A Moment of Music

I sat there looking at the new world around me. It just kept on going with it's everyday routine, while my family is having to struggle to put a new one together. Having mum gone, its making it harder. All I know is that I love my family more then ever now. My family still misses her, my dad more then Alice and I.


I turned and saw Alice at my bedroom door, looking at me. "Yeah?"

"Can I come in?" Alice asked. She looked…lonesome.

"Sure." I smiled, patting a spot beside me, on my bed. Internally I sighed, lets hope she didn't come to talk about mum. It turns out she didn't.

Quickly Alice walked over to my bed, and crawled over to sit next to me. "I was thinking…" Alice said, a piece of hair flopped in front of her eyes, as she tucked it behind her ear.

Smiling, I teased her, "Since when are you not thinking?"

My sister stuck her tongue out at me. So I stuck my tongue back out, at her. After doing this for a few more seconds, Alice tackled me in a hug. I fell backwards, bringing her with me, my head landing on my pillow. Alice landed beside me, with her head on my chest and arms around her. We sighed, then Alice started to giggle.

"So what were you thinking about, Alice?" I asked her.


"Oh?" This wasn't new, but it was strange.

Alice layed one of her arms across my stomach, as she replied, "Yeah, I was wondering why I m not musically talented like you, dad, and…mum."

Heavy question much? "Well, I dunno Al. I guess we were just born this way." I told her honestly. "Not everyone can be musical."

"So? Both mum and dad were," she replied, frustrated. "You are. So why am I not?"

Uh, oh. "Please don't start crying Alice." I pleaded. Then I tried a joke. "Seriously, someone had to be the black sheep of the family."

Alice giggled. "Thanks, Lester." I smiled, happy that she wasn't on the verge of tears.

"Your welcome." Then it hit me. "Do you want me to teach you a bit of piano?" Some brother-sister bonding time might do us good.

Alice sat up and looked at me, shocked. "Would you?"

I nodded. "Sure, why not?" I started to push myself up.

Alice jumped up. "Come on!" She dashed out of my room, and ran down the stairs. "LESTER!"

I laughed. "Coming." Getting up, I headed downstairs to teach my little sister piano.

Hello! Recently I have just seen the movie, Alice Upside Down. I thought that it was really great! So I decided to find it on . so happy that it was there. Reviews?