Why Dark Ace became a Cyclonian: Part 2

Author's thought: This is based on "Dark Ace's Real Name" by Underwaterwriter.

Second thought: Someone called the Dark Ace "Light Ace" already, right? Pure coincidence. Or as I like to call it, "coinky-doinky". Yeahhh…

"Let's go stop Cyclonia!" Lightning Strike said to his team, who all cheered. "All right then!" he cried, hopping onto his skimmer. "Come on, Slippy."

Light Ace's face turned ketchup-red. "How DARE you call me Slippy! That was a secret!" The rest of the team giggled and snickered. "Slippy?" they mocked. "His name is Slippy?"

Light Ace decided to ignore the rude comments and get the battle over with. He took his place on the skimmer while Lightning Strike drew his weapon and struck a heroic pose on the starboard wing of the skimmer. He was concentrating so hard at not falling off that he did not see Light Ace sneak up behind him and draw his weapon.

"Slippy, eh?" said Light Ace, grinning. "MUHAHAHA! Revenge is MINE!" He knocked Lightning Strike off the skimmer and laughed evilly. Suddenly, at that moment, it came to his mind that fate lay in Cyclonia.

The (random) end!