitch!"

"Shut the fuck up Paul." There was a growl that came from the front door. The others turned to see Colin standing in the doorway. He was incensed. His eyes never moved from Paul and in an uncharacteristic like move he moved toward him putting himself in a position in front of Naje. "Don't ever talk to her like that again."

"Are you really ready to challenge me boy? What , so you get taste of her?" Paul scoffed at his eyes raked Naje as if she were to blame. "If you think you'll be popping her cherry…think again, she's the type that likes to ride dick, I can smell it on her."

With that Colin launched himself in human form at Paul and struck him hard against his chiseled jaw. Although he landed the punch Paul, who was bigger and stronger, took the hit then growled low in his throat. "Bad fucking move boy it's about time you get schooled!" Just when he was going to retaliate with a punch of his own, Rachel stepped in between her husband and Colin, who didn't look scared in the slightest.

"Paul-just stop it okay. Don't do this." She had never seen Paul like this toward any female other to Leah. Her husband's dislike for Naje ran deep and she didn't understand why. "Colin, just calm the fuck down before he takes you head off." She brushed her body up against Paul's trying to calm both the man and the wolf inside of him. She gave him reassuring with the light touch of her hand. With her husband, subtle things seemed to work much better on him. "Baby, I know that this bothers you a lot, it bothers us all but killing Colin isn't going help matters."

"The fuck he was going to kill me." Colin retorted.

Rachel turned, her dark eyes trained on the youth. "Shut it. I mean it Colin."

Naje stepped toward Colin, her own fingers pressed against his back. "It's okay." She whispered softly. "Thank you."

Warm rays seemed to come off her hand and filter into Colin's body making his tense muscles relax. Slowly Colin drew his attention away from Paul and Rachel down to the female with her dark smoky eyes and skin that looked golden kissed by the sun, who was staring back up at him. He felt like he had been punched in the gut. She was beautiful—probably the most beautiful female he had ever seen. But there was something more. Something about her that called to him in a way that he didn't understand it. All he knew was when he walked through the door and saw that Paul was going after her, he wanted to take Paul's head off. It was only out of respect for the women and his alpha's home that he hadn't phased. He didn't give a fuck what Paul could have done to him though it could have been major damage. Paul was bigger and stronger than he, but he still would have taken him on. That alone made no sense. Yes, there were times that he and Brady were "fuck-ups" as Roman or Jake could call them, but Colin was actually the more sensible and level headed one of the two.

"It doesn't make any sense that she can see the truth but none us could." Paul remarked to Rachael who was doing her best to calm him down.

Naje didn't take her eyes off of Colin, until she felt all of the tension leave his body. She had used some of her healing powers to calm his body. The last thing she wanted was for Colin to get hurt. And he would have, Colin wasn't ready to take on an seasoned wolf like Paul-at least not yet. She turned toward Paul trying her best to contain her own anger. If Paul had tried to hurt Colin, she wouldn't have been able to stop herself from retaliating and that would certainly make her goals much more complicated to see to fruition. Time was running out and she needed the wolves and their protection. The last thing Naje wanted was to be sent back home, not when she was so close to actualizing her dreams.

Slowly she turned toward Paul's fuming face. She closed her eyes and concentrated, hard. It took a moment but she was able to slip into small recesses of his brain. If she hadn't shared a common trait of Quileute blood or used a signature similar to the wolf she had bound, it would have been impossible. It was taking a great deal of her strength for her to do so. Sweat started to form as her brow and her head hurt but she held on as silently as she could. She knew if he found out she was invading his private thoughts, he'd go after her throat.

Simple images popped up. Paul didn't like her, she knew it, but there was more to it than what met the eye. Truth was-deep down, he was afraid of her and the images provided understanding of his fears. She opened her eyes. "You don't have to worry. What you have with your wife, it's the real thing. Your Imprint is real."

Paul body clenched. It was like she had figured out what he was thinking and he didn't like it. He certainly didn't like her telling others what he was afraid of. At that moment, his hatred of her doubled.

"You can see it?" Rachel asked in a whisper turning toward Naje.

"Yes, I can. The lines of your Imprint are strong, a bright topaz color. I can see the strings radiating from each other connecting you to each other." Naje turned her attention to Paul's tight face. "The only way your Imprint could be bound is for both of you to request it- that is if you find someone strong enough and powerful enough to do it. That alone would be a feat. And if you did, it still wouldn't matter because anybody with two eyes can see she loves you just as deeply as you love her."

"Why-I don't know." Jake said coming back down the stairs holding the amulet that held Sam's wolf in his hand. He had agreed to allow Naje to try to separate Sam's wolf and his memories.

"Leave him alone Jake." Rachel warned. She knew that Jake didn't understand that he wasn't the only one with insecurities. Paul shared them as well. Sure, Paul had a lot of blister but she knew that way that he watched her when other men came around. Deep down, Paul was afraid that he wasn't good enough for her which just wasn't true.

Jake made a face at his sister for then moved toward Naje. He saw Colin and frowned. He had heard the argument from upstairs-and wasn't too pleased with the pup or his asshole brother-in-law. "Shouldn't you be at work I'm not paying you to drop by my house or should I ask why you're even here?" He gave a pointed look in Naje's direction.

"Jake, I'm on lunch break."

"And you gave up lunch?" He gave Colin one hard disbelieving look.

"You forgot to give me the invoice for the new Acura. I have no idea where Leah put it, I tried to look in her database on her i-Pad, but it's password protected and I can't get in. Besides, Seth can't get her on the phone and I think he's a little worried about her. Oh, and Jared wanted me to tell you that Todd needs his truck, Reign was supposed to have it done by today."

"Her brother called, she's still sick." Jake answered. "You know you could have called me, we do have an invention called a telephone."

"Yeah, I could." Colin didn't even have a decency to look ashamed; his attention was clearly still on Naje.

Bella caught Jake's eye for a moment as she came slipped quietly into the room from the kitchen. She had directed the children outside to play. She didn't want them harmed in any way or witnessing whatever magic Naje decided to perform next. Jake's eyes roamed over her starting at her beautiful face ending at her small feet encased in sneakers. Hell I remember when I looked at Bells the way Colin's looking at Naje now. Let's be real Jake, you still do. Whatever ire Jake felt dissipated, truth was, he understood the power a female could have over a male. Besides, if it kept Colin's mind from having fantasies about wife, which in turn kept him alive, even better. Jake let out a sigh. "Give me a few minutes. Leah always e-mails me electronic copies of the invoices for this month." Turning his attention back to Naje, he handed her the amulet that contained Sam's wolf. "Here."

"What are you going to do?" Bella asked.

"I'm going to try to see if I can remove Sam's memories from the wolf." Naje took the amulet and then closed her eyes. The room became silent as the teen held her hand on top of the amulet. A bright glowing started to radiate from it. It became brighter and brighter then-nothing. It stopped. She tried again and got the same results. Then, she looked up and shook her head. "I'm sorry."

"Do it again." Paul growled.

"It's not going to make any difference. I can't separate the wolf and the memories. The pull is too strong. Most likely, in order for Sam's memories to come back, he'll need his wolf back."

Paul turned away, clearly upset. He wanted to hit something. But he didn't, he closed his eyes and tried to maintain his control. Finally, after what seemed like a long time he turned back around and looked at Jake. "Jake-"

"No." Jake remarked in a no nonsense tone. He knew what Paul wanted and it wasn't up for discussion.

"Come on Jake, this isn't even Sam's fault. You heard what she said." He remarked angrily pointing in Naje's direction. "It was some fucked up Love Spell."

"I said no." Jake's voice became deadly quiet. The room became tense. Paul was on the verge and Jacob had his ire up. When it looked like Paul was going to say more, Jacob stopped him. "As Alpha you will respect my decision, Paul. Like it or not Sam put the tribe and the pack in danger's way."

"Sam?" Paul lost what little control he had. "You got to be fucking kidding me! He's putting the tribe in danger? How about Bella? What's she's doing? Everyone knows that those vamps are coming for her sooner or later. What Sam did is nothing compared to what you and your fucking wife are doing! Because of her, we are just sitting around waiting for a death sentence!"

Rachel gasped. "Paul…" She tried to stop him.

He turned toward her, his brown eyes blazing. "Come on Rach, we all know it. Nobody wants to say it. Hell, what Sam did was fucked up. It was wrong, but he spoke some truths and everybody wants to pretend he didn't. I can't pretend. Jake's Alpha, he's supposed to make decisions that make logical sense for the pack and the tribe, not follow his heart. Bella has always been a magnet for those blood suckers, always will be as far as I'm concerned. "

Jake felt his blood heat with hot anger "Get the fuck out of my house!" His voice was already deepening to a growl…the wolf wanted out.

Rachel turned toward her brother. She saw the look on Jacob's face. Hatred for Paul blazed deep in his eyes. "Jake…he didn't mean it."

"Get him the hell out of here Rach…or so help me I'll forget he's your husband." He wanted to take Paul apart with his claws.

Rachel looked at her husband. She had wanted to avoid this. Things had been going nicely yesterday at the party and she had hopes that Paul and Jake would be able to work out their differences. Now that wasn't going to happen anytime soon. "Paul it may be best if we just go, now."

Paul looked at his wife; saw the disappointment in her eyes. Shit. Then he looked at Bella and saw the pain his words had caused. Fuck…it wasn't really her fault she was a vampire magnet. He had lost it, true he hadn't phased, but he had struck out with anger and his words had been directed toward Bella. He hadn't hurt Jake; he had hurt his wife instead. Images from long ago filled his head. Images, that had once had been supplied by Jake when he had still been under Sam's dominance. Images of Bella as Jake pulled her out of a bloody tub. Sorry. He stepped toward Bella wanting to apologize but he faltered. "Fuck…I didn't mean…Bella…I'm…" He closed his eyes ashamed that once again he allowed his anger to rule him. He didn't hate Bella. Hell he cared for her, but couldn't they once understand how this was affecting him? It wasn't all about Jacob and Bella and their undying love. Seeing Sam with no memories really got to him. He snuck a glance at his own wife the woman he loved more than anything. Her pain was evident. He knew how much she didn't want him fighting with Jake. How it was hurting her. How he was hurting her. "Fuck it." Paul was at a loss. He turned and stormed out of the house.

Rachel looked at Bella for a long moment. "Paul didn't mean it. He was just really angry. Sam…" She sighed. "You don't know what Sam truly means to him. Sam was like older brother…no a father to Paul." She looked at her own brother. "You have no idea how much all of this is tearing him up inside. You don't know…" Rachel paused. Tears threatened to spill out of her eyes. "He's so loyal." She said to Jake.

Jacob refused to speak. He didn't want to upset his sister more than he already had. She dropped her head for a moment, and then composed herself. "You aren't a danger to us." She touched Bella's shoulder. "The only danger there ever would be is if you left my brother. He could never survive that. " With that she left giving both her brother and her sister-in-law fleeting looks.

Roman's House

Sweat rolled down the spine of Roman's muscular back as he groaned, his body thrashing in the bed. Muscles tensed, tendons in his neck stood out, his hands clenched his sheets as a deep wolf-like growl issued from his mouth. Roman, however, was not the throes of a passionate encounter with female. Instead, he was trapped within a nightmare that was so vivid that nothing but rage and a need to protect issued through his body. Suddenly, he moved launched himself into the air, off the bed, and went flying phasing in the air to land in the middle of his bedroom as his claws sunk into the oak of his hardwood floors ruining it with the deep gashes. A frightening growl escaped his mouth, and spittle ran down his jowls as if he were warding off an attack. But he wasn't in a mist of a fight; the wolf cried out of blood, but there was none to be had. He focused his mind using the calming exercises that he had once used when he first learned to control his ability as a wolf. Hanging his massive head, he closed his eyes and slowly phased back into his human form.

Now, he stood naked, as the sunlight from the bay windows indicated that it was still day time. Roman glanced at the clock; he had a late patrol, then went directly to the garage to put a couple of hours in. He had come home hoping to catch a few z's, instead he had only gotten nightmares. Nightmares-that involved Reign. Roman sighed as he sat back down on his bed cupping his head in his hands. The large king sized bed with the plush comfortable and the wooden post that were like pillars. Having dreams about Reign weren't new, but the type of dreams he had had shook him to his core.

Damn it! That woman was affecting him deeply. On patrol, the night before, he found himself stopping more than once at her house to ensure her safety however there was no indication that she was home. The house was as silent and dark as a tomb. Roman didn't give a flying fuck that she had a brother whom seemed to be a badass; as far as he was concerned the asshole wasn't doing this duty for his sister. There was no way in hell he'd ever allow his little sister to put her life and well being in danger, the way Reign's brother did.

Roman stood. His bedroom was located on the first floor of the large cabin, however there was very little furniture and absolutely no clutter, everything was neat and in its place, remonstrant of his military days. His room consisted of his large bed, two end tables and a huge dresser. In the corner of his room, just off from the windows was a worn punching bag along with a set of weights and work out bench. Leah once exclaimed that he didn't use his large room properly. She said that she would have put a couch, a flat screen TV and rugs on the floor. Roman wasn't interested in those things. Unlike the rest of his house, which had all the comforts for Kenya, this his room offered very little luxury expect for the master bathroom made of oak and mirrors, huge Jacuzzi tub and a large shower. Striding naked into the bathroom, he turned the shower on and stepped under the spray. He didn't care if the water was cold and hadn't warmed up. Cold was the way that he liked it. Roman leaned his head back allowing the water run down his body to revive him.

Those dreams? Where did they come from? Freud might say there were latent desires of his part, however Roman was smarter than that, and in tune with all of fantasies , especially the dark ones. No, what he had seen hadn't been his desires.

But why would you dream of such horrid things? The thought that his mind was so twisted to come up with such atrocities chilled him to the bone. N0—Fuck no!, that is not your subconscious. You derived no pleasure in seeing such atrocities.

He was a man of honor, of loyalty and protection. Yet the dream had seemed so real and very twisted. Even now, the dreams clouded his mind—images but as if he were watching the events from afar as if he had been there. And if they had felt so been real that he smelled the fear the emanated off of the children. Roman closed his eyes as the dream came crashing back with a reality that shouldn't have been possible.

The view on top of the high mountainside was one that seemed as if it were located at the pentacle of the heavens. It was as if God himself come down and touched this rare place. The beauty of the landscape, sublime, the smell of the air, fresh and crisp as if it had never been touched- not a hint of the smog or pollution was in the air, the land or the even in the water. The landscape was unlike something he had ever seen. As if it was some sort of magical garden with rare plants that thrived with vivid colors—plants he had never seen before. Standing high in the sky were two, not one, suns shining to brightly as creatures flew high in the air.

"I don't want to go. Please, don't make me do this." The girl's voice rang out with a hint of desperation in her tone. The pain was clear and sharp as a knife as it cut into him for some reason. An African American woman with mocha colored skin and long get black hair that flowed to her waist, stood regally as if she were royalty. She was ravishingly beautiful wearing a white top that fell off her right shoulder displaying toned arms while her form fitting white pants cupped her taunt ass. There was almost something familiar about her when Roman noted the young girl in front of her. She was smaller image of her mother except her features more refined and her eye structure bespoke of her Asian heritage. The girl's silky brown hair was pulled back from her face in tiny long corn rolls showing off her expressive hazel eyes.

"Reign, I know that this is difficult for you."

The words the female uttered only confirmed the feelings that he had, the young girl was Reign.

"I don't want to do this." Tiny tears clouded in Reign's eyes.

"We've been through this and you know you have to do this."

"They made a mistake." Reign said gently pulling at the hem of her gray smock dress. Her legs were encased in white leggings and soft gray calf skin boots.

"No, my little one." A handsome male remarked as he walked out of the shadow near the gate. Unlike the females, he was tall, with is dark hair and serious eyes. His too dressed in all white like the female, although he wore suit, his features indicated his Asian background."The Fates have chosen. It is not our place to question their decisions only to follow them."

Reign turned toward him. "But maybe the Oracles made a mistake."

The female knelt. "No Reign." Her slight fingers brushed against the Reign's cheek. "They did not. I have always known you were special, from the moment I carried you."

"But I'm not… I can't be a Guardian. I don't want to be one. I want to be a healer like both of you."

"You are everything that is good and holy about your mother and I. The best we have to offer. You will do your duty to your queen and to our people." Her father responded. "You have the opportunity to make right that was wronged and restore our family honor in ways neither your mother or I can do."

Reign's lips trembled. She didn't want to sound like a baby, but she was frightened. This was a big task and something she never thought would happen. Yes, all the kids knew that the Oracles made their decisions about Guardians on the tenth year. But nothing about her screamed Guardian. Reign wasn't brave, she wasn't a fighter and she didn't have the killer instinct. Besides, like most of the children, she was terrified of the Guardians. They were the creatures that went bump in the night. She had heard the whispers, the horror stories about the things that they could do. They were killers. She wasn't a killer. How could she be when her mother and father were healers? They did so much to help their people; she couldn't understand how someone thought she would be a good candidate. Besides, she didn't want to leave her parents. She loved them. She had always been surrounded by the loving warmth of their family unit. She knew how much they had been overjoyed in having her. How could they want to give her away to leave her forever? That pain devastated her the most.

Reign looked up at her mother. "Don't you love me anymore?" She whispered, her insecurity showing, feeling less and less like the outgoing vibrant girl they raised.

"You know that we do." Melena remarked to her.

"But why are you doing this? I don't want to go."

"We will never be far from you, Dear One. We will always be here," she touched Reign's chest. "In your heart."


"Enough Reign." Melena snapped, her tone suddenly became commanding and nothing like the gentle soothing tone she had used prior. Her caring face transformed into a cold mask that was difficult to read. "You have a duty to uphold. And you will do it. This is a matter of honor- our honor. You won't let us down."

"Do you know how long it's been since a female was inducted? You cannot think of yourself, you must think about our good name and the honor that has been bestowed upon us." She moved Reign's head using her two fingers to propel her chin to stare directly into her eyes. "Think of your father and what this will mean to him. Will you deny him an opportunity to restore his family name because you are scared? How can you do this to him?"

Reign looked toward her father and felt sick to her stomach. Shame filled Reign, she didn't want to let her family down, especially her father.

Melena face softened once again. "I know you. I know your kind heart and I know that you'd never dishonor our house and name by besmirching your duties. You are better than that. You will see to it and make us proud."

A hot wet tear escaped and ran down Reign's small face."I don't want to be alone." She whispered.

"You never will be." The father responded as he bent down to kiss her on the top of her head. "You'll always be with us."

Melena looked up at her mate and took his hand. "It's time that we leave." She kissed Reign on both of her cheek. "Make us proud." She whispered. "Remember, everything happens for a purpose. Strength comes within and you are full of life, beauty and power. You can do this."

Then Melena stood. As she turned, her face now away from Reign, her face changed to one of great pain betraying how difficult this decision was for her. But she'd never let her daughter see it. Melena was giving away her only child to learn to be not only a protector but a killer. She knew the kind of work the Guardians did; she'd seen it first hand in her position. She knew that the baby she had carried and nurtured into an amazingly intelligent gifted loving child, would forever be changed. However, there was nothing she could do. The Fates had stepped in and claimed her daughter; and she had no choice but to let her go. So she didn't look back, afraid that if she did, she'd lose it. Therefore she modeled for her daughter showing her strength to do what was hard as she moved away to hold out her palm out. A bright light opened up and a portal appeared. She walked through it leaving the one thing she held most dear in her life.

"Mother! Father!" Reign cried as she ran toward the portal trying to stop them. However as fast as she was, it was nowhere near fast enough to stop her parents. The portal closed as hot pink tears fell down her cheeks . There on the warm cobblestone fell to her knees and cried.

After a while she realized that her parents weren't coming back, so she got up. Dirty, weary and heartbroken she left the gate and traveled into the inner sanctum. Stepping inside the domain she headed down the hall the room that matched the symbol on her bracelet. She had been given it when she and her parents had arrived. She pushed the wooden panel aside to find a small room furnished only with a cot and a small table that held a cloth, a drying towel and a bar of soap. She had no clothes or possessions other than the dress she had worn. There on the cot was a scroll. On it, it told her to strip, wash and put on the clothes left folded neatly on the edge of the cot.

Reign slipped off her shoes, took off her dirtied dress and neatly folded it, and her underwear. Then she wrapped in the towel and took the piece of soap. She followed the hallway down until it opened up to a courtyard. There she walked up the graveled walkway to outdoor bath. There were voices inside. Her heart beat fast as she stepped in. Inside the others were showering. The talking and playing all stopped washing when she stepped down into the shower. Eyes bore into her back as she put her towel on a peg and moved to step under the spray to wash.

It wasn't the fact that she was nude. At her age, she hadn't started to develop yet and even if she had, it couldn't have mattered. Nudity was common place among her people. But it was the fact that she was a girl-the only girl in the entire group. She turned her head slightly and noticed the boys were all different ethnic groups. Some were tall, others shorter and different sized, but all boys.

"A girl….can you believe it." She heard one of them state. There she heard the snickering

"I thought girls couldn't be Guardians that they outlawed it after what happened to the last time."

"No, it's just the fates hadn't picked any in such a long time." Another remarked.

"Do you see her face, it's puffy, she's probably been crying for her mommy and daddy…"

Reign closed her mind their voices faded. Inside she was dying, but she'd never let them see her cry. Her parents, her loving parents, had left her. She wanted to throw up but she didn't refused to be weak. She finished washing herself wrapped the towel around her and left. She made her way back to her room holding her head up high. Once she was there, she donned the clothing that was left for her, loose fitting black pants and a matching black tank top that left her arms bare. The material clung to her as if it were made to absorb her perspiration. On the small table held a comb and a brush, she begin to comb out her tiny plaits feeling so lost and alone when she felt as if someone were watching her. She turned to find a boy standing in the doorway. He wore the same outfit at her minus the top. He was two heads taller than she and lanky but there was muscle tone that suggested that he probably played sports. His long blond hair fell in his face over his dark brooding eyes.

Reign was desperate for a kind face or a word. A friend. And although he looked creepy she was willing to make the effort. "Hi." She stopped unbraiding her hair.

The boy said nothing; he stared at her and her long wavy hair. It was such an intense look for someone who was a kid; she wasn't sure what to make of it. She held her hand out. "I'm Reign …"

He looked down her hand. It was tiny and soft. Her nails were a soft pink color and perfectly manicured. "You're not going to make it."


"You were crying begging your parent not to leave you." He said with distain. "If you don't toughen up, they'll send you down."

"Good, then I can go back home." She uttered defiantly.

He looked exasperated for a moment, then suddenly bored as if he were masking his feelings."There is no home other than this. THIS is what the Fates have chosen for us. Nobody ever leaves once they enter those gates—and nobody goes back home." He scoffed. "What the fuck did you parents teach you? There is a reason you we are chosen at this age, we are still mortal. If we don't make it here, they kill you." The boy's harsh words hit her stomach. She wanted to deny what he was saying. Her parents wouldn't dare send her somewhere where she could be killed; it just didn't make any sense. She wanted to call him a liar. But there was something-a dark truth in the depth of his cold young eyes that frightened her. Reign wanted to step back but she didn't. She had never seen a kid with old eyes like he."If I were you. I'd learn to toughen the fuck up. They won't care if you are a girl or not. Truthfully, I don't either. You'll get no reprieve and if you can't cut it. You'll end up like the others who didn't make it-dead."

Then the boy turned around for a moment then he took something from the hall and handed it to her. It was a small cage in which a Shayla bird resided.

"For me?" Reign was confused, why would he tell her such horrible things then give her a gift. Still, she ached for a friend and she dearly loved all creatures especially animals. The little multi-colored bird was beautiful.

"From your parents." The boy uttered for a moment then he left.

Reign named the little brown bird with the white stripe Piju, meaning beloved in her language, and for the next three days, it was her saving grace. She and the others were on the pentacle, the surrounding the training facility secluded rooms assigned to them. Part of the compound, yet not part of the inner sanctum. They were given time to eat four times a day, time to explore certain sections of the mountains, the gardens, or go to the falls. But, they had yet to have begun training. There were no books or forms of communication to the outside world therefore it only left them an opportunity to build bonds with one another. Of course, that didn't mean that Reign wasn't isolated because essentially, she was. She had tried to develop friendships with the boys, but it seemed that no one would have it. She had even approached the boy who had given her Piju. He often sat alone not saying a word to the other boys. He didn't join in on the games they played though he had been asked by the other boys. Reign didn't understand why, but he had refused to speak to her, after several attempts although there were times she swore he was studying her. At least she had Piju. She gave him all of her love and friendship. She fed him, gave him water and even sang to him. And Piju proved to be a loyal bird staying close when released from his cage to fly around.

It was on the fourth day the group had been rounded out and taken into the deep into the heart of the institute. The large pair of gates to the inner sanctum had been opened and the fourteen recruits had been lead deep and down the stone curved steps on the side of the mountain into a impressive courtyard of the training facility. They were lead to stand on a blue circle with the infinity sign on it etched in gold. There, a male stood. He was tall with a massive body with bulging muscles. He looked Samoan, his skin color a beautiful brown with his hair cut close to his head. He had sinful looking tattoos of weapons that covered his massive chest and arms. He too wore a pair of black sparing pants that rode low on his hips. His gaze was heated and his eyes the color of cognac. He stood in a commanding stance, his arms behind his back.

"Recruits" He addressed them with deep commanding voice. "You have been those lucky enough to be chosen to go through our sacred training process-a tradition that is older than time. This will be an arduous daunting task where only the brave, the quick, the ruthless will survive." His dark eyes scanned the crowd. "Things will not be easy for any of you." His face became tight. "You will have to forget everything that you've been taught from your parents. At this point, we will be your family, your brothers—your sisters-your teachers-and your punishers. Here, you will learn the arts of weaponry, war craft, and you will learn to focus on your magical power. You to learn to use your power of hand when you become of age, you will also learn of seduction and sexual arts. For all of these things, you will learn to protect your queen with your lives and see that that her will be done for the honor of our people."

He started to move and walk around the circle looking at them as he spoke to the group. "You will bring honor and distinction to your family name. From now on you will no longer live out the outside our sanctuary, you will live inside with the other trainees. You will no longer sleep separately. For now, you will eat, sleep and train with one another. For now on your bodies, are not your own. Your own personal will is not your own. You OWN nothing. Our word, our commands are the only ones you will abide by."

He nodded and five males and one female came down the circular courtyard holding cages.

Reign eyes found Piju.

"Nothing you have is your own." He nodded to the cages. They opened them. He then waved his hand across his inner bicep and the image of a knife disappeared and appeared in his hand. He studied the group for a moment, his eyes watching them if he were assessing the children. His eyes landed on Reign. They bore into her as if he were trying to see inside of her into her soul.

Fear licked up her spine as the hairs on the back of her neck stood up. "Reign, come forward."

She felt the eyes of the others on her. Her mouth dried and she found it difficult to swallow. But somehow her feet moved and she found herself in the center of the circle standing before him.

She looked up at the male; he was so massive compared to her small frame. He then turned to open the cage to Piju's cage and took him out. He handed him to Reign. Reign took him; her face displayed the joy she felt. The man watched her, his eyes softening for a moment.

"You love him, don't you?" he asked. He bent down to be able to see her better. His voice now a gentle reassuring tone. The fear she felt began to dissipate. His rough fingers found her chin and titled her head up."It's okay to love him. Love is a deep emotion—it inspires us—makes us stronger. However-in most cases, it can make us weak. A Guardian can never be weak." He chided , then stood and handed her the looked at the sharp weapon, confused. "I need you to kill your pet."

Her stomach clinched painfully. It didn't make any sense to her. He couldn't be asking her to kill Piju, she loved him.

The man's face displayed no real emotion as he spoke again. "I gave you and order."

"But…" She whispered as her hands shook.

"It is not your place to hesitate. My commands will be obeyed."

Reign looked down at Piju as her fingers bit into the grip of the weapon. On the handle of the knives were sharp spikes that cut into her skin causing her to bleed, but she dare not let go of the knife. Yet she dare not use it. The truth is, couldn't do it. She loved him.

The man grabbed her wrist and took Piju from her hand in a movement she hardly could see, he broke the bird's neck. The soft brown bird fluttered weakly to the ground falling over the white stipe on his back, his head at an odd angle.

A cry of pain echoed throughout the courtyard as it came from her lips.

I gave an order; I expect it to be fulfilled." His cold eyes looked around the circle. "Now, do as I say, kill your animals."

Reign had hardly noticed that the other boys held their pets. They all took turns killing. Some did it with little emotions. Others, there was fear in their eyes, tears in some of them tried to hide yet they complied with the order.

The male then turned back to her. He titled her head up to look at him. "Do you know why I picked you?"

She shook her head but her red swollen eyes pierced him like daggers. Tears filled and threatened to spill down her cheeks.

"Your emotions betrayed you. They make you an easy target. That is why I picked you as an example for the others. You must learn to control your emotions for they will make you weak and in turn make us weak." He turned toward the boys. "You are all one. What one does affects the others. Reign did not follow my commands therefore you will all be punished."

Reign's hands began to shake at the mention of a punishment.

"Kneel." He addressed the others.

She felt the eyes of the other boys bore into her body. She felt some of their anger toward her as they knelt.

"Five lashes, on each foot."

The males and females who had come forward before came again but this time they had bamboo sticks in their hands.

Comprehension about the type of punishment hit Reign all at once, they were going to be beaten because of her actions."No!" she cried, but it was too late. They started to whip the soles of the boys feet. "No please, don't hurt them. I'll take the punishment but don't do this to them."

The male looked down at her strangely as if her words confused him. "Compassion, another emotion that is dangerous. Brave but foolish…beat them." He coldly ordered.

Reign watched in horror as the boys were beaten. The bamboo reeds were brought down on the bare soles of their feet. Finally when they stopped the male looked down at her. "Whatever you used to know is no longer applies." He touched her face for a moment of gentleness that didn't seem to comply with his actions for that day. "Remember this day always Reign. Seer what happens into your mind. Allow it to make it stronger. Hate me, for hatred such as love is an equally powerful emotion. You will have to work harder than anyone to prove yourself. And I cannot show any compassion because of it. Females you see- can be the most cunning, crafty, creatures. Your sex can be an advantage or a disadvantage. But for now, you must pay for your actions.

He stood. "Take her to the post. Ten lashes."

Reign looked over toward the side of courtyard to where there was now what she realized was a decorated whipping post.

The men took her over the post. She wanted to run, to pull away but she knew that her actions would impact the others. They already hated her. Fear filled her as the bile came up her throat as the wound the leather strips around her wrist. She heard the ripping of her shirt as the a knife was used to slice down her back. She didn't want to show any weakness but she was afraid. She wasn't immortal, she was weak and vulnerable. She wouldn't be able to heal, not without their help. She closed her eyes. Her heart was breaking. Her beautiful Puji was dead; her parents had left her to this horrible fate.

She heard the sound of the bamboo stick cutting through the air-it seemed as if it took forever but then suddenly her back felt like it was on fire. Pain like she never felt went through her entire body. Her knees buckled and her bit down on her tongue to keep from screaming out in pain. Blood filled her mouth. Then, the stick came down again and again. Tears of pink fell down her eyes, but she refused to cry out as she was dealt her punishment but the pain was so severe and she blacked out.

That was when Roman suddenly awakened. He had transformed wanting to take apart the people who had done this to such a young girl. The bloodied sight of her back, the deep cuts of the weapon. It was like he had felt it while trapped in an immobile state where he could do nothing to protect her. Yet he had felt her pain as surely as he had been her. Reign had been a little girl yet she had been beaten like she had been a man. It made no sense at all-the dreams couldn't have been real. That couldn't have happened, yet it was so frightening and all he felt was ill.

Jacob and Bella's Backyard

Quileute land was simply stunning. It wasn't just the clean air, the pungent smell of the evergreens, the glorious trees or the raw mountains rising towered the clear blue sky. Unlike other "developed" parts of the world, their land had been untouched by the jaws of "progress", therefore the soil was rich, the trees were massive and wildlife were aplenty. But more than the beauty, it was the rare pure magic that radiated from the place, it was almost reverent. The Quileute were a strong people, a close knit community and their connection to the earth and to each other was strong. Naje felt the rays of love, strength and deep connections coursing through her body the moment that she had stepped onto the reservation. There was deep magic within the protective cocoon of the tribe. The people here were good. She felt the vibes when she had come and knew that wolves would give their lives protecting them. But the tribe wasn't as protected as they could be, not without the full power of a Seer. A Seer with the right kind of power could not only see the hidden beings like the pixies, gnomes and other creatures, one with the right kind of power would be able create a barrier to stop impeding vampires.

She leaned her head back, closed her eyes for a moment and inhaled. Then she opened them, her focus solely on the children playing off in the distance. The little girl and boy were busy launching high into the air off the trampoline. The little girl did a triple somersault.


"She's impressive isn't she?" Naje's lips curled into a soft smile as Colin's soft words hit her ear. She didn't turn but knew instantly the male was standing next to her.

"Whose children are those?"

"Kenya is Roman's sister and Sasha is her best friend."

"They are close aren't they?"

"Yeah." He watched them for a moment.

"He'd do anything for her, wouldn't he?"

Colin nodded." Yeah… How could you tell?"

She gave him a knowing smile. "How do you think?"

"No…are you serious?" He watched them for a moment. "They're just kids."

"And their love for each other is pure, the bond is there. For some the Imprint can start at an early age."

Colin was quiet for a long moment. He wondered what she could see in him, could she see his ability to possibly Imprint. For a moment he wanted to ask her, but couldn't seem to find the words. He wasn't sure if he wanted to know if he had one. Why would he? Jacob didn't, neither did Roman or Seth. In fact nobody in Jake's original pack had Imprinted. He wasn't sure that any of them could. Pushing that particular issue aside he focused on another burning question he had. Would be ever Imprint? Why would Sasha have that ability and not any of them? But the information she had given him allowed him to realize something else. "That means Sasha is going to be a wolf."

"One day, yes, he will be."

Colin looked at the young children, especially the lively boy. "You can see that?"

She turned giving him a coy look."There are a lot of things that I can see and a lot of things that I can do."

He was intrigued by her. "Like what?"

Her eyes sparkled with mirth. "You really want to know?"

"Yeah. I do."

"You aren't afraid?"

He moved closer to her. " Do I look like I'm afraid."

Naje took it as a challenge. There were not too many people who knew that she could do really wanted to see it. They were afraid and rightfully so. She had been different and although she had grown up in the love and protection of her village there were members who had been afraid of the magic she could wield. But Colin wanted to know about her magic. Surprisingly, Naje moved away from him and headed toward the woods then she turned toward him. "Okay." She extended her hands toward him. "Come on, I'll show you."

Colin studied her extended hand for a moment. Then he moved toward her taking her hand. Together, they strolled into deep dense forest with her leading him.

Bella and Jacob's Home

"Bella," Jake gently called out as he came up the stairs. He knew that his wife was upstairs, he had looked in their bedroom but found it empty. Truth was he was worried about her. Paul was an ass and he knew that his insensitive words had upset her. "Bella," He called out again when he found her in the guest bedroom. The room was a soft cinnamon color that went perfectly with the hardwood floors. There was a nice king sized bed with a fluffy comforter of cream and cinnamon and with large high pillows . On the wall in captured in bronze framed shadow boxes were dried flowers that Bella had kept from the bouquets used in their wedding. Jake found his wife standing outside on the balcony of the room; she was looking over into the horizon, clearly in deep thought.

"Hey." He remarked as he moved toward her.

She turned. "Hey."

Jake walked over pulled her into his arms to kiss her on the top of her head. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah, I was just thinking."

"About what an ass Paul is? Me too."

"Well, that did, cross my mind, but no."

Jacob cupped her face. "He was wrong; you aren't a danger to tribe. If you want, I'll go rip out his balls and shove them down his throat for you."

Bella looked at Jake and couldn't contain her smile. Only her husband would use making an eunuch out of a man as an endearment gesture. "No thank you. I think your sister likes his balls right where they are. You do want nieces and nephews some day? Besides I'm aware that like it or not, Paul spoke the truth. If they come looking for me, they'll kill the tribe. But I can't live my live on what ifs. You are part of the tribe and this is my family, leaving would change nothing except we'd be miserable. We could never leaving everything and everyone we loved behind because of that fear unless we really had too." Bella knew that the pack needed Jake but if it ever came down to them both being a liability, then they'd do the right thing and leave. "Our lives are here. Besides we've got two new uncles for our baby that we've got to establish bonds with. We aren't teens anymore and we certainly aren't running away."

Jake studied his wife. Everyone thought he was the strong one, but the truth was Bella was just as strong as he. She was silent for a moment. "I know you're angry with Paul. But you shouldn't be. Rachel's right. He loves Sam and you'd feel the same way if it were Embry or Quil who had lost their memories and you couldn't do anything. Feeling helpless isn't something Paul's used too so he did what he could."

"I wouldn't feel the same way if they challenged me for Alpha and lost."


"Sam's dangerous Bella." Jacob braced the banister with both of his hands. "And I don't trust him but that doesn't mean what happened to him doesn't bother me – it does." He sighed remembering the man Sam used to be. Sam had been a good Alpha, a leader who had helped him and the others. "But now… I guess a part of me does wonder."

"Wonder about what?"

"If his behavior was because of that Love Spell?"

"Why don't you talk to Naje, maybe she could give you some advice."

Jake nodded. He was silent for a moment as he thought about he pretty seventeen year old. "She's got a lot of power, that one."

"Yes, she does. What she did to Paul…whoa!"

"She's kinda young for that type of power." Bella smirked at his remark. "What?"

"How old were you when you started to phase? She's around that age. Naje only seems so young because you are older." Jacob thought about it. It did seem like a lifetime ago when he first transitioned. Maybe Bella was right.

"Yeah…I guess but it is a little strange seeing she can do. Colin seems to like her."

"Yeah, he does. I saw them taking a walk outside together going toward the woods." She stated.

This news surprised Jake. Colin and Brady always had girls hanging around them. Nobody had ever been special to them, but there was something about the way that Colin had looked at Naje earlier.

"Yeah." Jake sighed deeply. This whole think is fucked up isn't it?"

"A love spell. It seems so crazy. So insane. So…"

"Possible." Jake finished.

"You think?"

"I don't think that Naje is lying."

"Oh…I don't either. But who would do this? Why? It's so vindictive so cruel."

"I don't know Bells. But I plan to try to get to the bottom of this. Someone is playing with some very dangerous magic. Magic that can and has caused disharmony within the mist of our tribe. I can't let that go." Just what I need, another fucking thing. Their lives were becoming more complicated by the minute. And all he wanted to do was to spend time with his wife and bask in the delight of their much awaited baby. He wrapped his strong arms around Bella's waist and leaned on her. The bottom of his chin rested on the top of her hair. "You think that we can run away? It's not too late. We can just go. Quit our jobs and live on the land. I'm an excellent hunter and fisherman."

A smile spread across Bella's face. "Somehow, I don't think that will work." She turned into his arms then rested her head against his chest. They stayed like that for a long time needing the moment to derive strength from each other.

Finally, Bella spoke. "I guess in a strange weird ways, it all makes sense now. How Sam could be Imprinted to Emily and still have feelings for Leah."

"Yeah, I guess." Jake sighed. Now, he was even more conflicted. Naje's news explained so much. How Sam had changed, his behavior becoming possessive and dangerous. In Jake's mind, he understood but that didn't mean that he trusted Sam. He didn't. As badly as he felt, he couldn't allow Sam his wolf back. There were too many issues at hand. Still, there was the fact that Sam knew a damming secret and had never uttered it. A secret he no longer remembered.

Maybe its best that he doesn't remember then he can't- Oh, what the fuck am I talking about? The man doesn't even remember his own son.

Now that Jake was on his way to becoming a father himself, he could somewhat appreciate the devastation that would cause.

"Do you have any idea who might be responsible for this? The Love Spell."

Jake's face turned dark. "I have to be careful in blaming someone for this but it has to be someone on the reservation who had access to both Sam and Emily. Someone who didn't want them to be together. And there aren't a lot suspects. People genuinely loved Leah and Sam together. And although Emily had a crush on Sam, she wouldn't do this. But there is someone else who could have and that person who may have had the connections to know someone to do this. After all, Emily isn't originally from this tribe. Each tribe in the past had a Shaman."

"Shaman? But I thought that you said that Carl Lonewolf was a harmless old man."

"Cause he is now. There were things he could do when younger but nothing that serious. But I had once heart rumors of others who could do things, there are some who knows the old ways. Old magic too. Hell, look at Naje, she's not a Shaman, but she's powerful."

"Do you suspect someone?"

"I don't know…" He sighed. This was just another mystery piled on top of another. "I mean the only person I can think of is Emily's mother but I just can't see her doing this. This is some serious shit. Besides…how the hell could she do it?

Bella thought for a moment. He was right; Emily's mother was quite a fanatic about Emily and Sam's marriage. But to go through such lengths, that didn't seem right. This Love Spell was a complicated issue. For a person to go through such lengths to destroy Sam's relationship with Leah was beyond devious. Bella had a difficult time being able to understand someone doing this. "I don't know. I know that she's protective of Emily but to do this…I'm not sure."

"The truth is Bells, I'm not sure we will ever know. But one thing is for certain; when Sam finds out he's going hit the roof. And that will be nothing compared to what Leah's going to do." Jake didn't want that headache. Since joining his pack for the first time she seemed to have found some measure of peace (at least for her). Now she'd be out for blood and he wasn't sure even he'd be able to stop her if they found the culprit. Leah's life had been dramatically altered; she had been forced to live through so much pain because of someone else's machinations.

Jake turned back and moved inside the bedroom when he noticed the Carters bags on the floor with the roped silken cords for handles. "What's this?" He asked as he went back inside to pick up one of the bags. Peaking inside, he pulled out a little Onesie. Jake's hands looked so big handling the little jumpers.

"I know it's silly, I guess that I couldn't resist." Bella remarked coming back into the guest bedroom to stand next to Jake.

Jake looked once again at the darling clothing. "Blue and pink?"

Bella nodded. "I know but I couldn't decide."She took the outfits. "I just had this feelings…."

"What feeling?"

"I don't know. It's crazy, but something inside me told me to buy both. It might be a little late by the time the baby comes, but I couldn't make a decision. She walked back into the room and went toward another bag. "But I could make a certain decision about this." She handed it to him.

Jake took the bag and pulled out a stuffed wolf. A big grin on his face. "Where did you get this?"

"I know. It's like it was made for us." She pulled him toward her to allow his big hand to caress her flat stomach.

Jacob smiled enjoying this moment. He looked down at Bella and saw that tears were streaming down her face. He knew that pregnancy made people emotional, but this was Bella. "Hey, what's this?"

Bella licked her salty lips. "Nothing…it's just silly."

"Nothing is silly when it comes to you."

Jake turned and pulled her to sit the bed in his lap, "Now, tell me."

"I'm just so happy."

He was confused. After what happened with Paul, she was happy? Must be those hormones.

"No. You don't get it. I didn't at first. This feeling of security and of true contentment that I'm feeling. I didn't understand where it came from. But I've had some time to think about it and I realize that a weight had been lifted off my shoulders."

"Weight?" Jacob was perplexed.

"All this time…I never realized how afraid I really was."

"Afraid?" Bella was one of the most fearless persons that Jake had ever met. Jacob watched as Bella slid off the bed and stood.

"Yes, afraid of losing you to some faceless woman who could one day walk into our lives and try to take you away."

Jacob felt as if had been kicked in the stomach. In all of these years, he hadn't thought about how Bella thought about the lack of Imprint. He loved his wife. He too stood moving toward her. "Bells, you know that I'd never-"

"I know that you'd never leave me. But the fear, it was still there, in the back of my mind,. I didn't realize until now. I never lost faith in you or us but a part of me was always a little frightened and insecure. You see I never really understood why Edward wanted me when I was younger and he was my idea of perfection. . But you it was even worse because you've actually have seen all my flaws. Hell, sometimes I think you enjoyed me being a klutz,

"Not true. I just liked having an excuse to pick you up and hold you." He remarked.

"You knew how to push me and make me so mad."

"I liked seeing you all fired up." He retorted.

"You saw me at my worst."

"Hell…you knew that I transformed into a wolf, your worst is nothing compared to that." He replied.

You even knew I loved another."

"I knew that I loved you. I also knew that you loved me…for a while it wasn't the same, but I knew if I had a chance I'd win." He gave her a smug grin. "See…you are the smart one, but I was right all along, wasn't I?"

She wiped away a tear. "Now I'm crying like a girl."

Jacob stood and pulled her into his arms. "You'll always be my girl, even when we are ninety years old." He whispered nipping at her ear.

"I know that." She closed her eyes burying her face in his warm chest. "That's the thing. You loved when I was a girl. So insecure, so confused, so lost."

"Don't forget accident prone."

Bella laughed. "Yeah…that too."

"I love you now." He reminded her resting his head on top of her. "Sometimes that girl is in there." He whispered. "I love her still but I love the woman you've become. You are so smart and now confident. You never liked attention but that is what you get as a teacher and you thrive at it. You write the most amazing stories. And you make the best meals. You never get tired of my gory movies and love riding motorcycles with me." He pulled her head up. Besides, you are so sexy whether in jeans and sneakers or wearing one of those sexy dresses that Angela designs for you. You laugh at my jokes and you are never afraid to counter me when you think I'm wrong. Don't forget the sex either…oh my fucking God. You've got the sweetest, tightest pu…."

"It used to drive me crazy because to me, all those years ago, that Edward was so perfect." Bella said interrupting her husband before his declarations of loved turned totally x rated. "I wanted to be a vampire so I could try be as perfect he." She admitted. "But I was never going to be perfect."

"No, you weren't." He frowned thinking of her as a vampire.

"And you certainly aren't perfect." She reminded him with a nod." You sometimes snore this really loud horrible sound and I want to smother you with my pillow. God knows that you are always leaving your dirty clothes on our floor..You eat way too much, yell at the television and .."

"Hey…I said good things about you." Jake uttered.

"You like to walk around the house naked." She reminded him . "Well…I kinda like that part. But the truth is Jacob Black, you aren't perfect."

"I will never be." He reminded her. "You never will be, after all you are still a klutz at times."

She caressed his face. "But I am perfect for you, that's the point. No faceless woman will ever be able to come in and be this perfect mate for you and your wolf. You love me and now I know the truth, an Imprint can't be created without there being love. And you'll never love anyone the way that you love me. Don't you see, I'll never lose. I'll never lose you Jake."

Jake was silent for a moment because now he understood Bella's fear. "Just like a part of me was always afraid that I'd lose you to Edward, you thought you could lose me too." He whispered against her head.

"That will never happen."Their hands entwined. "Nothing will ever come between us." Bella whispered.

Jake leaned down and gave her a love loving kiss. When he broke it, he studied her for a long time. There was nothing but raw pure love radiating from his expression. "No you will never lose me. I'm yours until my heart stops beating."

Music played in the background, Christiana Perri's Thousands Years. The words of her melodic song drifting toward them enveloping them.

I've had died everyday waiting for you.

Darling don't be afraid, I have loved you, for a thousand years.

I'll love you for a thousand more. (Christian Perri)

La Push

Colin stood amazed by the sights that his eyes were seeing. His mind told him that it wasn't possible but there he was standing in the middle of some mystic bubble that made it possible to see the things that he hadn't known was there. Colin had seen a lot of things, vampires, werewolves the size of horses, but he stood in sublimation looking at the tiny insect like creatures that Naje called Analts that were tiny blue and purple as they built nests in the trees. Then there were pixies, real pixies, they looked nothing like Tinkerbelle, instead they had slim bodies and razor sharp teeth. There were other small animal like creatures that lived within the ground. He turned to look at Naje; she stood next to him inside the bubble that surrounded them staring at him intensely.

"So you can always see them?" He uttered with amazement.

"Yes, that's what makes me a Seer. I can see more than humans and even sense more than shape shifters or other beings. When I look at you, I see you but I also see your wolf. It's a part of you under the surface." She turned her attention back to the amazing landscape before them. "Your land is special, the earth, the plants and the animals, all protected by your tribe. This place is truly magical." She lowered her hands as the bubble surrounding them began to fade and he no longer could see the creatures. "I started seeing things when I was around four years old. I always thought that everyone could see them but they couldn't. It was only when I could see my abula, that I knew that I was different."

"Your grandmother. What's so special about that?"

Naje moved to sit on a large rock. "She had died two week prior."

Colin moved to sit next to her. The rays of the sun hit her perfectly causing gold flecks to caress her tanned skin. "You see the dead?"

"Sometimes I see their sprits. You can image how difficult that was at such a young age when I could see things that others can't. But at least I lived in the midst of a village where people turned into animals; the different would be much more accepted than in regular society. But when I could see her and hear her, my mother knew that I was different. So, she started sending me here to spend time with my grandmother who was a gifted Seer. "

She had been so young and laded down with such a heavy burden. "How did you deal with being so young?"

"At times it was hard. Leaving my parents, though I went home regularly for visits. But I wanted to learn more abut my gift and how I could use it. I thrived on the knowledge and besides she needed me, she's much older than she looks."

It explained the maturity in her eyes. Colin knew that Naje wasn't like the other girls from the tribe or the ones in Forks. Not only was she more beautiful than anyone he had ever seen, dealing with the type of power she had and not letting it corrupt her was a testament to her strength. The truth was, having the type of power to be something other than human could change you. He loved being a wolf, being part of the pack, being able to hunt down and protect. But it was a huge responsibility, but he had the pack to help and guide him. All Naje had was her grandmother, she had been sent far away from her family and her village.

"Do you get lonely?"

She gave him a surprised look. Then she looked off for a moment. "Sometimes…" She whispered. "I miss the feel of being part of a close community. She sighed for a moment closing her eyes. The sounds of the children playing, the smell of dishes native to my land, seeing the jaguars racing through the lands. Hell, I even miss my older brother although he can be bit overbearing at times. Truth is, I wasn't supposed to stay this long. I was supposed to take my place at the pack Seer years ago and go back."

"What happened?"

She turned and looked at him, there was something hidden in the depth of her eyes. "A dream, my grandmother came to her and told her that I shouldn't go, that my destiny was here."

"So you stayed because she told you too."

She looked up at him. "It was more than that, it's like this land was a magnet. I knew she told the truth. My place was no longer with my family or my village. It's here."

Colin's heart began to race. He couldn't understand it. All she did was look up at him with those dark chocolate eyes and he was lost. Never had a female affected him in such a manner. He wanted to take her in his arms, hold her and let her know that she wasn't alone. She wasn't isolated that she had him.

"So, enough about me, what about you?"

He laughed. "Nothing much. My boy, Brady and I liked to hang out and one day I got a fever and the rest is history. Family curse and all. I've been killing vamped ever since.

"From your mother or father's side?" She inquired.

He ducked his head a little. "My mom."

"And your father…he isn't Native American is he?"

" How did you…"

Colin was such a hottie. He was tall with a lean muscular body that was fit. He is russet coloring enhanced his handsome face while his brown hair fell over his eyes, slightly longer on the top curling around his ears. yet instead of having dark brown eyes like one the others, his eyes were a beautifully metallic gray. She studied bone structure noting that he had some Anglo features especially in his chin and nose, if his skin coloring had been different, he could easily pass for white.

She touched him on the middle of his chest and his hair suddenly turned his hair turned blonde. "I can see it, with different coloring, you have Anglo features."

Colin's lighthearted face turned dark and he stepped out of her grasp. Naje instantly was sorry. "Hey…I'm sorry. I didn't mean anything."

"No. Don't." Colin stepped toward her, holding her hand. "It isn't you." He looked at her for a long moment. "It's just something I don't like talking about."

"Having a white dad?"

"No. I don't care about him being white…" He paused for a moment, his arms crossed while his biceps bulged. "It's more about having a dad who didn't want me." Colin admitted. He wasn't sure why he was talking about the man who had knocked his mother up, he never did. "I guess most of the pack has pretty much got fucked up relationships with our dads in this pack…well all expect Quil and Jared. Sam, Leah, Seth and Roman had good fathers but they are dead. Jake's dad…well, he's cool but he's also he's Embry's dad so it's kind weird. Paul's father was a fucking drunk. But the man who made me, well he takes the cake. Alan came from Boston where my mother was going to college on a scholarship. They met in the mess hall where she worked part time. For her it was love at first sight, for him it was a chance to get it on with a freshman . Within a couple of months, he knocked her up then dumped her, not wanting to anything her or me." Colin laughed bitterly. "Alan came from money and having a bastard son by a Native American wasn't part of his or his family's plans. His mother , actually tried to bribe my mom into aborting me but she wouldn't take her money." Colin's chin moved upward in a show of defiance. "She did hell of a job raising me without their money. I've never seen him and as far as I'm concerned I never want to. My mom worked really hard raising me on her own although a year ago she married to Luke a two years ago. I like him, he's a good man and makes her happy."

"I'm sorry." She whispered.

"I'm not." He replied.

Her hand caressed his. "Colin you don't have to pretend around me. Nobody likes being rejected."

"You can't miss what you never had. Besides, can you really see someone like me living it up in Boston going living in some fancy house? Not my style. I'm more of running through the woods, chasing vampires, hanging with my boys, cliff diving sort."

"Cliff diving?"


"Really?" Excitement shown in her eyes.

Colin's chest expanded. "I'm a wolf, nothing scares me."

Naje laughed. "Really…not even Jacob…"

Colin really did want to front, but Jake was a badass and could be scary as hell at times. "Well…yeah. …maybe him. But Jake's cool. He's just an Alpha." Colin replied remembering how Jake had threatened to skin him alive for having impure thoughts about his wife. Somehow he kinda understood his needs to protect at the moment.

Colin wasn't used to actively pursuing a female. Yeah, he and Brady played the field but they never had to work very hard. Pussy literally fell out of the sky for them most of the time. So why is being around her so different? You hardly know her? But you want too. He looked at her lips. Normally, he didn't do a lot of talking when it came to women. He certainly didn't talk about the man who was his biological father, but this female, she was different. She was so fucking perfect. Her body was so hot, full breast, small waist, tight ass. Her long legs were amazing and tight. God, he was aching hard, because he'd wanted nothing more than to be buried balls deep inside of her. But there was more than his raging cock to consider, the truth was, he felt connected to her. And he had ever since the night in the woods. But today, that bond was even tighter. It didn't make any sense and if he didn't know any better he'd swear that he'd Imprinted but according to what Jared and others who had felt, this wasn't it. Colin knew one thing, whatever it was between them, he couldn't let it go. "Listen do you think that you'd want to…."

The wind changed and suddenly Naje was off the rock as if she sensed something amidst. Colin's predatory instincts kicked in when suddenly a swarm of butterflies come toward them circling them. They moved in sync with one another as they surrounded her. She stood there, her hair whipping in the wind; her eyes closed her lips slowly moving as if she were talking to them. Then, just as quickly as they appeared, they left.

Suddenly, Naje took off running toward the house. Colin, alarmed followed her. When she got to the back door to the kitchen she pulled on her boots frantically. "What's wrong?" Colin demanded as he saw the look of panic in her eyes. She hardly said a word as she raced through the house toward the front door.

"Naje…" He caught her spinning her around toward. He couldn't shake the need to protect her. "What's wrong?" He cupped her face seeing the tears in her eyes.

Naje looked at him. There was something off about the look on her face. He was immediately concerned. "Are you okay?"

"It's my grandmother…she needs me."

"Those butterflies in the woods-"

Naje cut off Colin."They were sent from her. I've got to get home…now!"

"Okay, then I'll come with you, I don't want you driving home…oh shit." He wanted to go with her, he didn't want her driving such a long distance by herself when she was upset but he had to patrol in a couple of hours. They had a new patrol schedule because of what blood they found. There was no way that Jake was going to let him out of it.

"Are you okay?" A small voice asked her. She turned and saw the little girl and boy who had been playing outside coming into the living room. Naje stared at Kenya for a long that Colin wondered if she actually heard her. He grasped Naje's hand. "This is Kenya and Sasha." He turned toward the children. "This is my friend Naje."

"Hi." She said to the children. "I'm sorry if I frightened you."

"It's okay. Whatever's wrong why don't you let Colin help you?"

Naje knelt down by the beautiful girl. "I wish that I could but there is nothing he can do, not now." A lone sad tear slipped down her cheek." She stood turning toward Colin. "Thanks…I know that you want to help but I've got to go." Naje moved toward the door. Then she turned for a moment, tears in her eyes when she brushed her lips against Colin's lips. "Thanks so much," she muttered with emotion as she opened the door and ran down the front stairs to her motorcycle.

He followed her, never had Colin felt so helpless. His instincts screamed that he ought to go with her while his body tingled. That kiss. It was soft and quick yet it fueled his body. He couldn't do this; he couldn't leave her when she needed him.


Reign eyes popped open as if she had been dead and suddenly come back to life after being in a sleeping chamber. For a moment, she studied her surroundings; her memories were a bit hazy. One moment, she was living in her past reliving events that she hadn't thought in years and in the next moment, she was here, in her home. Studying the blue energy surrounding her body she was more than curious. She had never seen anything like it, she could feel its warm essence surrounding her, it was comforting like a soothing cocoon of some sort. Awareness hit her. She should have been in her bedroom in the rented beach house in Forks not far from La Push, instead she found herself in her spacious bedroom in her house in Japan.

She moved –quickly-and found herself not sitting up or even standing in the bedroom but instead standing up and naked inside her master bathroom, the one located on the far side of the room. Reign knew that was fast, but her speed had never been like that. She had moved ten times faster than normal.

In the bathroom mirror, she studied herself in the mirror that ran the length of bathroom. Her body tingled like it had never tingled before. Her skin was now her natural rose pinkish hue and her fire-engine colored hair was much longer as if fell in waves below her breast. She moved and her wings grew out of her back. She spread them out. They were beautiful looking like delicate blow glass of pink, red and golden hues. Her red eyes sparkled, her breast full tipped with fire-red nipples. Her "tattoos" were no longer like striking black ink on her skin; instead they looked as if they were golden over-lay on her skin. Her face was more pronounced, her eyes blood red, her lips just a red as if she had painted them candy apple red. Her natural form was exquisite; she looked as if she were a glittery version of a pin-up doll.

Feeling a sense euphoria that she couldn't explain filled her. She felt powerful almost sublime. Suddenly images filled her head of what had transpired.

She had been sleeping next to Roman, her body trying to rest from the hot orgasms he had given her. She had rubbed her naked body next to his needing more. Roman's smell had been erotic, calling her. Without real thought, she found herself kissing down his amazing body, licking down muscular chest, her hands running up his strong thighs. Then her mouth neared his huge hard pulsating member. She had wanted to lick it, suck it …when something called her, his blood. She bent her head and slowly sank her fangs into his thigh. Sweet blood, spicier and bolder than anything she ever tasted filled her mouth as she drank and drank until there was nothing.

Awareness hit her. She had drunk from Roman. Something that was prohibited for Fae since they were only allowed to feed off of their own kind. His blood should have killed her, but instead his blood had been amazing, it tasted like ambrosia. Never had she tasted anything like it before. Never had she felt so powerful. Reign's finger rubbed against each other and a flame of fire floated off of them. She opened her palm and a spinning ball moved in the air in front of her. She watched it with amazement. Although she had studied years to be able to control her pyrotechnical abilities, it had never come to her this easily. She created another ball, then another as they spun around faster and faster and faster. It felt sublime, the power the ability to control the flame. She looked up; her eyes glowed like they were red diamonds. Items around the room began to levitate. Her body began to heat up. It became hotter and hotter until she started to glow. Her body began smolder and flames crawled over her skin, consuming her body.

As the flames worked themselves up her terrified form "Noooo" was the last thing to slip from her lips as she lost what was left of her control.


Odiniasat outside on a blanket; her eyes were shut as she meditated to commune with elements for the very last time. She had been on this earth for a long time, well over 120 summers but she didn't look it. Seers could extend their lives if they wished. And she had for such a long time in order to protect those she needed to protect. Her life had been on filled with pain, heartache, laughter, joy and very little regret. The Gods had given her a great power, one she had wielded for such a very long time and now it was time to pass it on. The only thing she regretted was that she'd never be alive to see the child that Naje would give birth to.

She felt a presence and opened her eyes to see a man she had not seen for more than twenty years; the man looked the same, tall with a face that looked as if it had been carved out of stone. He still wore his hair long as it brushed to his shoulders, his eyes were an strange piercing violet color, his body toned and fit. He was a predator, a killer but she was not afraid as he moved toward her.

"So, you sensed it, my end." She remarked, it really wasn't a question. "I'm glad that our connection is still intact, I haven't felt you in such a long time." She remarked.

He looked down at her and nodded. "I did not want you to be alone when the time came."

She gave him a small smile. "I'm never alone; however I fear that you are."

There was emptiness in his eyes. "For good reason. When one kills what they love the most it is most hard to be around others. Besides, humans rarely interest me."

"Oh…there was one that did." She reminded him.

"And she died as humans often do, did she not?"

"Yes. She did, but if you could do it all again, would you change what you have done? Change it so you never met her, never loved her, and never fathered her child?"

He studied her for a moment. As always, there was something regal about him, but then again, royalty did run in his veins. "No. I would do it all again." He whispered.

He looked at her, his eyes betraying a moment of sorrow that she had never seen save for one other time. "I will miss you" He whispered. It has been an honor to know one such as you."

The compliment was high praise coming from him. She would miss him too. After all, he had been a constant in her life since she had been a child and first seen him. "You are most welcome."

"Not many of your kind would have done what you did."

"I had a son; I would have done anything to protect him. I can understand your need to protect your daughter, to keep the knowledge of her hidden from your kind." She reached out a hand and he took it. It was almost unfair, that she although she aged slower than her other human counterparts, she had withered away to someone frail as he was a strong and handsome as he had been the first time she had laid eyes on him when she had been ten years old. "Have you seen your daughter?"

"From time to time." They walked toward her home. "I don't visit her anymore as I did when she was a child. Seeing me made things difficult on her. Humans believed she was crazy." Then he suddenly smiled making his face so beautiful, he looked a great deal like Orlando Bloom. "She is like her mother, likes to move to place to place, though she's settled down recently." He took her inside. There he helped her to the table before he went to the stove and put on the tea kettle.

"And your granddaughter? Have you seen her?"

He shook his head. "It has been best to stay away from her. The more that I stay away, the safer things are for them. Besides they are human and…"

"I've seen the girl."

"I know."

"No, I'm not talking about when I bound her Imprint like you asked me to do. Little good it did by the way she still ended up with Jacob Black."

He sighed. He didn't like his plans thwarted. "I didn't see that coming?" He looked at her.

"Did you?"

I see lots of things. She reminded him coyly as he poured the tea. "But no. When they are children, it's hard to tell where they end up." She leaned back, her body aching as it did more and more. Time was running out. "When Jacob's mother came to me with her request, I was stunned. I knew that she had power to see visions but it never dawned on me she'd ask for such a thing for her son." Ondina shuttered, to this day it still haunted her , the type of pain the two little children had been in when she broke their bond. "I wouldn't have done it, bound their Imprint if you hadn't asked me too, regardless of what Sara asked."

"It was too dangerous, them being together. His blood is a direct line from Nafre and with my Fae blood in Bella's body who knows what could have happened? I didn't want to risk it, for fear that my own powers and spells would be broken and someone would find out that she isn't entirely human. You know how fanatic my kind are. My Fae blood is directly aligned to the royal Queen and his blood is a direct line to Nafre. They automatically dispatch Guardians kill them both out of fear of the child they'd have together." He stood. He had needed Ondina, although powerful, his power alone couldn't shield his daughter or grandchildren living in another realm. He had to combine his powers with the Seer to ensure that no creature other would ever be able to tell that they weren't fully human. "Yet, Fate, it seems doesn't like to be messed with, does it?"He remarked. He couldn't have predicted that Bella would be later in life drawn to Jacob after getting involved with a vampire, which in turn had been more dangerous. In the end, it had been Jacob Black who had saved his granddaughter's heart and soul and the two had ended up together. If he had let things alone much pain could have been averted. All he had ever wanted was for his issue to be safe, but things had become such a mess so quickly.

"I know that you meant well. You didn't mean her any harm."

"I know better than to try to change the course of time. I was very foolish."

She smiled. " You were." Ondina stilled for a moment. "There is something you need to know."


"She's pregnant and she's carrying twins. Twins so different from each other. Twins- who are not human."

Bella and Jake's House

Bella eased off the sofa where she had been working when her front doorbell rang. The house was silent since Sasha and Kenya were downstairs watching Avatar with 3-D glasses with a big bowl popcorn. Jake had gone back to work to finish up and had plans to meet with Hawk and another Alpha to look at mysterious marks in the woods. Bella opened the front door and was astounded when she found her mother standing there. "Mom?"

"Surprise!" Renee came forward hugging her tightly.

"Mom…what are you doing here?" Bella sputtered over her shoulder.

"When I got your message, I knew that I had to come." Renee explained as she moved into the living room. ." Oh…I can't believe it! My baby is having a baby!" She remarked clapping happily as she she did a little dance. "Phil wanted to come but he couldn't get off work but I couldn't wait. So I booked the first flight that I could find." She cupped Bella's cheeks. "Oh sweetheart, let me look at you." Renee studied her daughter as she fingered strands of Bella's hair. "Oh..yes, there it is. Your face has a glow that only pregnancy can bring and if I didn't know any better I'd swear you picked up a little weight. Your Bella your breasts do look fuller." Renee remarked with a laugh. "I'm sure your husband isn't complaining about that, is he? There are certain benefits to being pregnant; I know that when I was with you my sex drive actually increased the second trimester-"

"Mom…stop, please." Bella turned beet red, the last thing she wanted her mother to talk about was her growing breast. Yes, she had gotten over her shyness about her body a long time ago with Jacob but not with anyone else.

"Bella, come on. I've seen the heated kisses between you and Jacob, not to mention those scorching looks the two of you share. Are you really blushing? "

Bella's face turned a deeper shade of red. Yeah and if you knew about the things that I've done with my husband in bed. "Mom…I don't want to talk about it with you."

Renee shook her head. "Okay, we won't. She studied her daughter for a moment. "Your face looks a little fuller. It looks good on you honey, I've always thought that you were way too thin. The way that you used to dress." She rolled her eyes. "Thank god, you've gotten over the sneaker and t-shirt thing…well as least some of the time. Bella you are such a beautiful woman I'm glad that you are finally showing it."

Bella couldn't get a word in edgewise as her mother rambled on and on. "Mom, you know that I'm excited to see you but Jake and I have plans to go to Hawaii next week." Or at least she thought that they did. With everything happening, they might have to postpone their vacation.

"I know but I figured we could use the next couple of days to have a girl's weekend or something. We could go to the spa, of course you can't get a massage right now but you can get a facials, our nails done. It will be so much fun-"Renee paused for a moment looking at her daughter, her heart aching with regret. Bella had turned out to be an amazing young woman. She was smart, talented and truly a beautiful caring person. But that didn't mean she hadn't had such a hard life. Renee cursed herself for not being the type of mother she should have been to Bella. As much as she tried to curtail her wanderlust, she couldn't. She loved life, wanted to see the world, and at times she'd made some rash decisions. Bella had always been a little more serious. Especially when they'd left Forks when she had been a young girl, it was like something had changed in her daughter. Over the years, it had been her daughter who had been the adult in their relationship. She bottled up a lot of her emotions so much that when she had broken up with Edward, despondency had consumed her. Renee had felt out of sorts not knowing how to help her. She truly regretted not coming to Forks to help Bella when Charlie hadn't known what to do. Then, when Charlie died, her daughter spiraled out of control. Renee had tried but didn't know how to reach her anymore. She had withdrawn and only Jake could reach her. Regrettably, that hadn't been enough. The day in which she had gotten a phone call that Bella had tried to kill herself still haunted her. It had been the wakeup call she had desperately needed. She had tried over the years to make it up to her, to try to be a more of a mother and less of a friend. This was her chance to start anew and be there for her daughter. "Bella, don't you want me here?"

Bella saw the pain in Renee's eyes and heard the insecurity riddled in her tone. Her mother was a beautiful woman. She looked more like her redheaded sister than her mother, especially in her faded blue jeans and her t-shirt and colorful scarf. Although in her forties, she looked great and body tight and toned. No, she was never going to be a typical mother or grandmother, she was Bella's mother and she loved her. The last thing she wanted to do was to hurt Renee, she knew that her mother at times, still blamed herself for Bella's attempted suicide. "Of course I want you here. I love you mom and it will be nice to have you a couple of days."

"Really? Are you sure?"

"Yes, mom." She moved closer to Renee pulling her own mother into a hug. " I'm sure. Thanks for coming."

"Good…So, where's my handsome son-in-law? I know that he's over the moon."

"Jake's really happy these days."

"Ahh….Bells I'm so happy for you. I know that this is the one thing that you've wanted just about more than anything and I know that pain that it caused you when they told you that you couldn't…" Renee closed her eyes for a moment as her voice broke. "You deserve this, to have all your dreams come true."

"I am mom. I'm living my dreams." Bella responded. "I'm happier than I ever thought that I could be." She said knowing that it wasn't a lie. Her life was more than complicated. Jake had so many added responsibilities. His body was changing in ways that neither could explain. She and Alice were on the outs because of Edward. Leah was suffering. Sam didn't know who he was and lost his wolf. Paul and Jake were back to their acrimonious relationship. Not to mention, her body was doing things that didn't make sense. But the thought of her baby nestled deep inside of her made everything okay in her world. Her fingers skimmed her stomach. She had Jake and she had baby growing inside of her. It made all the difference in the world.

"Well, I know that it seems a little premature, but I'm going to start helping you with your ideas about the nursery. I've got so many ideas. We've got to take a look at your diet. I know that you fix these high calorie meals for Jake which he downs like a linebacker, but just because you are pregnant doesn't mean you have to eat everything you crave." She noted taking a look at the open jar of peanut butter with the spoon sitting in the middle.

"It's protein. I need that for the baby." Bella stated defensively. Knowing that there was no use, her mother had recently turned into a vegan and was on a health kick. Bella actually enjoyed some of the recipes her mother sent her, but Jake would always been a meat and potatoes guy.

"Well, I know, but I'll help you come up with a diet plan that will be even healthier. In fact, I'll cook dinner for you, and Jacob, there is a new white bean vegan chili recipe that I've been wanting to try. We can have roasted veggies based in a balsamic vinaigrette, wild stuffed mushrooms and fresh bread "

"Dinner's already cooked for tonight, but we can cook together tomorrow?" It was the one thing she had in common with her mother, their love of cooking.

Renee looked ecstatic. "Great, we'll go to the Farmer's Market and um…" She paced back in forth. "I know that his brothers' love to come so we will make enough for them." She smiled brightly. "Hey, we could also invite your new friend, Brandon. You've spoken about him so much I can't wait to meet him and thank him for all the help he's given you. "

"Brandon?" Bella stilled.

"Yes. I want to meet him." Renee gave Bella a quizzical look. "Don't tell me that Jake doesn't like him or something. I know that Jake is awfully protective of you but…"

"No. Jake likes Brandon. I'm not sure he can make it." Bella lied.

"Well…just try." Renee pulled Bella into another strong hug. "I'm just so happy. This is going to be the best trip ever!'

Bella was certain that it was going to be memorable. Brand and she were supposed meet to have their DNA tested and confirmed. It was only a formality because deep down, Bella knew the truth-he was her bother. Her mother's impromptu visit muddied the waters. How in the world was she going to invite Brandon to dinner with their mother without her knowing the truth? How could she just tell Renee that she had a child she didn't know about? Things had just gotten much more complicated. Her mother had no idea that she had a son an Bella wasn't sure how she was going to explain it to her.

Odina's House

"Are you sure?"

"I saw the life inside of her, it's small but growing. Two heartbeats, one very different than from the other. The children within her womb aren't human and with the blood they carry, it's hard to tell what will happen."

"Will she survive the birthing?"

"I can't see it no matter how hard that I try. I am…regrettably at my end. Jacob's blood is strong and pure. If they had they still had the bond of the Imprint, his life force might be aligned to hers to help her survive but even then, I'm just not sure.

"Can you unbind them?"

Odinia shook her head. Not anymore, not now that I am in the processes of moving on. My powers are starting to fade as they do when one life is ready to move on.

"What about Naje? If she inherits your powers then she can…"

"It won't be Naje." Odinia stated surprising him.

This gave him pause. "You've trained her."

"Yes, and she has made magnificent Seer. She'll inherit some of my powers, but not the wealth of them. You see, I've stayed alive all of these years in order to find the one to inherit my powers and now I have through Naje's eyes ironically." She admitted. She had seen a great deal in her lifetime. "The girl is very young, loved and protected. She is very strong but she is still a child. My powers will only enhance her strength." She stood, seemly much frailer than she had been when he first came upon her. Time was running out fast.

"My spirit will be leaving my body by the sunset, I will be gone. Only she will have my power to undo what I've done. Only she will have the ability to help and try to save your granddaughter's life. With each passing day, the children within Bella's womb will grow and thrive yet as they do, her life will be at risk. She's of your blood Naill, but she is not immortal. If something doesn't change, she'll not survive the birthing of her young.

The Road

Naje was speeding down the long back road toward Alaska on her motorcycle when she suddenly cut off by a big black truck. "What the fuck…" She stopped sputtering when a tall massive Native American with long hair got out of the truck.

"Brady? What are you doing?"

"There is no way that I'm going to let you do this alone." He picked up her motorcycle as if it weighted nothing and put it in the back of the truck. "Get in."

She stood there for a moment. "Colin? He told you…"

"That your grandmother is in trouble. Yes. He can't be here so he called the next best thing. Now get you sweet ass in the truck!"

She looked at him for a moment, she wasn't used to anyone giving her commands. But for some strange reason it comforted her that someone was taking charge if only for a moment. That he was helping her. It also warmed her that Colin had done this, asked Brady to help her. She moved quickly getting into the front seat.

La Push Woods

Jacob stood staring at the marks that were carved within the tree. Next to him stood two Alphas, they were vastly different from each other. Hawk, smaller Asian male with the lithe body and the colorful hair and Bear, the big massive black male with the thick hulking body. He had shown up earlier at the shop in a banging big black Hummer. He and Jake had gotten on immediately, it was hard to. Bear looked like a bad motherfucker, hell, be probably was, but there was a humor in him that Jake had taken too. But right now, the Alpha looked serious as he studied the ground in front of him. He stood towering over Jake, yet there was something in his eyes, a moment as if he were reliving some sort of pain.

"There hasn't been any strange deaths around this area?"


"You sure?"

Hawk looked at Bear. "It's what I thought, isn't it?"

Bear looked at him and Jake. "The claw marks, the rements of blood. It smells like a Child of The Moon."

Dread filled the pit of Jake's stomach. "You sure?"

"The marks, it seems like…" He paused for a moment remembering the carnage that his own brother had caused when turned into a killing machine. "But if there aren't any killings…you might be lucky. It could be an older one. One with control. The ones who have just turned, they are worse than vampires in a killing rage. There were be death. Still…I have to wonder what was out here."

"You know a lot about them?"

Bear turned his eyes onto Jake. "I had to…my brother, he was turned. He had to be put down."

Jake felt an enormous amount sorrow for the male. "Did…you?"

Bear shook his head. "No. I couldn't…. Back then, I didn't understand what was going on with him. He was so powerful, if it hadn't been for the Guardian, I hate to think what other horrible things he would have been able to have done."


"The Fae, they have killers. They are called Guardians."

"You called in one?"

"No, it doesn't work like that. She was tracking him, dispatched by her own kind to kill something else when she crossed paths. She took care of him though it isn't an easy kill. The Guardian's she's been trained for over a hundred years to be a killer. She's got magic and power needed to take down this creature. I'm not saying that a pack can't do it; maybe it could if you all knew how to fight this thing. You'll have to work together to destroy this creature but you've got to be experienced."

Jacob was still mulling over Bear's words when suddenly he felt something that he shouldn't. Suddenly, he took off stripping out of his clothes as he ran and transformed. He ran as fast as he could, his mind calling out toward the others who were patrol. The woods blurred by when he spied a figure running naked through the woods. His mind wasn't on naked female that was a part of his family; instead it was on the male chasing her- the tall hulking male who too was naked and clearly aroused. Jacob jumped in front of the male who suddenly turned his way. The male stopped dead in his tracks looking at the imposing wolf—yet there was no fear in his eyes. Instead the male seemed to be sizing Jacob up.

Jacob growled his wolf huge and aching to protect Leah.

The male looked at him and a sound reminded him of a growl reverberated in his chest. Leah, call him off.

Jake was stupefied. He had heard the male in his head as he "talked" to Leah.

Leah had stopped when she realized that Jake had landed in between her and Lucian.

Call him the hell off, or I…

Nobody calls me off. I'm Alpha. Leah stay the fuck back.

A large hawk landed next to Jake and he heard the heavy footprints of a bear. Then he heard other sounds, his brother wolves coming out.

The male looked around. Yet Jake smelled no fear.

Leah moved toward him. "Jake don't…"

Get the fuck back Leah.

"Don't speak to her in such a manner I won't allow it." The male stated.

"Won't allow it?" Leah remarked angrierly. "I told you I was leaving. Why the hell did you follow me! Just leave me the fuck alone!" She screamed.

Lucian moved toward her when Seth suddenly launched forward.

No Seth! Jake commanded. He didn't want Seth to lose it and kill a mortal.

Suddenly the male moved quicker than humanly possible and his hand grew a large hulking form with curved claws that held Seth wolf's form by the neck.

Leah gasped. Fear spiked through the air. " Lucian…let him go."

Jacob didn't' need anymore goading as he launched himself at the creature that had his brother wolf. This was no human and he planned to kill the fucker himself. There was quick movement as he sunk his teeth into the man's neck. All he could hear was Leah's scream.