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4. The Sand in the Hourglass

It was seven in the morning. For the past two hours, Torres, Foster and Reynolds had been trying to brainstorm any ideas of where their two colleagues might be. In the last hour, not a single word had past between them as they tapped their pencils on the table.

"Wait...did you check the gallery?" Ria asked. She had ruled it out before, seeing as it was such an obvious place; she had even seen Foster call the place.

"Well, we didn't actually go there. But, you saw me call; they said they had already left." Gillian explained. Reynolds didn't look suspicious of the whole deal at all. There was a silence and stillness over the three.

"What are we waiting for?" Gillian said suddenly, standing up and hurrying out of the room. She was eager to drive to the gallery, thrilled to finally put herself to use after the long two hours. How come they hadn't thought of this before? Was it because they had "ruled out" the suspects from the gallery?

Hopefully, they weren't too late.

Cal and Eli were taking long, agonizing breaths. The air was thick, but not with oxygen. Their lungs could hardly catch the tiny particles in the air, signifying their nearing end. Eli hadn't bothered glancing at his watch for the last hour or two, since he no longer needed to see the digits to know how much time they had left. They had a very short life ahead of them and were content on appreciating one another's presence in silence. Aside from that, they hardly had enough breath in them to speak a word.

This was their future, this was their final destination.

It was all in pursuit of the truth, which they had found—whether they did so intentionally or stumbled on answers they never took the time to ponder. The minutes ticked by and their thoughts slowed from the lack of oxygen. Cal watched in a daze as Eli's head tilted slowly and the young man's eyelids started to droop. As Eli's breath became slower and slower, Cal knew he was almost gone. The researcher's eyes closed creating the image of a man that was no more than slumbering. Somewhere in Cal's mind, he knew he should be frantic, or perhaps disturbed by watching his own employee passing out for the last time. There was no panic, no worry. He was only living, even if it was only for a few more minutes. A few more minutes that fluttered away as darkness crept into the edges of his sight.


"Where are they?" Gillian demanded of the security guards standing idly in the gallery. Cal's car was still parked outside, so there was no way for them to wriggle out of this one. Ben was behind her, muttering into his phone for backup while Ria stood beside Foster with her arms crossed menacingly.

"We know they're here." Ria interjected, glaring at one of the men looking her up and down.

"Yeah, so? They're looking at security tapes." one man said casually.

"You expect us to believe they've been in there for that long?" Gillian hissed.

"No, we don't either. That's why we told you they left." a younger guy explained, all signs of nervousness present on his guise. Liars. Liar, liars, liars!

"I want to see this security room." Ben commanded, now off the phone and free to take hold of this situation. The guards stared at him for a good while, anger flashing across their faces with a hint of fear.


"What do you mean, 'no?'" Ben queried, furrowing his eyebrows. A hush fell over the group as the guards glanced at each other.

"Argh!" shouted the leading man, throwing himself against Ben. The other three joined in the brawl as Gillian and Ria jumped aside with yelps of surprise. From the bundle of punches, and definite bruising sounds, flew several loose objects, some of which were Cal and Eli's cell phones and a ring of unusual keys. With wheels turning in her head, Ria quickly swept up the keys, running down a narrow hallway in search of the security room. After a moment of shock, Gillian caught onto the idea and ran after her, leaving Ben to wrestle with the four, hostile men.

The two women nearly missed the door in their hurry and almost tripped as they retraced their path back to it. Ria fumbled her way through the ring of labeled keys, finally coming to the security door's match. With her hand shaking from the adrenaline rush, Ria inserted the key into the lock and twisted it. There was a loud beep and she was quick to push the door open.

The ring of keys clattered to the carpeted floor, their temporary master having lost her grip.

Cal leaned against one of the walls, a purple bruise smudging its way around his eye. His head was slightly bowed as to indicate he was unconscious, as did his relaxed body. Eli was slouched in the office chair, also showing off signs of a fight, his cheek pressed against his shoulder and looking no more than asleep. But, there was something very off and both women knew that neither of the men were in a simple slumber.

Both of them knew they weren't breathing.

Gillian rushed to Cal while Ria went straight to Eli, both pressing their fingers against the necks of their colleagues.


"Damn it." Ria hissed as she tugged Eli's body off the chair and onto the floor. Tears slid down Gillian's face as she flattened Cal on the carpeted ground and immediately started into chest compressions. Ria wasn't far behind in the practice and both were desperately trying to bring their partners back from the dead.

"One, two, three..." Gillian counted, her voice gasping with emotion. The atmosphere was tense with hope and dread, clawing at their mixed emotions and pulling on their heartstrings.

They never thought they'd have to do this.

Both continued with their compressions, Gillian crying as Ria gritted her teeth.

There was a cough.

At first the women were confused as to who it was. Each looked to the faces of their companions.


Cal's face twisted with discomfort and his lungs began to work to try and catch up from the lack of oxygen. He gulped the air gratefully, experiencing the fresh taste of health.

"Oh, Cal...!" Gillian cried, her hands clapping to her mouth. Behind her, Ria was still trying to pull Eli from the grips of death. She continued with compressions and mouth-to-mouth, cursing and praying under her breath at the same time.

"Come on, Loker." she whispered as she did another set of compressions. Cal pulled himself up to his elbows to observe his protégé in her process. An expression of anguish covered his face as he continued to breathe heavily. Gillian was now watching Ria with fear snagging in her heart. They had one, but could they save the other?

"Come on..." Ria muttered, her eyebrows pulled up in sorrow. Perhaps, she couldn't help her friend and partner. Perhaps he would never—

Eli gasped.

"Holy frickin' crap." he huffed, the spark of Loker firmly placed back into his body. Ria grinned, as did Gillian, in light of the unexpected good luck. Cal closed his eyes and exhaled in relief.

"I have never seen you so still!" Ria laughed, endorphins flooding her system.

"For the love of everything holy, my head friggin' hurts!" he croaked, bringing a palm to his forehead. Cal allowed himself to collapse to the floor again, lying on his back and letting his muscles relax. Like Eli, his head was throbbing and threatening to explode.

"What's going on in here?" Ben wheezed, wearing a split lip and an angry look. No one bothered answer him, as they were still basking in the glory of life and clean, thick oxygen.

"How was being trapped in a room with Loker?" Gillian asked Cal, smiling. He smirked as he stared up at the ceiling.

"I survived..." he replied, then turned his head to look at the panting Eli.

"For more than seventeen hours."

"You two had a fight?" Gillian queried, looking bothered by the fact. The team was now back at The Lightman Group, unwinding in the privacy of Cal's office. Cal and Eli held cold soda cans next to their heads and slouched in their respective seats as they relayed their long seventeen hours of captivity.

"You both are most likely going to suffocate in that room and you throw fists at each other?" Foster asked, appalled.

"We're men, cut us some slack." Eli groaned. "He started it anyway."

"What are you talking about? You're the one that tackled me!" Cal protested, shooting a glare at Loker.

"You were asking for it." Eli grumbled.

"You son of a—!"

"But, enough of that!" Eli said quickly, not allowing Cal to finish his phrase. "We're alive and healthy." The group grunted with agreement, purely exhausted by the events of their rescue and resuscitation.

"Um, well, I have a call to make." Eli announced, wincing as he pushed himself up.

"Who?" Cal inquired, looking up at his employee.

"My older brother." Eli answered simply, slowly making his way out of the room. Gillian, Ria and Ben shot each other looks then stared at Cal.

"He has a brother?"

The End.

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