Challenge [215]: Begin at the End (For a Kingdom Hearts Drabble Community)

Title: Learning

Word Count: 244

Pairings: Slight Akuroku


If you aren't happy, you need to make yourself happy.

Roxas had always believed this was the case. After all, most unhappiness can transformed with effort and a change of attitude and action. But now, after all of this (after Axel's death), Roxas wasn't so sure.

Roxas didn't know how to make himself happy – everyone that once made him happy forgot about his existence (Hayner, Pence, Olette) or was dead (Axel.).

Things were how they were suppose to be now.

He played his part well and helped Sora as much as he could. His reason? Roxas had many reasons ranging from obligation to conscience. But in the end, Roxas knew how he was suppose to act. He was suppose accept his existence as a mistake and help Sora achieve his destiny.

And he did. He aided Sora as much as he could and he accepted his existence and being as one huge mistake of nature.

Now, what about him? His happiness? Did that even matter?

Sora was back home with Kairi and Riku on Destiny Islands. The organization and heartless defeated. Destiny completed. Everyone happy (everyone expect Roxas but he wasn't really anyone, right?).

Now what?

His part was over and his happiness may have not mattered in the eyes of destiny but that didn't change the fact that he existed. And that also wouldn't change the fact he would have to start over from the beginning to learn how to live again; this time learn to live through Sora, not as his own person (he really wasn't his own person anyway).