Chapter 2

"What?" Aerrow cried out loud once Skye and Aloe told him and his unbeatable squadron the Storm Hawks about the new discovered crystal on Terra Philia. "We should go get it at once!" Aerrow concluded with a flourish.

"Wait," Aloe said, stopping Aerrow. "Hold onto your horses, Sky Knight."

"We have until Melodie gets here to think of a plan," Piper reminded Aerrow.

"Right, a plan," Aerrow said. "Storm Hawks, Silver Cats, let's do this!"


"So where is this Terra Philia supposed to be, anyway?" Junko asked.

"Somewhere around here," Aloe said, glancing at the map. The colours were smudged and it was hard to depict terras around that landscape.

Just then, a large, green terra came into view. "Is that it?" Finn asked.

"Guess so," shrugged Aerrow. "Come on!"

The Storm Hawks and Silver Cats landed on the green terra and looked around. "Hello?" Piper called. All of a sudden, there was a rustling noise in the tree that Finn had parked under. Everyone looked up into the rustling branches. Aloe began to make squirrel noises, hoping to attract whatever creature was hiding in the rustling branches. Instead of a squirrel, though, a girl swung upside-down out of the leaves like she was on monkey bars and shouted, "BOO!"

Everyone jumped back and screamed. The girl laughed and dropped to her feet on the grass. "Hey!" she exclaimed. "Who are you guys? We usually don't get many visitors around here."

Skye recovered first and introduced herself. "I'm Skye," she said.

"I'm Aloe," Aloe added.

"I'm Melodie," Melodie chimed in.

"I'm Willow," said the girl. "Sky Knight of the Mystic SWANs."

The girl had long dark hair and brown eyes. Her clothes flashed colours of green and brown and she appeared to be very friendly. "Guys," she called out. "Come out and see this!"

Almost instantly by Willow's side were two other girls about her size. "Oh, there's so many people!" one of the girls cried. Her short curly brown hair bounced as she stuck out her hand. "I'm Leia," she said. "But you can also call me sharpshooter!"

Then the girl on Willow's other side spun around. "I'm Star, the mechanic," she grinned, nodding her head in a weird sort of way.

Melodie smiled. "Cool," she said.

Willow's wandering eyes soared over to where the Storm Hawks were standing. "Who are they?" she asked.

Aerrow smiled. "We're the Storm Hawks, and I'm the Sky Knight, Aerrow."

"I'm Finn," Finn said, turning around and posing in his chicka-cha style.

"I'm Piper," Piper said formally, shaking each Mystic SWANs' hand.

"I'm Junko," Junko said, blissfully, waving.

"I'm Stork," Stork said in his usual blunt voice and crossed his arms.

Radarr squawked for his introduction. The Mystic SWANs fortunately did not ask whether he was a pet or not. They just smiled as if they approved of him.

"What terra is this?" Aloe wondered aloud.

Willow spread her arms out. "Welcome," she announced dramatically. To Terra Sprie."

Terra Sprie looked a lot like Terra SAM. Willow trees dotted the landscape, and a thick stream was weaving around the trees, just like the fountain did in the Waterfalls restaurant the Silver Cats and Storm Hawks visited before their trip to Terra Phobia.

"It's beautiful," confessed Aloe truthfully. "Not unlike our home terra, either."

"Where do you live?" Star asked.

"Terra SAM," Melodie answered.

"Well, then," said Willow, clapping her hands. "Why don't we all go over to our house? Tell us how you got here!"

"I thought we were supposed to be going to Terra Philia," Finn whispered to Aloe as they followed the Mystic SWANs.

"And miss out on some very friendly people?" Aloe replied in shock. "Let's just stay for a while. After all, it's obvious we're on the wrong terra. Perhaps they will give us some directions to the correct one."

Finn nodded approvingly and followed the rest of the squadrons to Star, Leia and Willow's house.