The Shun Hawks

Also known as "Master Cyclonis Goes Green" or "Terra Sprie".

Written by the Silver Cats.

Also introduced are our friends, eager to be in this story. Their alliance names shall be known as Willow, Leia and Star, of the Mystic SWANS.


You have now been warned for the use of many of what many people refer to as OCs. We're not saying that they are Gary-stu or whatever, but this story does go in to quite a bit of detail about two of the OCs.

Remember, you have been warned.

Chapter 1

"News flash! This just in!" A man at a market booth was handing out newspapers at a street market; one of which Melodie had gone to walk around at. She stopped when she heard the man's voice.

"This just in! This just in!" the man hollered again. Melodie curiously walked towards the man and took a newspaper from him. Then slowly, she walked back to her skimmer and flew back to Terra SAM, grinning all the way.


"WHAT?" Aloe cried out in horror, stroking her dragon Vera at the same time.

Melodie shrugged. "If it's in the newspaper, it must be true," she said.

Aloe sighed. "Don't believe everything you read, Melodie," she said. Vera snorted in agreement.

Melodie returned the sigh, but with more dramaticism. "But there's even proof," she insisted. "It's true, I'm telling you!"

"But I don't want to believe it," Aloe frowned.

The young Sky Knight of the Silver Cats smiled thoughtfully. "Perhaps we should ask Skye."


"No way," Skye said before reverting to her yoga position. "The crystal is just a fake?"

"Apparently, if you believe newspapers," Melodie replied excitedly. "Ever since Domiwick held the crystal up to his face, he's noticed really fresh breath and the whitest teeth on this side of the Atmos."

"So, this Uhdivator crystal cleans your teeth?" Aloe asked. "We should have tested it on Finn."

"But, we didn't know that the Uhdivator just cleaned your teeth," Melodie pointed out. "We thought it led to undefeatable power."

"Maybe undefeatable 'clean teeth' power!" Skye exclaimed teasingly and she, Melodie and Aloe broke out laughing.

"But the strangest thing is," Melodie interrupted through the laughter. "Another crystal was discovered on this side of the Atmos that was also said to lead to undefeatable power." Melodie flipped through the newspaper's pages again. "The crystal is known as the 'Philian crystal' since it is located on Terra Philia."

Aloe slapped her forehead. "Why didn't we go there before?" she wailed.

Melodie shrugged. "Probably because it's too obvious," she said in a matter-of-fact voice. She started towards the door. "I'm going out again," she announced, closing the door shut.

Aloe and Skye stared at each other for a moment. "Let's go tell the Storm Hawks," Skye suggested and the two of them left as well.